Advanced Complex Watches Richard Mille 2013 Sihh Exhibition New Product Summary

The annual Swiss SIHH watch exhibition officially opened at 1.21 local time. On the first media day, many brands released their new products. Richard Mille released some new watches Next, I will introduce you to the new Richard Mille 2012 watch.


The shape of RM036 is the barrel-shaped body of the brand. At the request of JeanTodt, this outstanding watch has a circular contour and an ergonomic design. It is equipped with a RM036 tourbillon movement. The movement is made of grade 5 titanium and ARCAP alloy. Made of nano carbon fiber. The combination of these materials brings the best resistance and flatness to the movement. In addition, different parts on the movement are processed in different ways such as polishing, shot peening, and satin processing to create a beautiful pattern contrast, which maximizes the application of different materials. This self-winding movement features hour and minute displays and a small seconds dial, and adds an unprecedented complication: mechanical gravity measurement.
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