Month: December 2020

Excalibur King Series Enters The Century Of Carbon Fiber

Roger Dubuis entered a new level of innovation in 2017, applying carbon fiber materials to the brand’s classic ExcaliburSpider concept and the creation of two cutting-edge movements: the popular 820SQ machine Core and the 509SQ movement launched by the brand at the SIHH in Geneva this year.
   Roger Dubuis is constantly pursuing original technological developments and extraordinary aesthetic designs. As a result, it has gained an international reputation for its prestigious watchmaking factory. With its research-oriented approach to watchmaking, it has become a recognized ‘continuous innovator.’ ‘.
   The annual announcement of Roger Dubuis’s original innovation technology demonstrates the brand’s extremely “systematic” achievements in the field of R & D through a variety of innovative channels. With the practical support of a dedicated internal R & D department and a complete full-line watchmaking factory, Roger Dubuis’ creative secret of ‘combining disruptive materials and advanced complex functions’ is strongly and powerfully reflected in meeting all challenges On the journey: Create extraordinary.
Innovative design, perfect performance and superb machinery
   Carbon fiber is twice as light as brass, and its application in the field of watchmaking reflects Roger Dubuis’s strong belief in ‘disruptive innovation.’ A series of recent collaborations between the brand and the automotive industry have fully adhered to this spirit. In the automotive industry, carbon fiber is the material commonly used in the manufacture of high-end racing cars, and these futuristic timepieces are inspired by the world of racing.
   Roger Dubuis Gregory Bruttin, Director of Product Strategy, explained: ‘The choice of this material reduced the weight of the watch by 50% and increased its power reserve by 50%. Excalibur Spider The Carbon Skeleton Flying Tourbillon 509SQ movement provides 90 hours of power reserve. In this revolutionary movement, the main splint and bridge are like the incarnation of a car base, and the classic honeycomb decoration symbolizes the car The radiator grille, the watch case shows the handsomeness of the body, and the tourbillon represents the essence of the engine. ‘
   This brand new watch is not only loyal to the design features of the iconic Excalibur King series, but also displays an extraordinary interpretation on the skeleton theme, extending the skeleton technology from the movement to the case, the bezel and the hands.
   This is the first time the brand has created this classic hollow concept with the popular 820SQ movement. Roger Dubuis’s R & D team has exerted its technical expertise and aesthetic talents to the best, giving the hollowed-out movement a star-like breathability with ingenious techniques.
   This skeletonized art is vividly demonstrated in the brand’s world-first Excalibur Spider Carbon Skeleton Flying Tourbillon with a 509SQ movement, and a 45mm skeleton case with an Excalibur Spider Carbon Automatic Skeleton carbon fiber with a 820SQ movement. On the skeletonized watch, the latter is matched with black DLC-coated titanium alloy elements, which is more elegant and contrasted by the red embellished contrast.
   The realization of such a shocking technological innovation on a hollow movement is more complicated and difficult, but it is achieved due to the exceptionally solid characteristics of carbon fiber, which not only reduces mechanical vibrations but also improves the accuracy of the timepiece. Both superb watches are limited to 88 pieces.
    Through these avant-garde creations, Roger Dubuis once again demonstrates its determination to transcend the boundaries of technology and expresses a firm commitment: to move into unknown areas where no one has traveled, and to open up new horizons.

Case: 45 mm diameter, multi-layer carbon fiber; titanium alloy ring with red rubber coating;

Recessed ceramic bezel with red trim; black DLC-coated titanium crown,
Covered with red rubber coating; sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare coating and red
Metallized; black DLC-coated titanium case back, covered with sapphire crystal
Thickness: 14.02 mm
Dial: Carbon fiber rim, red transfer minute ring, plated with SLN luminous paint
Rhodium scale; black PVD-coated 18K gold hands with red transfer bezel and padding
Needles for white SLN luminous paint
Water resistance: 5 bar (50 meters)
Strap: Dual-material strap with black rubber frame with red stitching and internal inlay
RubberTech high-tech rubber fabric
Buckle: Black DLC-coated titanium folding clasp
Movement: RD509SQ skeleton flying tourbillon movement
Yield: 88 pieces
Certification: Mark of Geneva (Poinçon de Genève)

RD509SQ movement: skeleton flying tourbillon

Features: automatic mechanical movement
Functions: Hours and minutes display, flying tourbillon at 7 o’clock (one rotation per minute)
Decoration: skeleton movement, multi-layer carbon fiber main splint, bridge and tourbillon upper frame,
Carbon fiber honeycomb decoration fills between the main plywood and bridge, Celtic cross shape
Tourbillon frame
Parts: 179
Gems: 19
Diameter: 16 law minutes
Thickness: 4.28 mm
Vibration frequency: 3 Hz (21,600 vibrations per hour)
Power reserve: 90 hours

Case: 45 mm diameter, hollow, multi-layer carbon fiber; titanium alloy ring, covered with red

Rubber coating; grooved ceramic bezel with red mouldings; black DLC-coated titanium
Alloy crown with red rubber coating; sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
And red metallized; black DLC-coated titanium alloy back, covered with sapphire
crystal glass
Thickness: 14.02 mm
Dial: black bezel, red transfer minute ring, rhodium-plated with SLN luminous paint
Scale; black PVD-coated 18K gold hands with red transfer frame and white filling
Needle for SLN luminous paint
Water resistance: 5 bar (50 meters)
Strap: Dual material strap, black rubber frame with red stitching, red inlay
Buckle: Black DLC-coated titanium folding clasp
Movement: RD820SQ automatic winding skeleton movement with miniature rotor
Yield: 88 pieces
Certification: Mark of Geneva (Poinçon de Genève)

RD820SQ movement: self-winding skeleton movement with miniature rotor

Features: Mechanical self-winding movement with hollow miniature rotor, precisely adjusted in six directions
Function: Hour and minute display
Decoration: skeleton movement, NAC coating, round grained main splint and bridge, according to Geneva
Fully refined imprint standard; white and red transfer elements on miniature rotor
Parts: 167
Gems: 35 pieces
Diameter: 16 law minutes
Thickness: 6.38 mm
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour)
Power reserve: 60 hours


Excellent Craftsmanship, Extreme Aesthetics Glashütte Original Flying Tourbillon Series Watch Recommended

From the theory of relativity to the maglev train, from Bach to the Bauhaus, many famous giants with unique styles have achieved the irreplaceable importance of the German nation in the history of human science and art, and have continuously developed the human spirit Physical boundary. Whether it is abstract science and music, or concrete technology and architecture, the Germans are tirelessly exploring the deep correlation between the internal laws of things and external aesthetics. Each skill is presented with the elegance and beauty of simplicity, and each aesthetic is based on precise and rigorous scientific theory.
  Since its birth in 1845, Glashutte Original has undergone changes in the times and years of baptism. It has consistently inherited the finest German watchmaking skills, maintaining the pure blood of German watchmaking, and is relentlessly committed to artistic expression and innovation and complexity. An extraordinary showcase of technology. In this ultimate pursuit of ‘arts and crafts’, the ‘flying tourbillon’ invented by Alfred Helwig in 1920 is one of the most far-reaching perfect achievements. Through the cantilever mechanism, he fixed the tourbillon at only one point with amazing ingenuity, and effectively reduced the time accuracy of the watch with a simplified design. Today, the flying tourbillon is still an astonishing work in the field of watchmaking aesthetics and technology, condensing German watchmakers’ ultimate pursuit of mechanical structure and artistic beauty.
Glashütte Original Julius Assmann 4 Julius Assmann 4
Carrying on the past

   Julias Asman, one of the four pioneers of the watchmaking industry in Glashütte, is affectionately called the father of entrepreneurship in Germany. In 2005, Glashütte Original specially launched a commemorative model for him-Glashütte Original Julius Assmann 4 (Assmann series 1, 2, 3 were launched in 1995, 2003, 2004) .
   This masterpiece is presented in a rose gold pocket watch case with a diameter of 45mm. The elegant 18K gold hollow galvanized dial shows the charming 46-type movement. The tourbillon is fixed on both sides of the movement by bridges, and sometimes the needle retrograde function. Delicate cutouts and ornate carvings make this watch a unique art treasure. Following the tradition of the Asman Series Commemorative Edition, the Julia Asman 4 is limited to 25 pieces worldwide. The watch’s cover is engraved with the limited number registered by the manufacturer, showing its preciousness and collection value. It can be worn as a watch with a Louisiana Alligator leather strap or as a pocket watch with a rose gold bracelet. Regardless of the form, Julia Asman 4 is undoubtedly the most luxurious accessory for outstanding men.
Glashütte Original Senator Tourbillon Watch Senator Tourbillon

Senator Classics • Modern Essence
   Glashütte Original Senator Tourbillon Watch Senator Tourbillon incorporates the flying tourbillon invented by Mr. Alfred Helwig into Glashütte’s original classic Senator series Senator design. After careful design, the watch design not only inherits the elegant tradition of the Senator series, but also fully displays the taste of contemporary aesthetics. It is a stylish classicism picture presented in platinum.
   The Senator Tourbillon is 42 mm in diameter and the dial features silver Roman numerals and orbital minute scales with elegant silver inlays. A unique large white calendar with dark background is located below 12 o’clock. And the most arrogant on the dial is the flying tourbillon with the second display, located at 6 o’clock, in harmony with the big calendar. The heart of Senator Tourbillon, the original Glashütte Tourbillon watch, is the brand’s own 94-03 automatic movement. Through the sapphire crystal on the bottom of the case, you can easily see the unique stripe processing decoration of the movement, and the 21K gold double G skeleton rotor.
Glashütte Original Eccentric Moon Phase Calendar PanoLunarTourbillon

Eccentric selection • Moonlight flight
   Glashütte’s original eccentric moon phase large calendar watch PanoLunarTourbillon has a 40mm red gold case and a warm silver dial with a beautiful and elegant appearance. The modern dial and the flying tourbillon with filigree craftsmanship make the watch eye-catching.
   The unique asymmetrical design of the eccentric series places the hour / minute hands on the left side of the dial and blends with the flying tourbillon at 7 o’clock. The classic large calendar at the bottom right is displayed with black numbers and ivory white background, which perfectly reflects the soft tone of the warm silver dial. The moon phase on the upper right shows a three-dimensional golden moon and twinkling stars embedded in the dark blue night sky. In the watch, the streamlined design of the golden ratio accommodates a wealth of complex functions, each performing its duties, reflecting each other, playing a harmonious and beautiful symphony.
   This watch is driven by the brand’s own 93-01 movement, the 93-02 self-winding mechanical movement. This movement has a 48-hour power reserve, making the watch more secure and comfortable to use, while the flying tourbillon and the improved system adjusted with 8 screws ensure the perfect precision of the watch.


Audemars Piguet Offers Royal Oak Offshore Couple Pair Table

The most surprising and intimate Valentine’s Day gift, of course, there are elegant couples that exude an enticing glorious light like roses, and have endless honey-like taste like chocolate. The token of love, shines in pairs, tells your TA the tenderness of every moment in the ticking of Qingling, and records the love of every minute in the precise travel time.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Couple Table
The revolutionary Royal Oak offshore chronograph 44 mm oversized case makes the octagonal watch once again popular all over the world with its stronger and more bold temperament. Black is the forged carbon style with the main color, and the green fluorescent treatment commonly used in measuring instruments improves the sharpness of the time scale. The red chronograph hands and central chronograph seconds hand make it easy to read the timing results, and each small dial is decorated with the original Royal Oak offshore logo-‘Méga Tapisserie’ oversized checkered decoration. The sharp-lined case looks like a masterpiece of sculpture full of tension, exuding the characteristics of confidence, precision and technology. The automatic disk made of 22K gold has undergone a new research and development design, and the open-face oblique-engraving engraving around the AP words is extremely beautiful.

Royal Oak offshore forged carbon diamond women’s chronograph with its avant-garde black and red series and diamond-set bezel, fully reflects the spirit of AP’s bold innovation. A variety of high-tech materials are used together, and forged carbon materials are also used. With excellent mechanical performance and stable chemical properties, it is not only strong and impact-resistant, but also extremely lightweight; ceramics with anti-wear and extremely smooth appearance; and special vulcanized synthetic rubber, without fear of seawater, chlorine, detergents and perfumes The erosion will ensure that it will not deform and lose elasticity.