How To Get A Rolex Green Hat?

Every watch brand will have some peripherals every year, basically it is eyepieces, card cases, signature pens. In addition to these three reserved items, there are all kinds of strange things, such as Vacheron Constantin’s belt. This belt buckle uses Vacheron Constantin’s iconic ‘Malta’ cross design, which is highly brand-identifiable. If it is a party between cousins, wearing this Vacheron Constantin belt, feels much brighter than Hermes, LV. In addition to wearing it, there are edible things around strange clocks, such as Jaeger-LeCoultre honey. Bees pollinate plants while collecting nectar to promote plant reproduction. So as early as 2012, Jaeger-LeCoultre installed 10 beehives in the factory to highlight the brand’s commitment to environmental protection. The honey produced by these bees will also be made into gifts around. However, among the many gifts, the Chinese people are most concerned about Rolex’s ‘green hat’! For nearly a century, Rolex has been supporting the pursuit of sporting excellence. Rolex now supports the top events and events in golf, tennis, racing and equestrian sports. As a sponsor of these events, Rolex’s internal “gift furnishings” department will naturally make some related peripheral products. Because they are all outdoor sports, Rolex’s gifts include a hat that can shade. Originally, such gifts around hats are a very common practice. Many watch brands that have sponsored sports activities have done it, such as Panerai and Patek Philippe ….. but Rolex hats are different! Because the representative color of the Rolex brand is green, as long as any watch is stained with green, it will rise sharply. For example, the green water ghost in the secondary market is nearly 90,000 yuan. So Rolex hats will naturally make the hat green. But this is awkward … In the traditional Chinese concept, ‘green hat’ has a deeper meaning behind it, and no one wants to be cuckolded. Therefore, in the Chinese Rolex market, the green hat has become a ‘famous but never seen’ gift. However, because of the unique appearance and the role of the Rolex brand, his green hat has been ‘heart-minded’ by many Chinese cousins. So how do you get a Rolex green hat?

    Find the right place. Green hats are taboo in Chinese-speaking areas, and Rolex officials naturally know that they will definitely not give them away in Chinese-speaking areas. So if you want to get the Rolex green hat, you can only go to countries and regions without relevant taboos. Attend the right brand event. As mentioned earlier, Green Hat was developed because Rolex sponsored sports events, so participating in Rolex outdoor activities is a good way. Relatively speaking, the chance of getting a green hat gift is greater. However, domestic Rolex outdoor activities will not give away green hats, and may give white hats or white polo shirts. Ask for it when buying a watch. When buying a watch in a non-Chinese speaking area, you can try to ask for sales to see if there are any small gifts that can be given away. Although it may not be exactly the Rolex’s green hat, there may be other surprises.

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