Cracking The Mystery Of Ten Years Dior Chiffre Rouge Series Watch

Many stories about Dior are widely narrated, and some are still unknown. This is really an interesting paradox. The Chiffre Rouge series watch, which was once seen as launched for the general public, was originally created for some connoisseurs who are well-informed. It is because the meaning of ‘chiffre’ is different from the public’s understanding.

 Only by tracing the origin of the word ‘chiffre’ can we truly understand its meaning, as Hedi Slimane did. In 2004, he was the only one who realized the hidden meaning of ‘chiffre’. A long time ago, ‘chiffre’ was a symbol of aristocracy, and there were staggered letters on household cloth and silverware, which became the family emblem. In the 15th century, ‘chiffre’ was even defined as ‘writing password’.
 So what does red do? It is one of the primary colors of the Dior Homme collection (also grey, white and black). These can be found in Dior Chiffre Rouge series watches, taste.

Dior La Chaux-de-Fonds Watchmaking Workshop
 To this day, Dior has not deviated from the track of innovation due to the departure of Hedi Slimane. Chiffre Rouge is consciously distinguished from the parent company’s high fashion week and is a completely independent product line. At Dior’s La Chaux-de-Fonds watchmaking workshop, where the Chiffre Rouge series was born, no one cares about when the next fashion week will be held, and the company has not imitated the practices of other brands for this series The desire to create a limited edition watch for its tenth anniversary.
 Chiffre Rouge is free. There is neither a limited creative deadline nor imposed design templates and aesthetic standards. Any attempt to look for the famous red number ‘8’ or whatever, regardless of it, proved to be futile in the end. The official explanation is also very cautious, ‘Usually we choose to express the date in red, but it is not necessarily. It depends on the material of the watch, stainless steel or three other different colors of gold. In general, all choices are for aesthetic This is our only philosophy. ‘
 Whenever it matters, some critics will say that Chiffre Rouge, as a one-line series, is hard to comment. This is indeed the case. Every Chiffre Rouge watch is freely interpreted by the official according to the creative desire at a particular moment.

Dior’s eight-time-zone T01 watch launched in 2010
 Nevertheless, we can still see some clues from some recurring features. Such as unique round or irregular case, large lugs. The main additional functions are nothing more than date display, timekeeping and moon phase, but noble but not ostentatious. The T01 eight-time-zone watch released in 2010 finally broke the established sequence. The original MACI designation has its initials. M represents the original movement, A refers to the basic model, C is a symbol of multi-functional complexity, and I is irréductibles (the nickname for limited watches inside). So the meaning of ‘T’ is intriguing.
 Today, the Dior Chiffre Rouge series still carries the original movement, which has not changed for more than a decade, such as the chronograph movement produced by Zenith, and the ‘inverted movement’ exclusively created by ETA and Soprod for Dior inverted calibre)-the oscillating weight can be viewed through the dial, not the bottom. So, where will the Chiffre Rouge series go tomorrow? Everything is possible! The father of Chiffre Rouge has now left Dior to join Yves Saint Laurent, but the green trees he has planted are already in the shade and they are heading for a new decade.