Girard-perregaux Expresses A New Attitude To Yan Xia’s New Style, ‘amazing In Color’-interpretation Of Yan Xia’s New Attitude With New Colors

Seasons change. With the coming of summer, how to add new style to your life? Girard-Perregaux, headquartered in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, with more than two hundred years of history, paints life with colors, and introduces five new colors: peach pink, charming purple, fresh green, sunny orange, and aqua blue. .

Girard Perregaux expresses a new attitude

  The new five color straps can be used in different series, which not only injects a new fashion attitude into life, but also shows the charm and style of different moments as the summer footsteps. You can even play a mix and match creative game to create contrasting effects on straps of different colors and create your own unique fashion style.

GP Girard Perregaux watches the new attitude of summer and summer-pink

GP Girard Perregaux watches new attitude to summer-light powder

  The clothes in the closet change seasons, and of course the straps have to keep up. The most exciting moment for modern women is to raise their hands and flutter the charm of life. Since women are like flowers, why not let the feeling of flowers bloom in life? Girard-Perregaux watches use flowers as inspiration, creating light pink and pink straps, so that women who understand the taste of life can create the most comfortable attitude to life in the sun-drenched courtyard with sunlight as the ballad and flowers as the background. Even in a busy life, you can cheer yourself up with light pink and peach pink to live a beautiful life in full bloom.

GP Girard Perregaux watch new summer attitude-purple

GP Girard Perregaux watch new summer attitude-purple

  Purple is born with a sense of mystery, like a cat that can’t be guessed, but has a strong charm. For workaholic women, breathing time is the happiest moment in life. At this time, putting on the charm purple strap can best show the concept of “work hard, play hard”. Go all out at work, and let yourself go completely in your free time, completely get rid of stress and enjoy your own time. When the weekend comes, go shopping with friends for dinner, without too much armed and defense, a mysterious purple is best for Crazy Friday.

GP Girard Perregaux watches new attitude to summer-green

  ‘Green life’ is currently the most trendy lifestyle. From environmental protection to diet, many women are committed to creating the freshest lifestyle. In addition to the importance of fruit and vegetable intake and healthy eating, fitness, night running, diving, marathon and other sports are the favorite leisure activities of modern women. Since life is in pursuit of health, why not let your wrists be more green? The fresh green strap wears the green power from nature on your wrist, as if stepping into the Wizard of Oz and enjoying the beauty of nature.
  Occasionally, if you want to travel alone, you may want to let Girard Perregaux with a new clear green strap accompany you out. Look at the world with open green and relaxed spirit, Xiao Wenqing’s travel can make the heart more pure, and the vision becomes wider!

GP Girard Perregaux watches new summer attitude-orange

  When you ca n’t lift it, especially want to see the sun, cut a piece of daylight and wear it on your hand! Even if you are busy with work and upset, women who know how to live will create their own little sun. The sunny orange watchband can drive away the anxiety even in rainy days. Seeing the bright and bright sunny orange color, it seems that a shot of a strong heart has been taken to drive away all the unsuccessful.
  Recently, outdoor activities such as camping and picnic parties are prevalent. On the prairie, I am happily sitting on a picnic mat with three or five friends to enjoy a delicious meal. I change my watch to a bright sunny orange strap. Different outdoor sports, to help the watch change into new clothes will have different feelings, this is the bright power brought by Sunshine Orange.

GP Girard Perregaux watch new summer attitude-blue

  Some people say that blue is melancholy, but in Girard-Perregaux’s summer feast, blue is like a pure and innocent woman, with such a clear and refreshing feeling, giving a clean feeling of ‘a simple smile is also charming’. Xiaowen Qingwo, who likes to read, is in a comfortable small cafe, sipping a book with a book, and the water blue strap is light and quietly integrated into life. It just happens that people notice the unique taste of women; it just happens that people see the gentle power of women. Although the color is light, it is quite impressive. It is like meeting the right person at the right time. You don’t need extra talk to understand each other’s minds.
  The color of the water blue strap is reminiscent of geometric figures. You just want to write a small article or watch a movie. You even want to pick up the brush and draw your mind with lines on the canvas. Complemented by aqua blue strap. Close your eyes and think about the calm and tranquil sea on the calm sea. Life seems to follow this touch of blue, and your thoughts are as clear as a blue sky. Quietly let go of all your troubles and enjoy yourself Good quiet moment.


Blue Time, Cool Summer, Bucherer Watch Selection

Blue is quiet, melancholy, and a panacea for hot summer days. Bucherer specially selected the unique blue dial watch of the Plavi series to accompany you through the leisurely summer, listening to the ebb and flow of the waves.
Pure Sky Exclusive to your wrist
   The Bellevue series combines practical mechanical functions, pleasing and clear display styles, unique personality and masculine beauty, which lays down its flagship series status. Its unique style and tough temperament are also beloved by users. Leisurely summer, blue boundless. Bucherer incorporates the monotonous blue into the finely crafted dial, transforming the blue sea into a luxurious timepiece, exclusive to your wrist. The unique blue dial of the Plavi series is as refreshing as the waves.
Exploring the deep sea with blue platavi scubatec
   No fear of the deep sea, dare to challenge. Bucherer’s latest Plavi ScubaTec diving watch perfectly matches the blue sea with precision functions: the 44.6mm stainless steel case contains a CFB 1950.1 automatic winding movement certified by the COSC Swiss official observatory. There is no doubt about its precise performance. ; The bezel can only be rotated counterclockwise to avoid accidental touch or wrong operation to ensure accurate calculation of the diving time. The hands and scales are treated with Super-LumiNova coating, which will bloom bright blue light in the dark environment, and the diver can still read the time clearly under the turbid water; Helium exhaust valve, the gas will be automatically discharged when diving and water, to avoid damage to the case.
Bellevue T-Graph Barrel Chronograph
Number: 00.10615.08.53.01
Movement: CFB1960 automatic winding movement, diameter 30 mm;
7.3 mm thick, 47 stones, 42 hours power reserve
Functions: timing, big calendar, two-way power reserve display
Case: stainless steel case; screw-in crown; double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal; water-resistant to 50 meters; size: 39 x 42 mm
Strap: blue calfskin strap and folding clasp
Approximate price: 77,500
Plavi Chronograde Chronograph
Number: 00.10623.08.53.01
Movement: CFB 1902 automatic winding movement, power reserve 42 hours
Functions: timing, dial-back hour timer, flyback meter
Hours, big calendar, annual calendar, power reserve display
Case: Stainless steel case, 44 mm diameter, screwed in
Crown, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 50 meters
Strap: blue calfskin strap, folding clasp
Approximate price: 99,000
Plavi Series TravelTec Three Time Chronograph
Number: 00.10620.08.53.21
Movement: CFB 1901 automatic movement
Functions: Hour hand, minute hand, second hand, date, chronograph, time display in three places, certified by the Swiss Observatory, waterproof to 50 meters
Case: Double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Strap: stainless steel chain
Approximate price: 97,000
Bellevue ScubaTec Dive Watch

Model: 00.10632.24.53.21
Movement: CFB 1950.1 self-winding movement, certified by the Swiss Observatory, 26.2 mm in diameter, 4.6 or 4.8 mm thick, 25 or 26 stones, 38 hours power reserve
Function: date, hour, minute, second
Case: 18K rose gold, 18K rose gold with ceramic bezel, automatic helium valve, screw-in crown, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 500 meters, diameter 44.6 mm, thickness 13.45 mm
Strap: rubber strap, stainless steel diving buckle
Public price: 112,000


Wempe’s Legendary Experience

Wempe, with a history of 136 years, is one of the oldest family businesses in Germany. From the original one-person store to a company with about 700 employees today; from the small watch store of the year to 32 branches today in Germany, Europe, New York and Beijing. From individual second-hand watch merchants to the largest and highest-selling watches and jewellers in the European Union today, with their own jewelry brands (Wempe) and watch brands (Wempe Chronometerwerke Glashütte i / SA and Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA) It also became the European retailer with the largest watch factory. What is the secret of Wempe’s success? The secret lies in a century-old corporate culture: every employee sees himself as the spokesperson for the Wempe brand, with customer satisfaction as the highest goal. From the first day, the three corporate culture elements of first-class quality, high-end brand and continuation of tradition have been deeply imprinted in the hearts of every ‘Wempe’.

First generation founder: Gerhard Diedrich Wilhelm Wempe: Pioneer in family business
   On May 5, 1878, the ordinary watchmaker Gerhard Diedrich Wilhelm Wempe opened his first shop in Elsfleth on the Weser with his 80 mark as the starting capital. This small watch The store is located in the home of Aunt Caroline. As a result, Elsfleet’s first watch shop was launched. Mr Wempe, who started as a second-hand watch trader, had his initial success.
   In order to establish the brand logo of the family business, Gerhard immediately reinvested the profits, and he spent a lot of time and energy on designing and building the windows of the watch shop. His efforts paid off, and the shop window attracted a large number of customers, and other local stores are second to none. He established the business philosophy of ‘first-class quality, wide variety, providing customers with the greatest convenience’, which enabled the company to survive the difficult crisis in the following decades.
   To expand the store’s premium range, he traveled to Switzerland with her twelve-year-old son Herbert. He established contacts with Swiss watchmakers and helped fuel the company’s future development. The addition of Swiss high-end watches and clocks immediately promoted the development of the business.
   In 1907, another landmark event occurred: Gerhard entered the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and opened a branch on Schulteblatt. In big cities, Gerhard’s business philosophy has not changed. In the first year of opening, the turnover reached 100,000 marks. Success did not make him proud and complacent, he was still as diligent and thrifty as when he initially operated in a remote area. He invested his operating profit in the development of the company as always. As Hamburg’s first watch and jeweller, he established a small branch network. In 1914, Wempe increased its number of branches in Hamburg by four. He wanted to have branches in every area of ​​Hamburg, but the outbreak of World War I defeated his plans.
   In 1921, Gerhard Dietrich Wilhelm Wempe, 64, died. As a pioneer of German watch and jeweller, he laid a solid foundation for the great Wempe company. In addition, he began to train Herbert Wempe early on to familiarize himself with the business and succeed in succession.
Second-generation successor: Herbert Wempe begins the era of observatory watches
   Herbert Wempe started running the family business at the age of 31. He inherited his father’s business philosophy and decisively invested funds into the future development of the company. He standardized all the stores and unified the interior and exterior design of the stores. This is today’s ‘corporate image’, and in the 1920s it was undoubtedly a completely new concept. The unified storefront allows customers to always recognize Wempe. This change, together with the customer’s feeling of being at home in the store, has formed the corporate logo of Wempe.
   Another iconic event by Herbert Wempe was the expansion of customer service. As a result, Wempe began repairing various watches, including well-known Swiss brands.
   The move was a success: in 1929, Wempe had sales of 3 million marks. As the global economic crisis swept Germany, companies alone survived this severe economic downturn on their own financial resources.
   In 1938, the company made another major investment. Wempe bought the Hamburg Observatory Watch Factory Co., Ltd., founded in 1905 from the owners of Hamburg and Bremen, and began producing high-precision marine astronomical clocks under the leadership of famous observatory watchmaker Ferdinand Denker. This laid the foundation for Wempe to successfully create an internationally competitive astronomical clock, and the company began to train highly qualified watchmakers.
   Soon after, Herbert Wempe and Otto Lange began a fruitful collaboration in Glashütte-the latter was the grandson of the well-known Saxony watch industry founder Ferdinand Adolph Lange. The two co-founded the ‘Glasutti Observatory’ joint trade union, with the goal of establishing a research and training center for young watchmakers and the establishment of a watchmaking precision adjustment institute.
   Unfortunately, the war once again sapped plans. In 1939, Wempe was taken over by the National Naval and Air Force Department and lost its right to self-decision.
   In 1945, Hamburg was in ruins, and all Wempe branches were destroyed. Her eldest son, Herbert Wempe jr., Who was originally designated to stay in business, failed to survive the war. At the beginning of the difficult reconstruction phase, the younger son, Hellmut Wempe, only 13 years old, also assumed responsibility. In 1950, at the age of 18, he entered the business.
The third-generation successor: Hellmut Wempe on the international stage
   After the war, the enterprise was successfully rebuilt. Hellmut Wempe’s first branch is directly located in Hamburg’s Bamback district. By the early 1960s, Wempe had firmly seized the historic opportunity of the German economic miracle and rebuilt ten stores.
   In 1963, Herbert Wempe died and Hellmut took over the business. Hellmut is also development-oriented and more daring than his father. He will take a step forward in Hamburg and open a branch in Lubeck. In 1967, Wempe entered Bremen. A year later, Wempe stores opened in Berlin, Hanover, Frankfurt, Cologne, the Virginstrasse in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Munich. In 1979, corporate branches were located in more than ten cities.
   In 1980, Wempe opened its first foreign branch in New York. When choosing the site, Mr. Hellmut Wempe upheld the idea of ​​’only considering the most prosperous location’ of the former owner, and chose Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. After running in the first few years, Wempe finally established a foothold in this American metropolis. Encouraged by this success, Wempe began to make inroads in Paris, Vienna, London and Madrid. As a result, Hellmut Wempe successfully transformed Wempe from a local family business into an international company.
   In the early 1980s, daughter Kim-Eva Wempe entered the company. As a result, the company ushered in the fourth generation of the head of the family.
The fourth generation heir: Kim-Eva Wempe leads the way
   Kim-Eva Wempe studied business management. As a businessman, she inherited her grandfather’s love for watches and jewelry. Through several strategic initiatives, she has introduced the company into a new development track, laying the foundation stone for the continued growth of the company.
   On May 5, 2003, the 125th anniversary of the establishment of the company, Kim-Eva Wempe officially took over the company from his father Hellmut. In 2005, she acquired the then-defunct Glashütte Observatory, completing her grandfather’s grand plan. The observatory was subsequently rebuilt at her initiative. Today’s observatory is a perfect combination of science and watchmaker craftsmanship, a training base for young watchmakers and the birthplace of new ideas.
   Since 2006, the Observatory Watch Factory has begun manufacturing ‘Wempe Chronometerwerke Glashütte i / SA’ and ‘Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA’ series watches, and has been tested and certified by the first German Observatory Watch Testing Center directly under Wempe. As the largest watch factory owned by a European retailer, the Observatory Watch Factory also repairs and maintains all major brand timepiece products. Wempe watches quickly became successful. In 2011, the watchmaking factory expanded again, which doubled the company’s output and service capacity.
   In just a few years, Kim-Eva Wempe has transformed the Wempe family business from a precision watch and jewelry retailer into a well-known brand with independent innovations.
   In 2013, the first Wempe branch in Asia was opened. The store is located in the bustling shopping area of ​​Parkview Green in the center of Beijing. The full-experience shopping area covering nearly 600 square meters can provide guests with the most professional technology and the most comprehensive services. . Like all Wempe stores worldwide, a large, fully-equipped watchmaker’s workshop is located in the service area to provide WEMPE’s most expensive Chinese customers with high-quality after-sales service.
   As the fourth generation of the company, Ms. Kim-Eva Wempe has always emphasized that ‘we are laying the foundation for future success. Even after the company was founded 136 years ago, we are still growing and paving the way for the next generation.’


Introduction To Zenith’s Flagship Happy Watch

Zenith’s flagship happy watch combines the most rigorous watchmaking tradition with contemporary bold creativity in an enchanting way. The newest watch, which penetrates the mystery of timepieces, presents the legendary movement with a happy dial of 36,000 vibrations per hour. Happy design not only lies in the mysterious charm it radiates, but also the curiosity it inspires. To be sure, the flagship happy watch is a wonderful workmanship, a timepiece that condenses 100% technology and 100% passion.

EL PRIMERO flagship happy power reserve watch
 The flagship happy watch is the most fascinating. The design of the happy dial can be described as a great idea of ​​Zenith to show the perfectly synchronized movement of the movement and the gear structure recognized as the ‘world’s best mass-produced movement’ because of its high-quality and reliable timing performance. charm. The mystery is that compared to other movements on the market, this movement vibrates a quarter faster than it does. The frequency of other movements is 8 times per second, while El Primero movement is up to 10 times. The happy dial design is not only exquisite, but also overcomes a major technical problem: to make the adjustment mechanism clear, the happy position is set at 10 o’clock on the edge of the movement.

EL PRIMERO flagship happy power reserve watch
Great watchmaking tradition
 The watch exhibits a great watchmaking tradition: the column wheel timing mechanism; the power reserve display; the rhodium-plated plate; the bridge plate is decorated with perlage and chamfers; the pendulum, the lever and the transmission rod are decorated with lines; The heavy metal oscillating weight is decorated with ‘C & ocirc; tes de Gen & egrave; ve & rdquo; engraving decoration; hollow star shape logo; speedometer scale on the outer edge of the bezel, reminiscent of the chronograph used in early racing. The details are so exquisite, why not teach people to be amazed.

EL PRIMERO flagship happy power reserve watch

Beautiful and bold
 The avant-garde design of the flagship happy watch was a great success. Watches are almost the only accessories for men, reflecting identity and individuality. Therefore, when customers choose a product, the appearance of the watch is very important to them. As a watch brand embodying the spirit of high technology, Zenith is designed for connoisseurs who love high-precision watches.

Style selection
 The flagship happy watch model has used the characteristics of the past to the contemporary style, and has exquisite craftsmanship with a history of more than 150 years. There are 4 styles for the Happy Watch: stainless steel case with silver sun dial or black dial; 18K rose gold case or rose gold and stainless steel case with silver sun dial. The hour markers, hours, minutes and hands are rhodium faceted and hand-set with diamonds. The central time hand, the 30-minute dial hand and the power reserve hand are blued. The hands on the dial are carefully hand-hemmed. The flagship happy watch model is the true Zenith ‘Classic’ series.

EL PRIMERO flagship happy power reserve watch

1. Adhere to the characteristics of happy watches: Uncover the mystery of the legendary movement EL PRIMERO


Every Second Witnessing Love Belongs To Your Treasure Qilai

The sweet breath in the air is brewing, and the smell of love is everywhere! On Valentine’s Day which is quietly approaching, there is nothing more than a unique true love token that can convey your deep affection for her / his style. Bucherer selects a special Valentine’s Day watch to make your love unique to her / him.
Bettich Rosegold Women’s Watch

   The brand new Bai Di Shi women’s watch is a perfect interpretation of the attitude of modern women’s life, round and petite design, so that every moment of bloom is surrounded by ‘love’.
   The new rose gold style is also beautiful and changeable. The side of the case has two characteristic designs of hollow waves or bird’s nest. The dial has two designs of bright mother-of-pearl or fine pure white texture. Gold case design with diamond setting available.


   The rose gold bracelet and the case are in one go, beautiful and harmonious. A new realm of elegance in the Bucherer-Bettich rose gold watch.
Maliron PowerReserve Watch


   The Maliron PowerReserve is the first Malilong series to be equipped with a Bucherer-made CFB A1000 self-winding movement. Classic appearance with innovative technology.


   The Mali Long PowerReserve watch has a small circular plate at 3 o’clock, which uses the pointer to display the remaining power level. With the loss of power, the pointer slowly descends along the red area. In addition, the small seconds dial at 6 o’clock and the week display at 9 o’clock have the same layout as the large calendar window at 11 o’clock; the silver dial is divided into two parts, the inner and outer parts, with different shades; all the functional layouts are in light colors. The inner ring range, the darker outer ring is decorated with silver scales, the dial and the rose gold case form a pleasing color tone gradient; the case diameter is 42.5 mm, the thickness is 12.54 mm, the size proportion is just right; it is matched with brown louisiana alligator leather Strap or stainless steel bracelet.
Betsy Queen Rose Gold Collection

Technical specifications
Model: 00.10550.03.75.21
Movement: CFB 1969 self-winding movement, diameter 17.5 mm, thickness 4.8 mm, 25 stones, power reserve 38 hours
Functions: Date, hour, minute, second hand
Case: 18K rose gold, anti-reflective curved sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal back, water-resistant to 30 meters, diameter 26.5 mm, thickness 9.08 mm
Strap: 18K rose gold, 18K rose gold folding clasp
Other models: 00.10551.03.75.31, set with 38 TW vvs diamonds (0.5 ct)
Maliron PowerReserve Watch

Technical specifications
Model: 00.10912.03.13.01
Movement: Homemade CFB A1011 self-winding movement, diameter 32 mm, thickness 6.3 mm, 33 stones, power reserve 55 hours
Function: Power reserve display, large calendar window, day, date, hour, minute, small second hand
Case: 18K rose gold, screw-down crown, detached double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal back, water-resistant to 50 meters, diameter 42.5 mm, thickness 12.54 mm
Dial: Silver
Strap: Brown louisiana alligator leather strap, stainless steel pin buckle


Three Warm Gold Timepiece Luxury Series Watches Recommended

The advantage of red gold in watches is far more than a little red in color.
I said plainly, there was no red, rose, or pink gold at all. Gold has only one color, and that is yellow. Gold can show a little red color, so red gold, rose gold and pink gold are just talking about the color of gold alloy. So whenever watch brands use red, rose, and pink gold to describe their cases, it’s nothing more than the color of the gold alloy they use.
Red gold (red gold, rose gold, and pink gold) is composed mainly of gold, silver, and copper. Changes in these three components determine the hardness of the alloy on the one hand, and the color of the alloy on the other. Simply put, the higher the copper content, the redder the alloy becomes. Even in 18k gold, although it looks golden, there are still two components, copper and silver.
If you really have to define these three colors, there are those who are obsessed and regretful, then you can say so. Red gold has the strongest color of pure copper; rose gold has a relatively low color temperature; pink gold is the least golden yellow alloy. However, there are not many people in the world who can accurately judge the color temperature, let alone ordinary consumers. Secondly, although the color reflected by the alloy is determined by its composition, its color rendering effect depends on the environment, which is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Even the nearby metal has an influence on the color development of red gold. Therefore, it is best not to pretend to be an expert to tell others the difference between red gold, rose gold and pink gold.
About 5 years ago, French independent watchmaker Juna has fully used red gold for most parts of the movement-‘I found that red gold is a very ideal material for the movement,’ said Juna, ‘Its indicators are very good in all aspects, and it is beautiful. The manufacturing cost is not important to me.’ At present, the mainstream movement material is brass, but it must be chrome-plated or rhodium-plated. Oxidation causes color degradation. It is conceivable that brass is an alloy of copper and tin (pure copper cannot be used because of insufficient hardness), while red gold is an alloy of gold, copper, and silver, which has higher nobility and physical properties than brass. Needless to say.
Van Cleef & Arpels
两个 Two dials show a year’s horoscope in the Paris night sky, which is as complicated as an annual calendar and full of fun. The two dials are relatively moving, and two sapphire lenses bear the astrological display.

Girard-Perregaux 1966 series
Girard Perregaux’s own calibre movement, classic white watch dial, tachymeter scale, two small chronograph dials at 3 and 9 o’clock, blue steel seconds hand, red gold hour scale nails, 4 mm, alligator leather watch band.

Baume & Mercier
打造 Made of gold or red gold: medium (39 mm) round case, mechanical movement, inlaid with Roman numerals, and black alligator leather strap. The slightly spherical case fits perfectly on the wrist. The dial is decorated with a guilloché line, and the traditionally decorated movement can be perfectly displayed through the transparent case back.


The 2nd Longines Hong Kong Equestrian Masters Race Kicks Off The Year Of The Horse

Asia’s only five-star qualified international equestrian obstacle course ‘Longines Longines Watch Hong Kong Equestrian Masters’ officially kicked off today at the AsiaWorld-Expo, and is hosted by the organizer EEM, acting business and economic development The opening ceremony was presided over by the Secretary of State, Mr. Leung King Kwok, and the Chairman of the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation, Dr. Ye Xian.

Acting Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr. Leung King Kwok (second from right) and Dr. Ye Xian, President of the Hong Kong Equestrian Association (fourth from left), hosted the only international five-star equestrian obstacle course in Asia

From February 21st to 23rd, 30 elite riders from 14 different places will compete for huge prizes of up to 1 million US dollars (about 7.8 million Hong Kong dollars). The event gathered various rider superstars, including European champion French rider Roger-Yves Bost, 2013 ‘GUCCI Gold Cup’ winner and team system deputy world champion Kevin Staut, and ‘Longines Hong Kong Equestrian Masters’ 2013 ‘Longines Equestrian Awards’ Race champion Patrice Delaveau, Olympic gold medalist Ludger Beerbaum, German rider Marco Kutcher, Dutch rider Gerco Schroeder, legendary rider Michael Whitaker, and Hong Kong star Zheng Wenjie. One of Australia’s best female jockeys, Edwina Tops Alexander and the GUCCI Ambassador, will make their debut at the second Hong Kong event.

 International riders kick off the second Longines Hong Kong Equestrian Masters

During the three-day race, the world’s top riders and their horses will participate in six CSCI 5 * (five-star) equestrian obstacle races, including the ‘Longines Speed ​​Challenge’, ‘Hong Kong Jockey Club Gold Cup’, Prix Massimo Dutti and the Longines Equestrian Grand Prix.

62 of the world’s top equestrian obstacle horses arrived in Hong Kong from Europe on a special Boeing 777F charter flight this Monday

Christophe Ameeuw, President of EEM World and founder of ‘Longines Hong Kong Equestrian Masters’ said: ‘We are delighted that the’ Longines Hong Kong Equestrian Masters ‘returns to Hong Kong for the second time. This city of Hong Kong can fully demonstrate the fame and reputation of this top sport Charm. We expect that the attendance of the event will increase by nearly 50% this year, which proves that equestrian lovers, family audiences, as well as celebrities and VIPs love the exciting excitement brought by the event to Asia. This event kicked off the Year of the Horse. It’s best! ‘

European champion French rider Roger-Yves Bost

The Acting Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr. Leung King Kwok, said: ‘I am honored to be present at the opening ceremony of the Longines Hong Kong Equestrian Masters. Let us welcome the world’s top riders to Hong Kong. This event brings a rich experience to our guests. It will also raise public awareness and interest in equestrian activities. ‘

 2013 ‘GUCCI Gold Cup’ winner and deputy world champion Kevin Staut

The Chairman of the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation, Dr. Ye Xian, also said, ‘I am very pleased to welcome the organizers EEM and the’ Longines Hong Kong Equestrian Masters ‘to return with a good reputation. This event combines the best equestrian sports with luxury and entertainment. Since Hong Kong hosted the equestrian competition in the 2008 Olympic Games, the sport has received more attention and more outstanding young riders have received public support. The ‘Longines Hong Kong Masters of Equestrian Race’ returns to Hong Kong, establishing Hong Kong as the Asian equestrian capital status. ‘

Patrice Delaveau, winner of the Longines Equestrian Grand Prix at the Longines Hong Kong Equestrian Masters 2013

The Longines Hong Kong Equestrian Masters is an indoor equestrian grand slam for the Asian Equestrian Masters. The event also includes the GUCCI Paris Equestrian Masters and the third city to be announced in the US

Hong Kong star Zheng Wenjie


Earl Launches Tourbillon Watch With Painted Enamel

Piaget Polo is a tourbillon watch with a movable tourbillon frame suspended at the end of the minute hand, a revolutionary invention of Piaget. This watch is set with 730 diamonds and weighs about 19.3 carats . Diamond inlay alone takes 200 hours to complete.

At the same time, in contrast to the enamel painting on the tourbillon, the painting style with the Paris city skyline as the main purpose, is also a tribute to the French antique biennale, an art unit that has held top art exhibitions in cities of light and shadow since the 1960s. This watch combines the sophisticated technique of the relative tourbillon with the exquisite craftsmanship of enamel painting on the case. The Twelve Avenue Totem extending from the Arc de Triomphe (Place de l & rsquo; Etoile) is carved on the faceplate. The flanks depict famous monuments and landmarks that have earned the city unparalleled popularity.
Piaget’s unique talent lies in the relentless innovation of old mechanical devices, and the creation of precious dreams and precious emotions, one after another, with precious metals and diamonds.

PIAGET Polo enamel painted relative tourbillon watch
18K white gold case and dial, decorated with big enamel carving and enamel painting. The faceplate is centered on the 12th Avenue and the street named the Arc de Triomphe.
Earlier 608P mechanical manual winding tourbillon movement
Movement thickness: 3.28mm

Movement thickness (including pointer, tourbillon structure): 9.14mm
Movement diameter: 11 1/2 1/2 minutes (25.6mm)
Movement gem: 27 stones
Movement frequency: 21,600 times per hour
Balance diameter: 7.75mm
Power reserve about 70 hours
Flying tourbillon: The central axis of the minute hand is on the dial, and it runs for one week in one hour, while the tourbillon frame is suspended at the end of the minute hand and rotates around the frame axis in one minute.
Tourbillon frame: 3 titanium brackets
Tourbillon frame weight: 0.2 g
Movement decoration: round fish scale pattern polished decorative plywood, hand chamfered edge contour of the bridge and tourbillon frame, Geneva wave polished decoration, blue steel screws
18K white gold case with black enamel decoration on back case & rdquo; Paris & rdquo;
18K white gold folding clasp
With black alligator strap
限量 Limited edition of three
九 At nine o’clock on the side of the case, there are views of Tuileries Garden, the National Assembly, the Grand Palace, the Arc de Triomphe and the Draves Arch.
Ref. G0A33044 RMB Price: 4,682,300


Chopard Opens New Boutique In Miami

On December 5, 2017, Chopard opened a new boutique in Miami. This is the brand’s second store in the Miami area. Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard and supermodel Adriana Lima , Petra Nemcova and Karolina Kurkova attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. As an independent Swiss manufacturer of jewellery and watches, Chopard has been known for its modern design, superior craftsmanship and commitment to sustainable luxury for 157 years.

   ‘Miami has become a luxury shopping destination. It is an international center that integrates culture, design and inspiration,’ said Caroline Scheufele. ‘These characteristics create a unique market and a growing shopping group. Chopard decided Following the Bar Harbor store, another boutique is opened in the Miami area. ‘
   Located in Brickell City Centre, the new boutique covers 1,200 square feet (110 square meters) and is a great jewelry box for the brand’s creative jewellery and haute horlogerie products. The store has a private viewing room, featuring the iconic Happy Diamonds, Imperiale, L’Heure du Diamant and Rihanna ♥ Chopard collections, as well as unique high-end jewelry products. This boutique expresses Caroline Scheufele’s eternal vision and makes customers feel at home shopping.
   At the same time, there is also an exclusive gentleman’s section in the store, through the technically complex L.U.C, Mille Miglia, Grand Prix de Monaco Historique and Superfast series watches, show the deep roots of Chopard Chopard watchmaking and classic racing world.


Watch Day: Gravity On The Wrist

Watches have become a fashion in today’s society. It is not only a tool for us to confirm time. It is also a grace, an elegance, and an important ornament. Watches with different characteristics and styles show personality and charm. The ‘Watch Day’ theme event held on July 31 last year made the audience ‘seeing is believing’ Glashütte, Lange, Jacques Dro, Breitling, Radar, Le Méridien, Longines, Bucherer, Plum Blossom, 20 top watches from international brands such as Innag.
On July 31 last year, the second watch day theme event hosted by the Beijing News was grandly held in Oriental Plaza. Hengdeli Group, as the world’s largest imported watch operator, has become the chief co-organizer of this event. The theme launched this time-‘gravity on the wrist and expression of living beings’, successfully interpreted the life enjoyment brought by watches and clocks, and aimed to call on more people to wear watches and return to classics. International brands, famous movie stars, and fashion people gather here. The fusion of the two major characteristics of fashion and trend with the charm of the watch shows that the watch has become a fashion in today’s society. It is not only a tool for us to confirm time, but also a grace, an elegance, At the same time, it is also an important accessory. Different characteristics and different styles of watches show personality and charm.

Baucherite clear glass showcase
两 At 2:00 pm on the same day, the long-prepared Beijing Daily Watch Day event was officially launched in Dongfang Xintiandi. More than 200 loyal readers of the Beijing News and customers of Oriental Xintiandi were attracted to the ‘Watch Day’ event site. 20 transparent glass showcases were neatly arranged under the stage in a U shape. Luo, Breitling, Radar, Le Méridien, Longines, Bucherer, Plum, Innag and other top 20 watches. Many enthusiastic readers are also loyal watch enthusiasts. While admiring the expensive watches in the showcase, they also know the watch of interest to the brand commissioner standing on the side of the showcase. Tourbillons, enamel painting, ultra-thin movement, Shaft escapements and other professional terms are all knowledge that can be ‘seeing is believing’ here.

Guests start ‘Watch Day’
At 14:30 in the afternoon, the event officially started. Lu Yue, editor-in-chief of Beijing News, published a watch day declaration. Chang Wei, editor-in-chief of ‘Timepieces’ magazine, introduced the cutting-edge trends in the watch industry to the guests. . With the countdown to the big screen cheering, the watch was adjusted to the time of 16:00 on July 31, 2010, ‘Watch Day’ officially started!

Actor Guo Tao came to support
The famous movie star Guo Tao also came to the scene. The appearance of Guo Tao immediately burst the scene. He showed the watch he wore that day, and shared his own experience in choosing a watch for various occasions.

Men’s and women’s models show Jaquet-Droz watches

Model showcases the single push-button women’s chronograph by Bucherer Marion

Models show Le Méridien Bento series eccentric time watch
With the rhythmic music sounding, 10 male and female models came wearing exquisite watch models. With the host’s explanation and the detailed pictures on the large screens on both sides, more than 20 watches were displayed, and the guests were each other. Attractive watch worn.

Models showcase ladies’ Rado true watch

Male and female models show Breitling sports watches

Model showing Jacques Dro large second hand mother-of-pearl dial ceramic watch
Watches have become a bridge for communication. People who do not know each other can also discuss the appreciation and knowledge of watches. Many guests also made like-minded friends here.