Photographing In The Rain

As a pseudo-literary youth, I also have some characteristics of young artists, such as like walking on rainy days, watching the sunset slowly falling or the rising sun. But this rain has brought a lot of inconvenience to my trip to Shanghai. Previously, the editor of the Watch House wrote a series of articles on watch shopping in Beijing, which attracted wide attention, so the editor is not far away. Thousands of miles came to Shanghai for field surveys only to enable everyone to buy their favorite watches better and more conveniently.

 The Bund is located along the Huangpu River in the central area of ​​Shanghai. It is a scenic spot of Shanghai and a must-visit for tourists visiting Shanghai. The Bund, also known as Zhongshan East Road, has a total length of about 1.5 kilometers. The east faces the Huangpu River, and the west faces Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque, and Chinese-Western styles. There are 52 buildings with different styles, which are called ‘World Building Expo Group’. If I did n’t get lost, our tour sequence should be from west to east.

 First of all, we saw the Jardine House, located on the Bund 27, the Rolex flagship store on the east side of the Oriental Watch Store on the east side of the first floor, and the Rolex showroom on the west side. Here you can learn about the history and latest models of Rolex It is said that it took two years to build the exhibition hall. The editor was fortunate to have a visit and will share with you later.
Oriental Watch Co.
1st Floor, No.27 Zhongshan East First Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Phone: (021) 3316-1001
Fax: (021) 3316-1001
Business hours
Monday to Sunday: 10:00 am-10:00 pm

We will continue to see the famous Peace Hotel. It is said that there is a Vacheron Constantin store, but I didn’t find it?

There are more watch shops across the road from Heping Hotel, including Breguet and Omega.
Contact number and detailed address of Baodi Store:
Address: 19 The Bund, Shanghai (23 Nanjing East Road, Shanghai)
Phone: 021-63299919
Omega Store Contact Phone and Detailed Address:
Omega Store Shanghai (Bund 19)
Brand management: Omega
Address: 19 The Bund, Shanghai (23 Nanjing East Road, Shanghai)
Phone: 021-63299905

 Passing Omega is Blancpain’s specialty store. This brand with a history of nearly 300 years still adheres to the spirit when it was founded. Until now, it has never made a quartz watch. Only mechanical watches are Blancpain’s proud spirit And the persistent pursuit of quality.

We continued to walk inside and saw the Swatch Art Center.

Along the way from the Swatch Art Center is a plum watch. Swiss plum watch is a typical Swiss watch factory. It is a rare independent family watch company today and has made great contributions to the Swiss watch industry.

Continue along this alley for a while without discovering a watch store, but instead found a Roewe 950 that has just been listed shortly. Here it is indeed its hometown. The new car is fast. After filming the car, I turned back to the main road along the Huangpu River.

It was raining in the sky, and there were occasional ships passing by on the Huangpu River. The hazy sky did not affect the people who came here, and many people were still taking photos and taking photos.

I walked along the main road for a while, but found a Cartier store and it seems to be mainly engaged in jewelry. Watches have never been seen. I had to end my trip to the watch store on the Bund.
Summary: As the editor of the Watch House has lived and worked in Beijing for a long time, he is not very familiar with the geographical situation of Shanghai. If there are missing watch shops in this article, I hope that everyone will leave a message to point out that it is more convenient to add more complete information. Everyone quickly and comfortably bought the beloved watch. Next, I will take you to the Nanjing West Road Watch Store in Shanghai.
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