Month: March 2020

Jaeger-lecoultre Launches Customer Peace Of Mind Service Plan With 8-year Warranty

In order to meet the ever-increasing needs of global customers for personalized customized content, professional watchmaking skills and knowledge development, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a customer peace of mind service plan to further provide customers with richer and innovative customized services Experience. The plan will set up a dedicated digital platform to provide tailored information, advice and services, provide additional value, and provide an eight-year international warranty on all clock and watch models.


  As a highly integrated professional watchmaking workshop, Jaeger-LeCoultre brings together more than 180 craftsmanship under the same roof. From R & D, design, assembly and decoration, all production steps of Jaeger-LeCoultre timepieces are completed in the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop in VALLÉEDEJOUX, Switzerland.

  This pursuit of superior quality has prompted Jaeger-LeCoultre to use smart ideas, continuously improve the quality of timepieces, and strive to increase customer satisfaction.

Priority launch of customer-oriented advanced service plans in watchmaking
  In the spring of 2019, Jaeger-LeCoultre customers can register their own Jaeger-LeCoultre clocks and watches on an exclusive online platform, manage their personal collections and enjoy the brand’s new personalized custom service, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Customer Service Plan.

  Timepieces that currently enjoy the original international warranty, register for this plan at to extend the warranty period.
  After registering, customers will receive personalized customization services that cover the entire life cycle of their timepieces, including:
In-store: Services related to timepiece maintenance or value-added, such as function checks or watch engraving.
Online: Specific information and advice provided by Jaeger-LeCoultre masters on your Jaeger-LeCoultre works, as well as digital tools for personalization and maintenance.

Homepage of Jaeger-LeCoultre Customer Reliable Service Plan

  A series of new services will be managed through a dedicated online platform in 12 languages ​​(Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Japanese and Korean) . Thanks to the integrated design of the platform, users can also benefit from the WeChat platform.

  The customer peace of mind service plan is designed to build strong and close relationships with global customers, and is supported by Jaeger-LeCoultre’s multi-channel global coverage, allowing customers to buy works anytime, anywhere, and to connect with brands. Regardless of whether the customer purchases in a physical store or online, you can get advice and support related to online platforms at all Jaeger-LeCoultre official sales outlets (and brand e-commerce partners).

Innovative spirit rooted in Jaeger-LeCoultre heritage
  Following the brand principle of continuous innovation in the field of watchmaking, the customer peace of mind service plan launched this time is rooted in the brand’s historical heritage, based on the present and looking to the future, to provide customers with outstanding craftsmanship and unparalleled professional services.

Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking

  It is precisely the Jaeger-LeCoultre Workshop that draws on this consistent attitude and brings together a distinguished team of watchmakers, craftsmen, engineers, technicians, artists, and other professionals to continue to display smart ideas and improve the performance of timepieces. Service and chic experience.

  The unwavering passion for innovation and the constant challenge and control of the most difficult watchmaking skills of all the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshops have led Jaeger-LeCoultre to independently develop more than 1,200 movements, many of which are world-renowned classic wristwatches. Watches and highly complex watches provide power.

Message from Catherine Rénier, Jaeger-LeCoultre Global CEO
  ‘We are very proud to launch the Jaeger-LeCoultre Customer Care Service Plan, which is an important part of the Jaeger-LeCoultre’s values ​​and allows us to build long-term and close relationships with our customers. We will continue to work to meet our customers’ needs. This plan and warranty service has played a landmark role in helping customers better understand and maintain the timepieces they own. We are pleased to continue to challenge ourselves to raise the quality of technology, design and service to a new level, Upholding the long-standing tradition of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Workshop, consolidating the brand’s status as a ‘watchmaking family’, while providing this brand-new solution for customers’ evolving preferences and needs. ‘


Jensen Date Series Rendez-vous Celestial Watch

The design and decoration of Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Celestial dating new watches are breathtaking, indicating that the innovative spirit and free creative quality of the brand founder have never been far away from Rushua Watch Factory.

 The 18K white gold case presents the beauty and charm of the watch in a roundabout way. The watch shines like a starry sky, with dazzling diamonds extending from the case to the crown and bezel, and finally placed on the corolla composed of digital hour markers; the dial’s affection reveals the beauty of rare craftsmanship without affecting the clarity of time and performance display. The slender and graceful digital hour markers have become one of the series’ signs. Its pure contemporary style and the rounded crescent moon carved curve harmoniously reflect the ancient tradition of hand-carved patterns covered with transparent blue paint. The curved hour circle presents a beautiful and astronomical picture of the sky, and the precious and profound lapis lazuli dial is marked with a constellation icon. There is also a meteor flying in the poetic starry sky: a beautiful diamond is set upside down on the second crown. Just rotate it gently, and you are happy to rotate the starry sky to personalize the constellation.
    The transparent sapphire glass is anti-glare treated, so you can see the hidden movement of the precision movement at any time. The balance wheel oscillates 28,800 times per hour. Just when you are watching, the dial flies over a shooting star. Destiny of the same fate, to the vast sky.

 The new watch is undoubtedly a perfect astronomical observer. In order to show the astronomical theme to the fullest, the dial is also equipped with a constellation calendar. The month indication corresponds to the constellation throughout the year. The display system and time measurement are adjusted through the calendar. The watch is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 809 self-winding mechanical movement that rotates the starry sky at a speed of 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 04 seconds. It is subtle and difficult to detect. The back of the case is an ode to the craftsmanship of the movement. It has a movement of 230 parts. It has been meticulously decorated with high-end traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and presents the spectacle of precision mechanical technology. The sun-patterned autotor has the same beauty as the dial carving.


Who Says Complex And Unrelated Women Have Complicated Functions

I never think that complication watches are the patent of men. It may be because jewelry and bags are so attractive to women. Women do n’t really pay attention to watches. Function, but what I want to say is, after the female compatriots have bought enough jewelry and bags, do they need a watch with slightly more functions? I guarantee that when a woman wears a complication watch, all men will look at you with surprise, admiration and even admiration!
Patek Philippe Ref. 7000 “Ladies First” Minute Repeater

  If I remember correctly, this watch is not only the most complicated and low-key watch in women’s watches, it seems to be the world’s first women’s minute repeater watch, so I have always regarded this watch as a women’s watch The ‘Queen’ in the watch, as long as the person who knows the watch sees the slightly exposed ears on the side of the case, they know that this watch is not a vulgar thing. The rose gold case with the warm color and the convex bezel is a beauty Beautiful timepieces. The vertical lugs with screw-fastened strap latches are based on Patek Philippe’s classic general case. The screw-fastened sapphire crystal cover replaces the original hinged back cover to present an exquisite timekeeping device. The creamy dial features Patek Philippe’s transfer logo and quaint rose-seconds scale.

  The hour and minute rings on the outer edge of the dial are respectively embedded with nine 18K rose gold Breguet three-dimensional blocks and elegant rose gold pearl dots to ensure that the dial is legible. The hour and minute hands are all in the Poire Stuart pear shape, and all are made of 18K rose gold. But what you don’t expect is that in this small space with a diameter of 33.7 mm and a thickness of 9.5 mm, there are 342 parts. When you slide the handle, you will hear the beautiful “Ding Dong” time-keeping beep. Because of this, this seemingly bland watch is already close to 3 million yuan.
Breguet Marine 8828 Chronograph

  Speaking of Breguet’s women’s watch, it is really not only Queen of Naples. This Breguet’s women’s chronograph shows another charm of Breguet’s women’s watch. This watch can be said to provide Breguet’s 1050 movement. A more dazzling destination. This movement is known as the smallest automatic winding chronograph movement in the world today. Set against a white gold case, the domed sapphire set on the crown and the diamonds on the dial and lugs are even more brilliant. As a tribute to the Marine timepiece originally designed by Breguet for the Royal French Navy, the 8828 chronograph is decorated with a wave pattern. Seven diamonds are arranged in a wavy shape and meandering brilliantly on a hand-engraved wavy dial. The buttons, oscillating weight and folding clasp also give the wave shape a harmony with the entire watch.
Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph

  Vacheron Constantin’s horizontal and vertical series will never belong to men. In addition to displaying the date, this diamond-set time watch has two very useful functions: the second time zone display and power reserve. Its 18K red gold has a large diameter of 42mm, and its harmonious lines give this watch a strong personality. The special design of the rare metal bezel creates a soft contrast, reminiscent of the Vacheron Constantin brand logo, the Maltese Cross. The purity, color and size of 88 round-cut diamonds are in full compliance with strict diamond setting standards, with a total weight of approximately 0.90 carats.
Blancpain Women Saint-Valentin

Blancpain has always been known only for mechanical watches. Women’s watches are no exception. This Valentine’s Day watch is the best expression of complexity and beauty. The elegant modern style of women from the hands of the pointer has been demonstrated. The charm and essence of its top craftsmanship. The bezel is perfectly set with two diamonds, which make the classic platinum double-ring bezel dazzling flare, representing purity and elegance; the design of the screw-in crown and the back of the back makes it waterproof to 50 meters in diameter and diameter The perfect streamline of the 34mm stainless steel case illustrates another perfect time. The watchmakers of Blancpain boldly used the elegant white mother-of-pearl dial, decorated with lively and playful radial Arabic numerals and tapered hollow hands, to play with conflicting design and materials.
Carl F. Bucherer Manero Monograph

 This one-button chronograph can be said to be absolutely unique in women’s watches. The 35 mm diameter case is available in rose gold and stainless steel. This watch is set with a total of 50 diamonds and blooms. Pleasing to the eye, the CFB 1962 manual winding movement, which was exclusively developed by Bucherer, has a power reserve of 42 hours; the column wheel structure makes the timing process more accurate and smooth. On the three-layer dial full of layers, the mother-of-pearl, glittering diamonds and complex timepieces display a balanced layout; the sapphire crystal glass back shows the movement of the movement, which is the perfect crystallization of machinery and art. It also symbolizes the exquisite combination of sophisticated timepiece functions and elegant feminine charm.
Chanel J12 Haute Joaillerie Chronograph

  From the moment it appeared, the J12 watch is destined to become a DreamWatch for thousands of women. The simple model is still so, and this black chronograph is even more desirable. The black lacquered dial and rhodium-plated hands make it The watch is exquisitely sporty. The center of the dial is set with 264 diamonds and the scale is set with 9 diamonds. Especially the white gold bezel set with 36 rubies makes this watch stand out among the J12 family. Because the case and bracelet are black high-tech precision ceramics, you do n’t have to worry about it being scratched. Its 41 mm diameter has The 42-hour power reserve automatic chronograph movement and the special status of limited production of 100 pieces worldwide will definitely make you the focus.
Girard-Perregaux (Girard Perregaux) WW.TC-Lady

  In order to meet the increasing requirements of female compatriots for business travel, Girard Perregaux specially launched this World Time Women’s Watch equipped with a GP033G0 self-winding movement. The bezel is set with 54 diamonds. The outer edge of the dial is 24 events representing the name of the city Time zone ring, two-color 24-hour world time scale ring running synchronously with the hour hand; as long as the local city name is set to 12 o’clock, and then the local time (24-hour mode) is adjusted to the city name of that place, other time zone The time will be displayed at the same time. In addition, the model also has a power reserve indicator and a small second hand function.
Graham Swordfish “Ali Baba – 1001 Nights”

  When a woman sees such a colorful watch, I believe it will be full of joy. This watch uses 61 diamonds, 42 rubies, 57 sapphires, 48 ​​topaz and 46 pink gemstones, with a total weight of 4.65 carats. On this basis, it is also intimately matched with 40 mysterious oriental garnets to complete the overall colorful and dazzling, colorful jewelry watch, like a rainbow hanging in the air, it is very addictive.
Maurice Lacroix Starlight Sparkling Date

 Under the mysterious aura, Ai Meizhuang watch exudes a charming personality with unique personality. The modern silhouette perfectly combines pure technology and beautiful design. Under the clever change of light and shadow, it is full of dream and unique charm. This watch perfectly shows the elegant curve of women, blends traditional watchmaking technology with contemporary art design, and shows the quiet passage of time in the infinite universe. It also reflects the wearer’s temperament. The sexy case spreads out, like a tulip blooming in full bloom, and the embellishment of diamonds is like small dew on the bud, which is infinitely brilliant. The luxurious silhouette and individual crown form a mysterious and fascinating appearance. The silk-like bright ribbon perfectly matches the shell, creating precise and slender lines, like a female fluent and smooth curve, and like the waves swaying in the wind, gently fitting the delicate skin of the wrist.
 After seeing so many beautifully complicated watches, I don’t know if you have been tempted. After all, when you are tired of the glitz of jewelry and the ordinary of bags, please choose a watch with great connotation!


Salute To Sotirio Bulgari-news Bulgari

Bulgari is celebrating its 150-year celebration this year and pays tribute to its creator, Sotirio Bulgari, with a very elegant watch.
Sotirio Bulgari was born in Greece in 1857. He was born into a family of artisans who were known for their silver-related expertise. He created his own small shop specializing in fashion clothes in Rome, first of all. It is located in Via Sistina, then in Via Condotti. He is an unusual entrepreneur, and soon opened other stores in San Remo, Naples, Bellagio, Sorrento. He then spent his summer vacation at ST MorITZ and established the first commercial network here, which will be the Bulgari Empire in the future.
It is necessary to name this watch as Sotirio Bulgari in honor of his genius. Sotirio Bulgari is an artist, a businessman, and a great aesthetician, and he deserves it all. This is a classic, the details of the watch are very fine, and the design is very modern, which can be reflected in the amazing triangle groove of the watch.
At the same time, regarding technology and aesthetics, you can also attract your attention on the dial. The dial is decorated with two screws-one bracket at 3 o’clock to leave space to display the date, and another bracket at 9 The dots form a simple print, and at the same time
Show CÔtes de GenÈve dÉco in the center. The pattern elements can also be found on the bottom of the table. The bottom of the table is an 18-carat gold back cover. When opened, it allows viewers to appreciate the BVL250Calibre automatic movement, bridge and oscillating cymbal (decorated with 18-carat gold plated pieces). The dial surface decoration looks like an echo.
The degree of tradition completed is higher-round grain motherboard and bridge, CÔtes de GenÈve decoration, oscillating oscillating cymbals. Diamond polished edges and recesses, polished and grooved upper ends of screws. The BVL250 has 55 hours of power reserve power storage and 28,800 vibrations per hour. With a 42mm case, the Sotirio Bulgari has three commemorative editions, each with 125 commemorative editions, in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.
Source: Europa Star April-May 2009 Magazine Issue


Hold Your Destiny And Follow Me Chanel Première Watches

In 1987, the first Première watch became the classic of the brand. Since then, Chanel has continued to interpret this series of watches with the representative elements of the brand.

 This time Chanel brings the classic models in the history of Premiere and this year’s latest models. The 1987 prototype’s slender, minimalist dial and rebellious and powerful bracelet still look good today. Compared with the historical models of 1987, the new 12 watches have adjusted the proportion of the sapphire crystal on the dial to give a slimmer feel. Two sizes are used to fit different thickness wrists.
 Everyone familiar with Chanel knows that Premiere is its first wristwatch. The most iconic element is the octagonal case derived from the Paris Place Fonteun, which works in the same way as its famous N ° 5 perfume bottle cap. The sapphire crystal mirror is a metaphor for the aristocratic atmosphere. Although the design of the chain or the leather wear chain also pays attention to the decoration of the female watch strap, it is full of power, just like Miss Chanel’s elegant but uninhibited personality. The dial without the scale and the second hand implies that every Miss Chanel can live without any time constraints.

 For the public, because of the hotness of the J12 titanium ceramic watch in recent years, people almost forget Chanel’s more historic Première. The new release of the Première series is also intended to evoke people’s memories. Compared with the round shape of J12, the more angular octagonal case Première is more feminine. Like a girl who looks at her first look and understands deeply, she finds that she has her own opinions and personality, but this personality The edges and corners do not hurt others, but only make people respect and appreciate.
‘Everything cannot be achieved overnight, nor can it reach the end instantaneously’, ‘Fast and slow can only be seen calmly, and live so purely’, a mysterious space composed of black screens and faint music, these are philosophical The text appeared one by one and disappeared into the black space, which opened the prelude to the release of new Chanel Première series watches. The new product launch was held in a relatively private space at Beijing Four Seasons Hotel. Without the large-scale launch event, it was more refined, calm and elegant, and this is also in line with the concept of the Premiere series: Chanel’s time, just for There are women who can control time.