Radar Launched Ceramic Limited Edition, Experiencing Technology Sense

Still young to the radar meter; creating the future and forging ahead with innovation, the overall ceramic series of the radar meter is the perfect symbol of this concept. The first Rado monolithic ceramic series watch that covers high-tech ceramics as a whole. Today, it is re-created by design master Jasper Morrison. It incorporates a unique design concept of pure simplicity and focus on functions.
系列 The collection follows the brand’s inherent black and gold style, while embellishing other shades of the era. Five shades to choose from-from classic white gold to avant-garde pink gold, each one representing a decade of innovation in radar.
限量 Each limited edition of 10 pieces, witnessed the successful cooperation between radar watch and design master Jasper Morrison. The new packaging in 2008 and the new watch in 2009 are plans for the next phase of cooperation between the two parties.精密 Precision design, ingenious. The limited-edition series of the Rado Integral Ceramic Chronograph uses a unique dial design and excellent overall proportions. The three timers follow the classics and are arranged into three rings of different sizes, cleverly designed like a comet. The chronograph and dial details have been redesigned in gold to accentuate honor. The digital design of the dial highlights the overall outline, naturally rounded into a circle, and blends perfectly with the square dial to form a design with a square in the middle. The button that controls the chronograph function is slightly exposed at the corner of the dial and integrates with the dial. The entire product adopts the classic high-tech ceramic material design of the radar, and incorporates an innovative matte matte texture appearance. The color is rich and rich. The dial is framed with a gold ring and sapphire crystal with a black metallic texture. The overall design has a strong contrast and forms a huge visual impact.
设计 The design of this product is unique, and the packaging is also hosted by designer Jasper Morrison. The leather look is natural and seamless, simple and pure. The surface of the box is inlaid with a chemical symbol marked by hot-melt treatment, which represents the product’s gold and its alloy components: AuPd, Au2N, Au3N, Au4N or Au5N. The color scheme is subtle and well-conceived. Ingenious, just designed to match and care for the inner product. The watch is placed in the box, as if worn on the wrist. Guan Qijian inspires instant exploration.