Bugatti Vitesse Adds Another Member To The Parmigiani Bugatti Family


In the spring of 2012, the Bugatti Molsheim plant launched its latest sports car during the Geneva International Auto Show.
At the auto show, Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, the new Bugatti Roadster, unveiled its mysterious veil and showed its futuristic lines to the outside world. Meanwhile, Michelle Parmigiani and her team are working hard to add new members to the Bugatti family. Now the new Bugatti VITESSE watch is born, it will have the same name as the Bugatti VITESSE sports car and inherit the unique characteristics of the Bugatti sports car.

BUGATTI VITESSE continues the outstanding design concept of the previous generation BUGATTI SUPER SPORT watch, the dial setting wheel and the movement’s main axis are at an angle of 90 °. The design, which debuted in 2010, includes a double pinion system with a bevel gear transmission, and a complex mechanism that displays time vertically.
The new watch maintains the extraordinary technical craftsmanship of the previous generation movement, but uses a new lug shape, making great efforts in materials, colors and design, and strives to further enhance the similarity with sports cars.

BUGATTI VITESSE is the fastest sports car in the world. It uses an unusual spray paint process and presents a modern alloy color combining bright and matte colors, which makes the entire sports car show a rigorous and luxurious style. Therefore, in order to reproduce this tough guy style in the watch, the designer chose titanium. The case of BUGATTI VITESSE is perfectly polished and frosted, just like the ultimate design from the future. At the same time, compared with the first generation of BUGATTI SUPER SPORT, the new watch is ‘more masculine’.
Another innovation in the selection of the new watch is that the dial is made of Texalium®, a glass fiber covered with a thin aluminum layer, which has a more reflective effect than the carbon fiber used in BUGATTI SUPER SPORT.

In order to reflect the concept of ‘speed is better than everything’, BUGATTI VITESSE has redesigned the dial, and strives to convey this concept perfectly. The hour-marker scale is designed into a spindle shape, creating the feel of a sports car accelerating the instrument panel and revitalizing the entire oval dial.
The aesthetics of the new watch has been further improved, and the watch’s contours are perfected. The crown is inlaid with agate or lapis lazuli, which makes the entire timepiece shine. Blue and orange with different dial colors, each engraved with Parmigiani’s acronym ‘PF’.

BUGATTI VITESSE represents a new height in the BUGATTI SUPER SPORT collection, full of endless creativity and legend. The classic elements of the collection are preserved in the new watch, including its distinctive appearance and revolutionary mechanical mechanism. The innovation of the watch lies in the use of new materials and colors, which also brings a new look and different feel to the collection.

The PF 372 manual winding movement (10-day power reserve) has a double-sided design to highlight the contours of the new watch. The complete PF 372 movement is designed and manufactured by Parmigiani. Assembled with 6 pieces of sapphire crystal, 333 movement parts are at a glance. The highly streamlined contour is reminiscent of the shape of Parmigiani’s iconic case. The oval dial has a hollow design and is mounted on a vertical axis. The dial is made of Texalium® and is the same color as the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. The dial scale is spindle-shaped, creating a feeling of accelerating the instrument panel. The bridge is black gold polished and frosted, and the Geneva ornamentation. The gear train bridge is designed with a three-dimensional inward angle, which shows Parmigiani’s superb craftsmanship. The dynamometer crown is slightly higher than the profile and blends perfectly with the case, making it easy to wind and set the time with a single press.
In 2004, Parmigiani revolutionized the fine watchmaking industry by mounting the entire movement of the BUGATTI TYPE 370 watch on a horizontal axis, which looked like a car’s engine block. The movement’s five splints are connected by a cylindrical component, while the gear train is cut into the shape of a wheel.
In 2010, Parmigiani assembled all the mechanical parts of the new movement Bugatti PF 372 on a vertical axis, while using the 90 ° time display function, which was well received by car drivers.
Parmigiani successfully developed the world’s first 90 ° time setting system by integrating the double pinion system of the bevel gear transmission, and the BUGATTI SUPER SPORT watch was born.
In 2012, Parmigiani re-adopted the legendary movement and design of BUGATTI SUPER SPORT, but changed its shape, color and materials, and launched a tougher watch-BUGATTI VITESSE.

Parmigiani Bugatti Vitesse Technical Information
‘Movement’ PF 372 manual winding movement / 10-day power reserve, double-sided movement: 15.96 mm high, 25 mm wide, 37.01 mm long / Vibration frequency: 3 Hz (21,600 times / hour) / 40 stones / two Barrels / 333 parts / Geneva ripple, round grain, matte and hand-chamfered main splint
“ Function ” hour display / minute display / power reserve display
‘Appearance’ case: 36.0 x 50.7 mm, height 22.7 mm / material: titanium, polished and frosted / water-resistant depth: 10 meters / 6 anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, front and top crystal glass outside plating Metal / 18K white gold force crown with lapis lazuli (blue) or agate (orange) for time setting and winding / cover with individual number
‘Dial’ White or orange ‘Texalium’ material, polished EB decals, polished black gold Bugatti ‘Vitesse’ decals, spindle-shaped fluorescent coated hands
‘Bracelet’ Hermes crocodile leather strap, polished titanium folding clasp