Pocket Philippe Straight Perpetual Calendar Three Question Pocket Watch

Patek Philippe Three Perpetual Calendar Pocket Watch
Model 844, perpetual calendar, three questions, movement number 861093, case number 317101, model 844. The movement was manufactured in 1947, was finally completed and packaged in 1973, and sold on December 1, 1980.
18K gold case, keyless, three questions, perpetual calendar and moon phases, 17-law sub-caliber, rhodium-plated, 29 rubies.
Estimated price: 100,000-150000 Swiss francs
Commission price: 146,500 Swiss francs
Patek Philippe Straight Perpetual Calendar Minute Repeat Pocket Watch
In fact, the perpetual calendar displayed by this sun and moon star in a “straight line” actually has a special name, which is the “American” perpetual calendar. As early as the period of Art Deco, this clear and convenient perpetual calendar appeared most often in the United States under British colonialism at that time. After World War II, it became popular again and was quickly adopted by the world. Accepted by watch lovers.
If the transaction price of the previous Lot’s linear perpetual calendar brought us ‘surprise’, then the price of this one will be taken for granted. What is more interesting is that a movement that has been designed and manufactured since 1947 was finally completed and successfully shelled in 1973 after 26 years, and was finally sold after 7 years-the span of the front and back reached 33 year! What happened in the meantime? I do not know. However, don’t you think this is where it is interesting and valuable.