Light And Fast Oris Williams Carbon Fiber Chronograph

Oris launched the brand’s first carbon fiber watch-Oris Williams carbon fiber chronograph. The new watch uses the brand’s patented carbon fiber molding process, full of creativity.

Oris Williams Carbon Fiber Chronograph, the brand’s first carbon fiber case watch

   Oris was inspired by its long-term partner, the Formula 1 Williams team, to create a racing car, and it pioneered a patent for a carbon fiber case.
   Oris has deeply explored the potential of carbon fiber in watch manufacturing, which has significantly improved product performance and production efficiency. The first is independent rigidity and water resistance. Most carbon fiber watches must be equipped with additional components such as metal frames. Oris does not need other parts to ensure the solidity and tightness of the case material. Then it is cost-effective. The post-processing of the traditional carbon fiber case is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the cost is high. Oris new technology solves this problem and manufactures high-performance products at a more controllable cost.

The carbon fiber case processing technology is the first of Oris

   The carbon fiber sheet is layered into a separate mold and hardened twice at 130 degrees Celsius at 5 atmospheres. The raw material is carbon fiber textile sheet instead of particles to ensure that no gaps will be created between the raw materials during processing to achieve excellent solidity. The middle frame of each case is made by hand.

The middle frame of the case is made of carbon fiber polymer

   The carbon fiber case is formed in one process through this process, without secondary shaping and polishing. The sapphire mirror and titanium alloy back cover can be directly mounted on it, without gaskets or other reinforcement parts. In fact, after the case is integrally formed, the only subsequent processing required is to mill the holes of the crown, buttons and strap.
   Oris’ carbon fiber technology is derived from its 13-year partner F1 Williams. F1 racing car manufacturing materials need to have the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio. The core components of the racing car’s outer frame and steering wheel are made of 2 times the strength of steel, but they weigh only 1/5 of carbon fiber. The case of Oris Williams Carbon Fiber Chronograph is also the same, weighing only 7.2 grams.

Through the titanium alloy back cover, the Oris674 self-winding chronograph movement equipped with the brand’s signature red automatic rotor is precisely operated

   Oris Williams carbon fiber chronograph’s crown, chronograph buttons, bezel and back cover are made of light and strong titanium alloy, polished metal surface, and coated with black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating. The watch is driven by the Oris674 self-winding chronograph movement modified from ETA7750. It has a 30-minute chronograph, 12-hour chronograph and small seconds display. The chronograph hands and chronograph dial use Williams’s classic blue, making the watch more dynamic.
   Oris Williams carbon fiber chronograph will be available in June 2016, priced at RMB 28,500.
product features

Oris Williams Carbon Fiber Chronograph
Product code: 674 7725 8764, Table diameter: 44.00mm
• Oris674 automatic mechanical movement, timing function, 6 o’clock calendar display
• Carbon fiber case middle frame, 100 meters waterproof
• Titanium alloy crown, chronograph button, bezel, black DLC (diamond-like) coating
• Sapphire mirror, anti-reflective coating on the inside
• Titanium alloy back cover, black DLC coating, glass bottom
• Black dial with digital scales, black hour and minute hands coated with Super-LumiNova®, blue chronograph hands, small white seconds
• Black rubber strap with black DLC titanium buckle
• Suggested retail price: RMB 28,500


Never Forget Is The Lover Of Your Dream Mido Helmsman Series Observatory Certified Long Kinetic Energy Automatic Mechanical Watch

Affectionate and affectionate men, especially ‘toys’ for adults such as cars and watches, can never be satisfied, they are hard to own, and they want to change them in the future, The best is always the ‘next one’, each one was a ‘dream lover’ who has been thinking about it day and night, and has always been attentive after having it, and the ones that truly love will eventually become treasures, even if it is Not worth it. Mido is the first watch brand introduced by many watch friends. The super high cost performance and super high value always make people forget it for a long time. The newly launched Mido Helmsman Series Observatory certified long kinetic automatic mechanical watch It is one of the ideal watches, elegant, solemn and dynamic, very charming.

   Watches, like cars, are very private objects. They can only be enjoyed by themselves, but they cannot be borrowed. From this perspective, watches are really like ‘lovers’. Mido’s new helmsman series watches launched a total of 7 styles, of which PVD rose gold-plated models are more luxurious, more decent and advanced, really decent.

   The Helmsman series itself has a history of more than 70 years, and its inspiration comes from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Therefore, the series has a deep historical heritage and a distinctive architectural structure. The handsome face value makes it match with formal clothes, which can immediately enhance the gentleman’s sense of the watch owner.

   The vertical stripes on the dial symbolize the source of inspiration for the series. You can ignore any other design language. As long as there are stripes on the dial, chances are that they are Mido helmsman watches. At the same time, the dial and hands are filled with a luminous coating, which can be easily read at night. This is also one of the functions of the helmsman series, because the helmsman series itself represents an outdoor, trendy style, and the luminous can be greatly enhanced. The practicality of a watch.

   The crown has a classic shape, and the brand logo is embossed on the surface.

   The lugs extend from the case, with smooth and soft lines, and are connected to a brown calfskin rolled alligator strap.

   The diameter of the watch is 42 mm, and the thickness of the case is less than 12 mm. The overall ratio is very balanced, the proportion is moderate, and it is very stylish to wear.

Brown calf leather strap with crocodile pattern

  The surface of the strap is embossed with crocodile leather to make the watch look more advanced. The two sides are sewn with the same color stitching and a PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel folding buckle.

Back cover

   The appeal of mechanical watches to men is also the mechanical movement inside the watch. Men have a natural affinity for machinery, and they are even more interested in precision machinery. The engineering structure, mechanical principles, manufacturing, and retouching of the machine are all fascinating for men, just like the dream lover, from the tip of the hair to the fingertips, with the love and the soul. The built-in Mido Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement, certified by the Observatory, is equipped with a silicon hairspring, which is accurate, shockproof and antimagnetic, and has outstanding performance.

   The new Mido Helmet Series Observatory-certified long kinetic energy fully automatic mechanical watch is handsome and stylish, with its temperament restrained at the core and both internal and external, which not only meets the humanistic pursuit of most of us, but also meets our discerning fashion style. No wonder, it will become the ‘dream lover’ of the table friends.


Gift By Elton Senna Rolex Dayton Takes On The Gold Wrist To Show His Riches Geneva Auction

From May 11th to 12th, 2019, Filiz will host the ninth Geneva watch auction. In this auction, Filix will be selling a gift from Elton Senna, a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Reference 1652818K gold watch (No. 23).

   Elton Senna is a generation in F1 racing, this watch is a gift he gave to Angelo Parilla. Earlier during the career of Elton Senna Kart, Angelo Parilla discovered him and established a relationship with the then 18-year-old Brazilian who guided him to become a great legend in the Formula One racing world.

   In 1978, Elton Senna gave this watch to Angelo Parilla. The back of the watch was engraved with the words ‘AAngelodaAyrton1978’. This watch features the highly regarded ‘FloatingDial’ dial (the Cosmograph on the dial is separate from other words) and the Mark1 bezel.

   The watch is 39 mm in diameter and is equipped with a 4030 automatic movement, equipped with an 18K yellow gold oyster bracelet and an adjustable buckle. This watch was photographed with a photo autographed by Elton Senna, a protective mask, and a letter of certification from Angelo Parilla, estimated to be 100,000 to 200,000 Swiss francs before the shoot. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)


Athens Limited Edition Complex Craft Watch, Challenge Watchmaking Process

In the field of traditional mechanical watchmaking technology, ‘Ask Watch’ has always challenged the brand’s highest benchmark in watchmaking strength. This can be attributed to the fact that many fashion brands have competed to release tourbillon watches in recent years Rising prices and seeing clues, but there are only a handful of fashion brands capable of publishing watches, even professional watchmaking brands.
Hunting Filigree Enamel Painted Limited Watch
    In the field of top-level complex mechanical watches, the Athens watch has always played a pivotal role. The Athens watch, which has always been occupied by creative thinkers, continues to carry forward the art of enamel color drawing watches. The ‘Jungle Minute Repeater Timepiece’ launched earlier is unprecedentedly popular. Athens Watch specially launched the ‘Hunting Minute Repeater’, which continues the myth of ‘Jungle Minute Repeater’. The ‘Hunting Minute Repeater’ is equipped with a double cloisonne blue dial, which highlights the three-dimensional sense of the watch and is precious. There is a small fish hidden in the middle of the double-layer dish, showing the crocodile opening its mouth to catch the small fish. When the timekeeping function was activated, a thrilling African hunting journey began: the ferocious lion stretched out its claws and darted the little monkey, and the little monkey swung back and forth from the tree to dodge. The intricate and delicate enamel painted watch is definitely the perfect crystallization of beauty and high quality.
Royal Blue Flying Tourbillon Diamond Watch
    Over the past 20 years, Athenaeum has dedicated itself to the revival of filigree enamel-painted watch faces and has incorporated this superb skill into the ‘Hunting Minute Repeater’. The watch’s double cloisonne dial and lifelike dolls are hand-crafted with filigree enamel painting techniques. When the three-question performance is activated, the concept of time lapse is presented in a lively way, and the dual enjoyment of viewing and listening is perfectly combined, confirming the extraordinary watchmaking skills that are unparalleled. At present, only a few people in the world’s clock painting masters can make exquisite filigree enamel painting watches, whose rareness and collection value are self-evident.


Japanese-style Lacquer Art: Chopard L.U.C Xp Urushi

Chopard launched a new and extraordinary work for the precious L.U.CXP watch series, continuing the Chinese Zodiac commemorative watch that is pursued every year. The brand specially selected Japanese traditional dill painting technology to present a brand new watch with the theme of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Pig. The pig symbolizes tolerance, ingenuity and innocence. This exquisite and elegant work presents the image of a happy golden pig on the dial and is equipped with an ultra-thin movement of Chopard L.U.C96.17-L. Known as the essence of the ancient Japanese lacquer painting art, Maki-e is perfectly integrated with the top Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship, creating a brand new L.U.CXP Year of the Pig watch, limited to 88 pieces. As always, the Chopard Masters celebrate the Chinese New Year with a symbolic dial. The Lunar Year of the Pig will begin on February 5, 2019 and end on January 24, 2020.

LUCXPUrushiYearofthePig gold pig dill watch 18K rose gold case, 39.5mm diameter, dill paint lacquer dial, presenting the ‘Golden Pig’ 2019, hours and minutes, LUC96.17-L automatic winding movement, power reserve 65 hours, sapphire crystal glass and bottom cover, waterproof 30 meters, alligator leather strap, limited to 88 pieces.
Extraordinary art reveals harmony and temperament

 The dial of this new zodiac watch is entirely handmade, and Chopard pays tribute to the long-standing Asian culture by using the traditional Japanese dill painting process. On the dial, a round (meaning happiness) golden pig (a symbol of abundance) is strolling through the colorful forest. The zodiac pig represents sincerity, hard work, friendliness and generosity in the traditional Chinese zodiac culture. Therefore, the Year of the Pig symbolizes success and prosperity, and is also a year of celebration.

Urushi Lacquer Art: Continuing the ancient precious art
 Urushi means an ancient traditional lacquer art. Its name comes from ‘Urushi’. Raw lacquer raw materials are extracted from lacquer tree once a year, and a small amount of resin is collected. Three to five years after the resin is collected, it can become a very durable raw lacquer after aging and processing. The raw lacquer raw materials can be painted layer by layer, and each layer is extremely thin. This requires extremely rigorous and delicate work methods. Only the experienced master Fang, who has many years of experience, knows this, fine small particles with iridescence, and gives the paint a three-dimensional impression, sparkling brilliance, and meticulous layer changes.

The L.U.CXPUrushiYearofthePig watch is equipped with the L.U.C96.17-L automatic winding movement and has patented Twin® double barrel technology.
 Just like the L.U.CXP watch in previous years, Chopard worked with the Japanese royal lacquer maker Yamada Heiando to create this precious dial. The Japanese lacquer master Shiki Ichiro, known as the ‘National Treasure of the World’ in Japan, designed the dial in person, and Chopard specially invited Master Shiki Koizumi to draw it. Such arts and crafts can only be matched with L.U.CXP watches.

 The artisan masters at Chopard Watch Factory follow the tradition of fine watchmaking and hand-decorate this low-key and elegant timepiece. The case is made of ethical 18K rose gold. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can enjoy the beauty of the L.U.C96.17-L movement.

The master of Maki-eiko Koizumi draws a L.U.CXPUrushiYearofthePig watch.
Chopard Fine Watchmaking
 As a family-run brand, Chopard firmly adheres to the spirit of independence. All the processes of making L.U.C watches are done in the brand’s watch factories in Geneva and Fleurier. From movement conception, finished product design, cast gold, case stamping and processing, movement component production, traditional hand engraving and decoration, surface treatment, polishing, assembly, adjustment and quality control, Chopard masters every production link perfectly, every All LUC series watches are such extraordinary masterpieces. These watches are the result of exquisite craftsmanship, extraordinary, meet the expectations of modern gentlemen. L.U.C watches cleverly combine exquisite craftsmanship, excellent quality and rich emotions.


Lange Gold Watch With Luminous Display

Since its launch in 2005, the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE watch has become the best companion for people and travelers in different regions. This timepiece, made of white gold, with luminous hands and inset scales, can still be clearly read in the dark, allowing the wearer to easily move through 24 world time zones.
  The LANGE 1 TIME ZONE watch is convenient for travelers traveling to and from different time zones and accurately reads the time. Its dial indicates the current time in both the home area and the second time zone at a glance. You can easily switch the time zone display by simply adjusting the button. To this end, the watch is equipped with a rotating circle engraved with 24 city names, each representing a different time zone. Each time the button is activated, the rotating circle will advance 15 degrees to the east, pushing the hour hand of the auxiliary disk one hour forward. The smart synchronization device is designed to make the regional time on the small dial consistent with the main dial and easy to operate. The small dial hand will then move to the original position of the large dial hand.
  The new LANGE 1 TIME ZONE watch is equipped with a noble white gold case. With the luminous hands on the eccentric main dial and auxiliary dial, rhodium-inlaid scale, and power reserve indicator, all settings can be clearly read in the dark. Whether at home or on the road, Lange’s classic timepieces can accurately indicate the world time, regardless of day and night.
   Lange developed the L031.1 movement, which is the key to the latest member of this famous LANGE 1 series. Its precise and meticulous clock making teaches global watch fans to yearn for Lange craftsmanship. The watch presents many representative quality marks, including 3/4 plywood made of untreated German silver, screw-fastened gold sleeves, dual barrels providing more than three days of power reserve, and gooseneck Spinner, hand-carved balance wheel and intermediate wheel splint, and large calendar display with time on the main dial in LANGE 1 TIME ZONE. Each piece of precision work adds moving moments to every journey.


Milus Introduces The Merea Three-second Hand-backed Skeleton Watch

The name of the new Merea mechanical movement ladies’ watch is derived from the star Mira, which is shining with changeable light. It represents the smart brilliance and changeable concept of this watch. This concept perfectly integrates the movement into the watch body, and the combination produces a unique treasure. This is the original concept of Milus, and Merea The three-second retrograde skeleton watch subtly implements this concept.

The unforgettable three-second hand jumping display is placed on an 18K red gold case. The case is made up of three parts: the bezel, the strap connection and the large crown, all set with 1.08 carats of white diamonds.
The precision of the second hand jumping is guaranteed by the Swiss-quality mechanical movement used internally. This unique movement has automatic winding and second hand jumping functions. The white strap crafted from crocodile leather is exquisite and comfortable, and it embodies the watch’s beautiful external lines.

Source: Milus International


Quartz Crisis’ Opens A New Opportunity For Fashion Brands To Enter The Watch Industry

In addition to the phrase ‘more professional than fashion brands, more fashionable than professional watches’, what else can better describe the professional watches launched by fashion brands? If it were not for the quartz crisis of the 1970s and 1980s, fashion brands might not have entered the watch industry so early. Hermes enamel watch
     The quartz movement, which is cheap, accurate, and easy to maintain, has impacted the traditional watchmaking industry and lowered the threshold for the watch industry. However, without a self-moving movement, the watch will appear shallow. Apart from talking about design, there is not much to talk about, and of course it cannot enter the mainstream watch market.
     The top fashion brands that have tasted the sweetness of the watch industry obviously also want to have a certain right to speak in the watch industry. They either cooperate with the top brands to launch professional watches, or start their development by acquiring a small watch factory in Switzerland to establish their own watchmaking base. Independent movement, step by step into the professional watchmaking industry.
Hermes enamel watch
     ‘Luxury brands have strong capital. They integrate the resources of the Swiss watch industry well and can be quickly integrated into the field of high-end watches. These brands cooperated with Swiss watch factories in the early days, but the resources were scattered and the industry was not System, there is no complete series. Later, they began to acquire peripheral resources, such as watch band factories, watch case factories, etc., to improve their own watchmaking by controlling shares. ‘Senior watchmaker Chang Wei summarized top fashion like this The road to brand watches.
     For example, Hermes established the first exclusive watch production workshop in Bill, Switzerland in 1978, expanded the watch department in 1998, and invested a lot of resources in the new factory of Hermes watches. After launching a Dressage watch with Hermes H1928 movement in cooperation with the Vaucher movement factory in 2003, Hermes bought a 25% stake in this movement factory in 2006, and then acquired a well-known Swiss watch with a history of more than 125 years. A 32.5% stake in JosephErard, a shell-making company. Through investment and cooperation, Hermes has introduced its own unique models to the market. These watches are equipped with Hermes mechanical movements.
Fast professional shortcuts
But more top fashion brands take a ‘cooperation’ shortcut.
Chanel J 12 Quartz Ladies Watch
     The most representative of them is Chanel. Chanel, which entered the watch industry only in 1987, began to design designs, mainly quartz movements, and was commissioned to manufacture in Switzerland. Soon, in 1993, Chanel began to acquire watch factories, and developed products with its own movement and brand identity. The introduction of the J12 watch in 2000 earned Chanel a good name, and also gave Chanel a label of ‘technical school’ to distinguish it from other fashionable watch brands. In 2008, Chanel cooperated with the famous old Swiss watch Audemars Piguet factory, launched the Calibre 3125 equipped with Audemars Piguet automatic movement in the J12 series, and was regarded as a classic by many collectors. It also explored a ‘quick specialization’ ‘path of.
Dior Grand Bal Haute Couture
     Since Dior officially launched the watch series in 1975, while emphasizing the integration of the brand’s haute couture elements into the watch design, it has also continued to make articles on the breakthrough of the movement. Until 2005, when ‘borrowing force’ Zenith, Dior launched the Chiffre Rouge Irreductible chronograph with Zenith ElPrimero high-frequency chronograph movement, Dior also announced that it has entered the ranks of advanced complications watch.
     The road of “cooperation” and rapid professionalization with professional brands has been praised by many brands today. Zegna tasted the sweetness of cooperation with Girard Perregaux in the special series of centennial celebrations, and also tried to set foot on the road of professional watches.
     At the Baselworld Watch Fair, many top fashion brands are also showing their strengths: Louis Vuitton’s TamborSpin Time Scroll Watch, Dior VIII Watch, Chanel Première Floating Tourbillon Watch, all without exception Demonstrating the brand’s achievements in sophisticated watches …
     ‘Now, the line between some fashion watch brands and traditional watches has been blurred. They all have their own watchmaking factories, and they are no longer the traditional fashion watch brands.’ Pan Jian, editor-in-chief of Fashion Time Say.
     This shift in the professionalization of fashion brand watches is good news for consumers, especially female consumers. Jessica, a senior affairs manager in a Hong Kong-owned shopping mall, just bought a Chanel J12. ‘The reason why I chose this watch is that it is thicker and more connotative than ordinary fashion watches,’ Jessica said. ‘And J12 often appears in The back cover of a fashion magazine, I think it has the same characteristics as the 2.55 bag, and it can be seen at a glance. There are also many magazines that use it to match clothing, and can draw on different effects! ‘
     In the opinion of brand expert Gu Huanyu, although fashion luxury brands are lacking in the traditional watch culture, this has not affected the ‘non-professional’ watch consumers. Today, every year There are hundreds of new models. In addition to the particularly outstanding technology with epoch-making significance, consumers wearing watches will pay more attention to the first impression. Fashion brand design models pay attention to the concept of design and production details, and can provide Customization and other services are undoubtedly also an advantage in the fierce competition in the watch industry.
     ‘These fashion brands’ entry into the field of professional watchmaking has undoubtedly broadened people’s understanding of clocks. These brands are not only inferior to professional watchmaking brands in the development and production of professional movements, but also more innovative in the design of dials and cases. ‘Because these fashion brands are famous for their own design, it is a matter of familiarity for them to apply the design elements of their fashions to the design of watches.’ Chang Wei said.


Radar Isa Series The First High-tech Ceramic Touch Watch

Minimal but not simplify

 RADO Swiss radar once again turned everyone’s dream into reality. A tactile controlled full-body high-tech ceramic watch for women. The latest technology combined with the most moving sensory factors has created this unique and outstanding product.

 Watch technology developed for women can be described as very rare, and RADO with its eSenza Ceramic Touch watch once again shows its unique vision, but also ahead of competitors’ unique vision.

 Set the time by tapping and swiping with your finger on the edge of the case – the hour hand on the left and the minute hand on the right – with one touch, you can adjust the time to fly forward or backward.

 Easy to operate and exquisite in appearance, the eSenza Ceramic Touch watch is an excellent watch for women. While showing noble temperament, women’s nail art is always kept in perfect condition.

 Developed by the Rado design team of Rado, combining touch technology from within the Swatch Group and our expertise in high-tech materials-This series is entirely made of high-tech ceramics-Warm to the touch-The case has a smooth curved oval-in one go.

 This watch not only maintains its sparkling luster over the years, but also has a battery life of up to four years, much longer than the standard quartz watch.

Sensory Touch Settings

 The single-structure case, which is made under high pressure using a sophisticated and sophisticated injection molding process, guarantees the success of high-tech ceramic touch technology.

 The watch case made of metal acts as a barrier between the outside and the internal circuitry. Due to the insulating nature of high-tech ceramics, this watch gives the wearer the ability to control the watch’s core circuits. The electrodes can “perceive” the fingertips on the case through the ceramic medium.

 Because this watch features a tactile design, it needs to be worn on the wrist during setup. The close contact between the skin and the stainless steel back cover ensures that the Swiss Rado eSenza Ceramic Touch can become a body Extension.

 Six new models in this collection-three black and three white-represent the first round of a forthcoming series.

 More than fifty years ago, Swiss radar revolutionized the watch industry with its use of materials beyond traditional. As successful as it was many years ago, Swiss radar took the same risky move in 2013 and became the world’s first.

RADO Swiss radar: from big to simple.

 RADO eSenza Ceramic Touch Black Watch
 Ref: 277.0093.3.071/277.0093.171/277.0093.3.015

Movement 11 ETA F10.101, quartz, 5 gems, 2 hands, crownless touch, no date display
Case Black polished high-tech ceramic
   Black PVD-coated steel case back
   Torus sapphire crystal
   Water resistant to 3 bar (30 meters)
Dial 071 black, jubilé, 4 diamonds, 120/125, top Wesselton diamonds, fully cut, 0.028 carats
   Silver radar logo printed
Dial 015 black, 12 rhodium-plated indexes
   Silver radar logo printed
Hands rhodium-plated
Strap 071/015 Three rows of black polished high-tech ceramics Titanium tri-fold safety buckle
Strap 171 Black satin strap Stainless steel buckle
Dimensions 33.0 x 42.0 x 8.4 (width x length x thickness in millimeters)

    RADO eSenza Ceramic Touch White Watch
 Ref: 277.0092.3.071/277.0092.3.171/277.0092.3.001

Movement 11 ETA F10.101, quartz, 5 gems, 2 hands, crownless touch, no date display
Case White polished high-tech ceramic
   Stainless steel case back with ring sapphire crystal
   Water resistant to 3 bar (30 meters)
Dial 071/171 white, jubilé, 4 diamonds, 120/125, top Wesselton diamond, fully cut, 0.028 carat silver radar logo
Dial 001 silver, 12 rhodium-plated indexes
   Silver radar logo printed
Hands rhodium-plated
Strap 071/015 three rows of white polished high-tech ceramic titanium tri-fold safety buckle
Strap 171 White satin strap Stainless steel buckle
Dimensions 33.0 x 42.0 x 8.4 (width x length x thickness in millimeters)

Superb technology behind trigger timepieces

 RADO launches the new eSenza Ceramic Touch watch, realizing a new breakthrough in watchmaking technology. Swiss Radar’s technical and material experts collaborate with watchmaking experts to ensure that touch technology is as flawless as watch design.

 Since high-tech ceramics are natural insulating materials, RADO has more than 25 years of expertise in the field of high-tech ceramics as a direct advantage. The non-conductive nature of high-tech ceramics makes it an ideal material for making tactile devices.

 The quartz movement consists of a number of key components, including two chips that control the watch software. The movement is tightly embedded in the high-tech ceramic case. Between the movement and the integrated high-tech ceramic case are four electrodes, which are installed at 2 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 8 o’clock, and 10 o’clock. position.

 When the fingertip acts on the electrode through the high-tech ceramic case, it will act as a stray capacitor and adjust the frequency of the oscillating circuit.

 When the movement detects that the fingertips touch the case in a certain order, it will instruct the chip to let the motor drive the hands, so the setting and resetting time can be completed with a simple touch.

The stainless steel back of the watch is also an indispensable important component, because it is the ‘contact point’ between the watch and the wrist, and it is the reference medium for the circuit to be energized. Because it does not have a crown, it should be worn on the wrist when setting and resetting the time of the RADO eSenza Ceramic Touch watch.

 RADO eSenza Ceramic Touch Time Setting Guide

1. Wear your watch on your wrist.
2. To activate the tactile function, set the watch to the setting mode. After touching the 8 o’clock position of the case for about 5 seconds, quickly slide your finger over the right side of the case. The watch will now emit a short beep.
3. When setting the hour hand, slide your finger clockwise along the left side of the case to adjust it for one hour, and slide it counterclockwise to adjust it for one hour.
4. When setting the minute hand, slide your finger clockwise along the right side of the case to adjust it for one minute forward, and slide it counterclockwise to adjust it for one minute backward.
5. To make the minute hand move forward faster, press and hold the case’s 4 o’clock position, and to make the minute move backward faster, press and hold the case’s 2 o’clock position.
6. To exit the setting mode, touch the watch at 8 o’clock for at least two seconds. The watch now emits two beeps. The setting mode is now disabled.

Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:


Blancpain Oceans Deep Submersible Bathyscaphe Chronograph Limited Edition Watch

Blancpain, a famous Swiss watch brand more than 60 years ago, was inextricably bound up with diving activities, and the pioneer of the modern version of the diving watch was born.

   In order to further appeal to people’s attention to marine preservation and protection, Blancpain released the first limited edition
‘Bathyscaphe chronograph’, equipped with Blancpain F385 self-winding flyback chronograph mechanical movement, equipped with a special gray ceramic bezel, bezel with liquid gold scale,
Limited production of 250 pieces. The donations from the sales of watches will be put into Blancpain’s continuous support for marine environmental protection. Every purchaser of a limited edition watch will also be automatically included in Blancpain’s heart of the ocean circle to enjoy the brand’s special privileges.

   Blancpain ‘Heart-Ocean Deep Submersible Bathyscaphe Chronograph’, 43mm case diameter, equipped with Blancpain F385 automatic flyback chronograph mechanical movement, 37 stones, power reserve 50
hour. Limited edition of 250.

   The disk swam in a sea of ​​blue. Watch 釆 uses F385 movement, built-in column wheel timing device, balance frequency vibration up to
The 36,000 flyback interval is only one tenth of a second. Blancpain’s continuous improvement of vertical clutches ensures perfect start and smooth running of the chronograph function without jumping hands or chronograph seconds
Needle speed is uneven. In addition, this model is equipped with a sealed timing button to ensure normal underwater operation.