King Of Automatic Movement Rolex Cal.3135 Movement Detailed Explanation

Rolex cal.3135 is known as the king of automatic winding movements, which naturally has its own advantages. Today I will tell you a brief explanation of this Rolex cal.3135 automatic winding movement. The 3135 movement was officially launched in 1988. Since its launch, it has won praise from everyone due to its excellent stability and accuracy. After 25 years of development, it is still the king of the movement and the most basic movement of Rolex today.

Cal.3135 is the most basic movement of Rolex. Its stability is unquestionable. The diameter of the movement is 28.5mm, the thickness is 6mm, the frequency is 28800 times per hour, 31 rubies, power reserve is 50 hours, instant jump calendar, Arm Glucydur alloy balance wheel, 4 weights, 2 of which are adjustable weights, Breguet balance spring, kif suspension device.

Cal.3135 is assembled in most Rolex single calendar men’s watches, such as the famous 116610LV (Green Water Ghost) is equipped with cal.3135 automatic winding movement. Some small-diameter women’s watches are equipped with Rolex cal. 2235 automatic winding movements. The main difference between 3135 and 2235 is the size of the movement. The diameter of the 2235 movement is only 20 mm. Below I found some pictures of 3135 movement parts and share them with you. (The picture comes from the Internet).

   I don’t know exactly how many parts Cal.3135 has. However, according to the information I searched for, it should be around 195. I don’t know if any expert knows the specific number. The predecessor of Cal.3135 is cal.3035 movement. Compared with cal.3035 movement, cal.3135 has made some small changes. The bridge balance plate has been developed from a single fulcrum to a double fulcrum. Stable operation.

  Escape fork, escape wheel and runner inside the movement. It should be noted that the diameter of the runner and the gear on the runner are the same. Such an escapement system can greatly reduce power consumption.

This is the automatic winding system of the movement. The picture shows the unique red wheel in the Rolex movement. The TEFLON spraying process used on the red wheel is excellent in anti-corrosion, wear resistance and friction reduction. Here are a few movement assembly drawings for everyone.

   Above this picture we can see the 2 golden gears above. This is a stop-seconds device, which stops the balance wheel when you pull out the crown. The adjustment screws of the two balance wheel splints are used to balance the swing adjustment.

   We know that the accuracy of the movement has a certain relationship with the material of the movement in addition to the design of the movement itself. At present, all the balance springs of the Rolex cal. 3135 movement adopt PARACHROM hairsprings, which are made of a unique Rolex niobium, zirconium and oxygen alloy. This hairspring is not disturbed by magnetic fields, and maintains a stable state under temperature changes. At the same time, the spring force is 10 times higher than that of traditional hairsprings.

I believe that in the next few years, the Rolex cal. 3135 self-winding movement will still play the role of the basic movement, and will still be the best in the industry.