Hold Your Destiny And Follow Me Chanel Première Watches

In 1987, the first Première watch became the classic of the brand. Since then, Chanel has continued to interpret this series of watches with the representative elements of the brand.

 This time Chanel brings the classic models in the history of Premiere and this year’s latest models. The 1987 prototype’s slender, minimalist dial and rebellious and powerful bracelet still look good today. Compared with the historical models of 1987, the new 12 watches have adjusted the proportion of the sapphire crystal on the dial to give a slimmer feel. Two sizes are used to fit different thickness wrists.
 Everyone familiar with Chanel knows that Premiere is its first wristwatch. The most iconic element is the octagonal case derived from the Paris Place Fonteun, which works in the same way as its famous N ° 5 perfume bottle cap. The sapphire crystal mirror is a metaphor for the aristocratic atmosphere. Although the design of the chain or the leather wear chain also pays attention to the decoration of the female watch strap, it is full of power, just like Miss Chanel’s elegant but uninhibited personality. The dial without the scale and the second hand implies that every Miss Chanel can live without any time constraints.

 For the public, because of the hotness of the J12 titanium ceramic watch in recent years, people almost forget Chanel’s more historic Première. The new release of the Première series is also intended to evoke people’s memories. Compared with the round shape of J12, the more angular octagonal case Première is more feminine. Like a girl who looks at her first look and understands deeply, she finds that she has her own opinions and personality, but this personality The edges and corners do not hurt others, but only make people respect and appreciate.
‘Everything cannot be achieved overnight, nor can it reach the end instantaneously’, ‘Fast and slow can only be seen calmly, and live so purely’, a mysterious space composed of black screens and faint music, these are philosophical The text appeared one by one and disappeared into the black space, which opened the prelude to the release of new Chanel Première series watches. The new product launch was held in a relatively private space at Beijing Four Seasons Hotel. Without the large-scale launch event, it was more refined, calm and elegant, and this is also in line with the concept of the Premiere series: Chanel’s time, just for There are women who can control time.