British Writer Giles Kristian Becomes Graham London’s New Image Ambassador

Prolific, generous, and fearless, Giles Kristian is the author of the great epic trilogy-Raven. Graham London is proud to welcome him as a new friend of the brand.

Random House described him as ‘one of the most exciting authors of our generation’, and Giles Kristian broke into the literary world with his novel debut Raven Blood Eye in 2009.
The story is dynamic and tells the coming of a young age, including the plot of the Viking warrior. It was well received after publication and became a bestseller of the year. Two more acclaimed novels, Sons of Thunder and Odin’s Wolves, have since been published in five languages. Recently, Random House, the United States, has bought the rights to the Raven series and will publish the trilogy in the United States next year.
Living in a world of adventure and courage, Giles is naturally drawn to Graham watches. According to him, they have the same faith and are full of strength.