Salute To Sotirio Bulgari-news Bulgari

Bulgari is celebrating its 150-year celebration this year and pays tribute to its creator, Sotirio Bulgari, with a very elegant watch.
Sotirio Bulgari was born in Greece in 1857. He was born into a family of artisans who were known for their silver-related expertise. He created his own small shop specializing in fashion clothes in Rome, first of all. It is located in Via Sistina, then in Via Condotti. He is an unusual entrepreneur, and soon opened other stores in San Remo, Naples, Bellagio, Sorrento. He then spent his summer vacation at ST MorITZ and established the first commercial network here, which will be the Bulgari Empire in the future.
It is necessary to name this watch as Sotirio Bulgari in honor of his genius. Sotirio Bulgari is an artist, a businessman, and a great aesthetician, and he deserves it all. This is a classic, the details of the watch are very fine, and the design is very modern, which can be reflected in the amazing triangle groove of the watch.
At the same time, regarding technology and aesthetics, you can also attract your attention on the dial. The dial is decorated with two screws-one bracket at 3 o’clock to leave space to display the date, and another bracket at 9 The dots form a simple print, and at the same time
Show CÔtes de GenÈve dÉco in the center. The pattern elements can also be found on the bottom of the table. The bottom of the table is an 18-carat gold back cover. When opened, it allows viewers to appreciate the BVL250Calibre automatic movement, bridge and oscillating cymbal (decorated with 18-carat gold plated pieces). The dial surface decoration looks like an echo.
The degree of tradition completed is higher-round grain motherboard and bridge, CÔtes de GenÈve decoration, oscillating oscillating cymbals. Diamond polished edges and recesses, polished and grooved upper ends of screws. The BVL250 has 55 hours of power reserve power storage and 28,800 vibrations per hour. With a 42mm case, the Sotirio Bulgari has three commemorative editions, each with 125 commemorative editions, in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.
Source: Europa Star April-May 2009 Magazine Issue