Princess Dream Of Every Girl Chanel J12 H1628 Appreciate

Chanel is familiar to the eyes of ordinary people. It may be only the world-famous N ° 5 perfume, as well as fashion jewellery with a double C logo on the bag. Chanel has been creating generation after generation of classics in the fashion industry. Although she has long since died, Chanel’s product style has remained unchanged and still leads the fashion trend. Similarly, Chanel’s achievements in the fashion watch industry are also outstanding. Chanel’s watches have a total of three series, which are cleverly integrated into the Premiere series designed by Paris Fontaine, and the high-end jewelry series perfectly combined with jewelry, the most classic It is the J12 series we are introducing to you today. Because of its extraordinary and fashionable shape, the J12 has been hailed as a model of the 21st century’s world-famous watch.

Chanel Watch Material and Design Introduction
  Chanel watches embody the charm of aesthetics with their free and unrestrained design style. They also use a lot of bold materials and colors, such as precision ceramics, K gold, or inlaid jewelry materials. There are low-key and stable blacks, fashionable whites, and so on. It is more pleasing to match with various design styles of Chanel, such as pure simple, bold avant-garde, fashionable and other styles. It is these classic materials and designs that win A timeless classic.
Chanel watch factory and making process introduction
  The Chanel watch factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, which is known as the cradle of high-end watches in Switzerland, also provides a strong guarantee for the production of Chanel watches. Every Chanel watch starts from here to design and process, mold, install and adjust, Until the most out of the factory. Here is a unique climate environment at an altitude of 1000 meters, which meets the production conditions of Chanel precision ceramics. Due to the high technical requirements for the manufacture of precision ceramics, the superb craftsmanship of earth, air, water and fire is combined. It is in this kind of environment that a series of classic J12 watch cases and bracelets have finally been created through strict technical processing.
Introduction of Chanel watch movement
  Almost all parts of the Chanel J12 series are produced by Chanel La Chaux-de-Fonds. Most of its movements are provided by Audemars Piguet or Renaud et Papi. The movements provided by these two top manufacturers are watches The supreme honor of the industry and the guarantee of the quality of the movement.
Appreciation of Chanel J12 series H1628 watch
Chanel has a stylish and textured leather black packaging, which is still heavy in your hand.
The 33 mm diameter is more suitable for women. The sapphire crystal and high-precision ceramic case and bracelet can ensure the wear-resistant and scratch-resistant performance of this watch.
The pointer of the watch will have some changes with the refraction of light. Under normal light sources, it will look black, but sometimes it will become silvery white or green.
J12, known as the star, once again conquered me. It is indeed too beautiful, as if it is a star falling into the world. It makes people reluctant to wear it, just want to appreciate or collect.
This Chanel watch has good waterproof performance, which can reach 200 meters of waterproof performance. The bottom of the watch adopts a fully sealed structure and is engraved with the serial number and origin of the watch, as well as information on water resistance. .
The bezel that can be rotated in one direction is perfectly combined with the high-precision ceramic case. The case is crystal clear and ivory. When the light hits the case, it will make people love it.
This J12 uses a two-way folding elastic buckle to make it more convenient to wear and remove, which also meets women’s tedious weariness of the movement.
The elastic steel sheet of the buckle is used to control the opening and closing of the buckle
Color is always what fashion people are looking for, but only two colors are never outdated, then one of them is white. Chanel J12 uses this classic white with starry diamonds to make it more fashionable.

  Summary: This Chanel J12 H0970 uses a quartz movement, a stylish appearance, and is priced at about 50,000 in China. As an entry-level model of the Chanel J12, it is still worth buying.
  The success of Chanel J12 is not what I can express in this article. It is a classic product in the era of watches. It is a dream in the heart of every girl. It constantly strives for perfect and demanding workmanship and stylish design to ensure it. Noble taste and fashionable style, finally hope that Chanel can bring us more and more fashionable products.
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