Lange Watches That Can’t Work Without Attention

Sesame Chain is also called ‘Pagoda Wheel’. It first appeared in complicated function pocket watches and marine astronomical clocks. One end of the sesame chain is connected to the main barrel, and the other end is connected to the ‘Pagoda Wheel’ (named after the cone-shaped pagoda spiralling upward). When the mainspring is released, the sesame chain will gradually turn away from the pagoda wheel and surround the mainspring mainspring box. When the mainspring is fully wound, its power is maximum, and the sesame chain will move to the circle with a thinner (smaller torque) at the top of the pagoda wheel. When the mainspring’s power is almost released, its power will be minimal, and the sesame chain will circle The lower end of the pagoda wheel is thicker (larger torque) on the circumference. In this case, no matter what the power of the mainspring is, the torque transmitted to the escapement wheel remains the same, which can greatly improve the accuracy of the watch.
Estimate: 9000000-1200000 HKD
Price Including Commission: HK $ 1580000
General description: No. 107/150, 18K rose gold case, manual winding sesame chain tourbillon movement, power reserve display, production year 1996.

Lange is the first brand to move the traditional device of sesame chain to the watch, coupled with the tourbillon, it has a double guarantee to attract attention.