“360 ° German Glashütte Original Full View” Glashütte Original Global Roadshow Settles In Front Of The House —- Glasutti Town

Since the successful premiere of Basel in early 2015, Glashütte’s original global roadshow event has settled at home, between October 1st and October 30th, Monday to Friday , 8:00 am to 17:00 pm. In the atrium of the watchmaking building of Saxony, the interactive activity of ‘360 ° German Original Perspective of Glashütte’ is exhibited.

   The exhibition opens a new 360 ° perspective for visitors to understand Glashütte’s originals. The site will be decorated with a circular welcome set, and will take the brand’s classic heritage, today’s style and imagine the future as three pillars. In addition to the original Glashütte watchmaking factory, the Alfred Hevig Watch School and the Glashütte German Clock Museum will also be the focus. This proves that while the brand is committed to future achievements, it also attaches great importance to the protection of watchmaking tradition.

   The Saxony Watchmaking Factory showcases a wide range of historical and contemporary watches, tools, pictures and visual multimedia installations for interactive experiences.