Watch Day: Gravity On The Wrist

Watches have become a fashion in today’s society. It is not only a tool for us to confirm time. It is also a grace, an elegance, and an important ornament. Watches with different characteristics and styles show personality and charm. The ‘Watch Day’ theme event held on July 31 last year made the audience ‘seeing is believing’ Glashütte, Lange, Jacques Dro, Breitling, Radar, Le Méridien, Longines, Bucherer, Plum Blossom, 20 top watches from international brands such as Innag.
On July 31 last year, the second watch day theme event hosted by the Beijing News was grandly held in Oriental Plaza. Hengdeli Group, as the world’s largest imported watch operator, has become the chief co-organizer of this event. The theme launched this time-‘gravity on the wrist and expression of living beings’, successfully interpreted the life enjoyment brought by watches and clocks, and aimed to call on more people to wear watches and return to classics. International brands, famous movie stars, and fashion people gather here. The fusion of the two major characteristics of fashion and trend with the charm of the watch shows that the watch has become a fashion in today’s society. It is not only a tool for us to confirm time, but also a grace, an elegance, At the same time, it is also an important accessory. Different characteristics and different styles of watches show personality and charm.

Baucherite clear glass showcase
两 At 2:00 pm on the same day, the long-prepared Beijing Daily Watch Day event was officially launched in Dongfang Xintiandi. More than 200 loyal readers of the Beijing News and customers of Oriental Xintiandi were attracted to the ‘Watch Day’ event site. 20 transparent glass showcases were neatly arranged under the stage in a U shape. Luo, Breitling, Radar, Le Méridien, Longines, Bucherer, Plum, Innag and other top 20 watches. Many enthusiastic readers are also loyal watch enthusiasts. While admiring the expensive watches in the showcase, they also know the watch of interest to the brand commissioner standing on the side of the showcase. Tourbillons, enamel painting, ultra-thin movement, Shaft escapements and other professional terms are all knowledge that can be ‘seeing is believing’ here.

Guests start ‘Watch Day’
At 14:30 in the afternoon, the event officially started. Lu Yue, editor-in-chief of Beijing News, published a watch day declaration. Chang Wei, editor-in-chief of ‘Timepieces’ magazine, introduced the cutting-edge trends in the watch industry to the guests. . With the countdown to the big screen cheering, the watch was adjusted to the time of 16:00 on July 31, 2010, ‘Watch Day’ officially started!

Actor Guo Tao came to support
The famous movie star Guo Tao also came to the scene. The appearance of Guo Tao immediately burst the scene. He showed the watch he wore that day, and shared his own experience in choosing a watch for various occasions.

Men’s and women’s models show Jaquet-Droz watches

Model showcases the single push-button women’s chronograph by Bucherer Marion

Models show Le Méridien Bento series eccentric time watch
With the rhythmic music sounding, 10 male and female models came wearing exquisite watch models. With the host’s explanation and the detailed pictures on the large screens on both sides, more than 20 watches were displayed, and the guests were each other. Attractive watch worn.

Models showcase ladies’ Rado true watch

Male and female models show Breitling sports watches

Model showing Jacques Dro large second hand mother-of-pearl dial ceramic watch
Watches have become a bridge for communication. People who do not know each other can also discuss the appreciation and knowledge of watches. Many guests also made like-minded friends here.