The Exquisite Beauty You Must See

Since Breguet launched the first classic 7027 in 2005, the Tradition series has never faded out of my sight. The classic 7027 not only retains the 18th century Breguet pocket watch’s traditional structure and processing techniques such as gold, sandblasting, etc., the bold design of the barrel and transmission wheel train is directly viewed from the front of the dial. Classical beauty can become a visually intuitive experience.
Since then, the 7037 with an automatic winding mechanism and a flyback second hand has been introduced, and the shape has still changed the structure and details. I know that the Tradition series will become Breguet’s heritage of advanced watchmaking. Museum of watch culture.
And this 7047PT is the continuation of the Tradition series’ re-inherited concept: the combination of the sesame chain and the tourbillon is a silicon balance spring that is not easily damaged and extremely resistant to corrosion. It is directly designed on the barrel. The new precious metal alloy and improved electroplating process used in the power reserve indicator and surface decoration not only make it a higher level of precision and stability, but also the impact of the complex mechanical structure makes it more Visually it is almost impeccable. I very much appreciate the anthracite color used in its metal alloy movement. It is like the shock brought by the blue steel treasure needle. Even if I never know what it is classical, I can still get a lot after reading it.
In recent years, the call for a comprehensive revival of Breguet has increasingly resonated throughout the altar. As a brand with a long history of watchmaking and countless classic creations and inventions, I believe that Breguet has never been silent, only to build up a thick accumulation. As reflected from 7027 to 7047-its subtle beauty is sure to let you see.