Zenith Zenith Supports The Single Sailing Tour Competition

Recently, the world’s top watch brand ZENITH has signed a three-year cooperation agreement with the world’s top single boat cruise The 52 Super Series and became this competition The official timepiece is to jointly prepare for the first regatta of the 2014 season, Quantum Key West. This season has officially kicked off on January 20, and a number of international events will be held in turn in the United States, Italy, and the Spanish coast.


 As the official timepiece brand of the 52 Super Series, Zenith will fully support the Offshore Monohull Touring Grand Prix, aiming to bring more exciting competitions to the world in 2014 and look forward to longer-term common development after 2015.

 Agustín Zuleta, CEO of 52 Super Series, said during a visit to Zenith’s Swiss factory: ‘It is a great honour to sign the first major sponsorship agreement with Zenith for this event, and we look forward to working with top brands In order to gain more attention and support for the event, this cooperation is undoubtedly a huge leap forward.

 One of the purposes of the 52 Super Series is to accompany the brands that match it, share common values, and work together to face the long-term challenges of the future. The cooperation with Zenith in the next three years will be very beneficial to both of us. 2014 is a leap year for the 52 Super Series, and we hope to attract more brands with the same dream to join us.

 It is a great honour for the world’s top watch manufacturers like Zenith to combine superb watches with high-quality sailing events, and to cooperate with the 52 Super Series in an all-round way to present a visual feast. ‘
Zenith 1

 Zenith Global CEO Jean-Frédéric Dufour said: ‘Working with the 52 Super Series, feel the experienced helmsman demonstrates a high level of competition and witnesses the design for the fastest speed The top class sailing ship, which reminds Zenith of its constant pursuit of excellence in watchmaking.

 In addition, this cooperation embodies the spirit of Zenith’s three major brands: Orthodox, Fearless, and Pleasure-creating unparalleled orthodox craftsmanship through the passion for excellence; and presenting fearlessness through orthodox craftsmanship and innovative design Courage; with the unquestionable sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, it gives itself continuous motivation and thus reflects joy. ‘