Jacques De Rodriguez ‘magician’

In 2011, in the movie ‘Hugo’, Little Hugo repaired a plot of a writing robot, which evoked many watch lovers’ memories of watch history. The prototype of this automatic robot doll comes from the famous Swiss watch brand Jacques Dro.

Today, on the 275th anniversary of the birth of the Jacques Droe brand, the brand opened a new store in Chengdu, bringing another new friend Jacques Droe’s new automatic doll ‘Magician’.

仅为 This mechanical device, which is only 50 cm in height, consists of 1,437 parts and lasts 6 months. It is completed by 11 types of professionals such as engravers, jewellers, watchmakers, wig manufacturers, embroiders and tailors. After winding up, the automatic puppet ‘magician’ will perform a magic smoothly: change a bird from one bell to another. In the process, the magician’s movements are sensitive and his eyes are vivid, even the birds transformed by magic are alive.

Today, with the advanced technology and the development of electric dolls, Jacques Delo has made every effort to create such a robotic doll. The person in charge of the brand said that Jacques Delo hopes to use this doll to express the revival of exquisite mechanical technology. At the same time, the magician resembles the founder of the brand, Pierre Jacques Dro, is also an expression of heritage.

To the watch industry, Pierre Jacques Dro is a ‘magician’. As early as 1774, he exhibited three extremely delicate robotic puppets: writers, painters, and musicians in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Today, these three legendary works have been exhibited in the Neuchatel Museum of Fine Arts and History in Switzerland.

It is worth mentioning that the Jacques Droe and robotic dolls have deep roots in China. Archives record that, as early as the Qing Dynasty, the Chinese market was Jacques Droe’s largest market. The Qinglong Emperor’s favorite piece of copper-plated gold writing desk clock was also made by the Jacques de Dross family. Turning on the clock switch, the gentleman would write eight large characters ‘eight directions, nine earthly kings’ neatly.