Art Treasures Classic Hermes Jewellery Watch Collection

The superb artwork created by Hermès is definitely the perfect combination of top watch and fashion jewelry. For more than 160 years, Hermès has been adhering to the brand purpose of making all products perfect and impeccable, and has won the favor of customers around the world in a family form of pure hand workshops. The Hermès watch series not only stays on the chronograph function, but also makes it a series of pleasing fashion jewelry.
The demand for a taste of life is constantly improved, and I hope that everything can be simplified, but at the same time the pursuit of details, such as Hermes watches, jewelry, classic, simple, pleasing to the eye, and multi-purpose.
Arceau Time Suspendu
Time is considered immutable and difficult to tame, but for Hermès time is a good friend. It gives leather luster and enriches history with many small stories. It is a real asset and it stimulates imagination. Arceau pause time is indeed a watch. But it means more than a watch.

Arceau pause time is indeed a watch. But its significance is far more than that of a watch: for a moment full of playfulness on the wrist, just press the 9 o’clock button to stop the hour and minute hands at 12 o’clock, and the date hand disappears. Time is paused … or, the appearance of time is suspended–because the mechanism is still recording the precise time, as if the instrument continues to play in the background, but the stage remains silent.

H Hour watch
The classic H Hour series watch is designed by the brand watch designer Philippe Mouquet. The square dial highlights the brand’s iconic ‘H’ letter, which is stable and generous, which is very suitable for mature and attractive women.
Medor watch
At first glance, the Medor watch is a calfskin bracelet with silver studs. When one of the rivets is opened, a small white dial is exposed.
Cape Cod watch
The Cape Cod series watches have undergone different stages of evolution. The lines of the case show a more elegant arc. The Cape Cod tonneau watch reproduces the original chain link design. The strap has been used by Hermes since 1998. Another distinctive design, the double-circle strap, is naturally integrated into the design of the entire watch.
Kelly Series
女士 Kelly series ladies watches have an extended calfskin strap, and the white dial appears on the gold lock pendant, which can be worn as a bracelet.
In addition to watches, Hermes also introduced Pocket series calfskin strap quartz pocket watches, round and cute chronograph elf, which can also be worn as a necklace.