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Black Night Is Not Lonely Classic Luminous Watch Recommended

Numerous great inventions and craftsmanship have been born in hundreds of years of watchmaking history. Luminous technology is arguably the most interesting example among them. Luminous is just a decoration on the dial, but it is very important for watches. The three-question function was invented because the clock had no luminous light, so since it was invisible, we had to listen to it. So in theory, the practicality of the little night light watch is actually comparable to the ultra-complicated process!
King of Luminous Watches-Ball Watch
Luminous technology: self-luminous miniature gas lamp
Products need to have characteristics. In recent years, Ball has gathered more and more popularity on the mainland. The watch is indeed good, antimagnetic, super hard coating, of course, the most attractive is the gas light technology (Gas Light) technology. This is a self-luminous miniature gas lamp embedded in the dial scale and hands. Through this Swiss cutting-edge technology, without relying on external light or energy, the brightness of self-luminous miniature gas lamps is more than ordinary Traditional luminous paint is 100 times higher and can continue to shine for up to 25 years.
Boer Rail Chiefs World Time Zone Stopwatch
铁路 This railway chief can be said to be a very versatile model in Bol watches. The 43mm large dial is equipped with both the world time zone and 12-hour timekeeping function. The signature 15 self-luminous miniature gas lamps provide luminous light, and the shock resistance has passed the 5,000Gs impact test. No matter how harsh the environment is, it can be read clearly. It is a real “tough guy.”
Noctilucent patent holders-Panerai
Luminous technology: Radiomir, Luminor
Panerai is an old brand, established since 1860, and one of the three patents it prides itself on is the luminous technology-Radiomir.
The reason why Panerai’s technology is called Radiomir is because the radioluminescent material used is radium radium. Radium is a pure white alkaline earth metal that is oxidized to black when exposed to air. All compounds of radium are radioactive. Radium’s Latin name means radioactive. The nature of radium is not stable. It will decay into plutonium in about 1600. Because of continuous decay, it will emit light blue light.
In 1949, another important luminous technology of Panerai, Luminor, also applied for a patent, which used another radioactive material, plutonium, as a luminescent material. This technique is more secure, but still has time constraints.
Both radium and radon are self-luminous luminous materials, and do not need to absorb energy from the outside to continue to emit light. The half-life of plutonium is 12.5 years, that is, the effective life of luminous light produced by plutonium is about ten years. After more than ten years, the cormorant began to age, turn yellow, and gradually lost the luminous effect.
Most current watches use materials with longer afterglow, such as the current mainstream Super-LumiNova, which only needs to be exposed for 30 minutes and can continue to emit green light for 8 hours. This material appeared in the 1980s. Its main component is strontium aluminate. After adding rare-earth thorium, it can emit light for several hours as long as it is exposed to light for several minutes.
Panerai PAM 00382
This very heavy taste bronze watch by Panerai, numbered PAM382, uses a fully-automatic P9000 self-winding movement with hours, minutes and seconds. The watch diameter reaches 47mm, which is a true pure man watch. The bezel, case, lugs, and unique crown are all made of bronze and have been crafted to make it unique. Water resistant to 300 meters and Luminor technology.
Blue light yingying-Rolex
Noctilucent technology: Chromalight
Rolex’s luminous dial shows that Chromalight, an innovative fluorescent material, is used. The so-called ‘Chroma’ is ‘color, saturation’. This material emits blue light and is used on a series of Rolex professional oyster watches hands and clocks. Compared with general standard fluorescent materials, Chromalight’s luminous time is almost doubled. Its luminous intensity is more stable during a complete dive and lasts more than 8 hours. In 2008, Rolex used the Chromalight fluorescent material for the first time on its Oyster Perpetual DEEPSEA, a diver’s professional watch with a waterproof depth of 3900 meters. It is the blue color of the Rolex diving watch.
Rolex Submariner Series 114060
This is a new Rolex model in 2012. As a model for diving watches, the new submariner model continues its extraordinary tradition with a redesigned exquisite case, Cerachrom outer ring and a representative strap of the New World. On the black surface, the hour markers and hands are enlarged, and the chromalight luminous material emitting blue light is coated, which greatly improves the legibility of the watch in the dark. Water resistant to 300 meters.
German innovation-Lange
Noctilucent technology: UV excited phosphor phosphor emits light
There are always different ways to solve the same technical problem through the roads leading to Rome. The realization of noctilucent is the same. A few cases that have been painstakingly devoted to the luminous body have been introduced before. Now look at the individual ingenuity-the luminous effect is achieved through the dial. This is to mention the German patent DE102010000749 of Lange, filed on January 8, 2010, and inventor WENZELJAN. This design is applied to Lange’s famous ‘owl’ ZEITWERK luminous version.
Lange’s luminous design, the dial is made of sapphire, and then plated on sapphire. The coating consists of two layers. The first layer is a metallic silver coating and the second layer is a titanium oxide coating. The thickness of the titanium oxide coating is only 65 nanometers. 100 nanometers. This design has only one purpose. It does not transmit visible light and only transmits ultraviolet light. The phosphorous phosphor is excited by the transmitted ultraviolet light to emit light. The choice of titanium oxide and silver coating materials and the thickness design are such that the transmitted ultraviolet light has a wavelength between 250 nm and 430 nm, which can maximize the phosphor phosphor to emit light.
After comparing many designs, I feel that German technological innovation is indeed quite special. For example, the design of the automatic winding efficiency introduced earlier, only the Germans thought that the reduction ratio of the two-way winding was designed to be different, so that the mainspring could win Tighter.
Luminous Sticky-Blancpain
Luminous technology: Luminous scale bonding
夜 Now that luminous technology is so mature, how to present this technology has become the focus of attention of various brands. In 1997, Blancpain produced the Fifty Fathoms watch with a water resistance of 300 meters. In 2003, in order to commemorate this legendary watch model, Blancpain specially launched a new limited edition watch, this watch has a black arc-shaped scratch-resistant sapphire crystal bezel, and different materials, different hardness This kind of professional technology, which is combined with different heated rigid bezels, fluorescent scales and sapphire crystals, is also patented.


Jaque Droz’s New Petite Heure Minute 35 Mm Ladies Watch

When referring to Jacques Dro watch, everyone’s first impression is precious metals. For the first time, Jacques D’Or watchmaking workshops use stainless steel for women’s watches. The stainless steel on the table and the diamonds of the dark blue mother-of-pearl and the brilliant star group complement each other. The noble and elegant mother-of-pearl is carefully carved and cut into a unique disc with brilliant light; with the movement of the wrist, the light and shadow change, showing a royal blue, sea blue, cobalt blue or indigo blue tone. The eight stars that symbolize the brand’s lucky number ‘8’ are scattered on the dial rays, which outline a magnificent and deep night sky.

Jacques Dro’s new Petite Heure
Minute 35 mm ladies’ watch
The integrated stainless steel bracelet has a unique harmonious beauty, which is also the result of long-term precision research and development. In design, it caters to the double challenges of aesthetics and technology, cleverly uses the asymmetry of the lines, and links the links of different sizes into a chain, which perfectly fits the wrist. Two beautiful diamonds on the chain shine brightly, highlighting the noble and elegant side of this timepiece, as if chanting women’s beauty.

Noble and Elegant Petite Heure
Minute 35 mm
Blending the glory of the sun with the mystery of the night, Petite
Heure Minute 35 mm combines all the charm of women into a new jewellery watch from the Élégance Paris collection. This work that pays tribute to today’s women and contemporary top-level watchmaking craftsmanship: built-in Jacques de Roche 2653 automatic mechanical movement, 68-hour power reserve, bezel set with 160 diamonds.
Technical Parameters
Model: J005000170
Movement: Jacques de Rodriguez 2653 automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel, 35 mm diameter
Bezel set with 160 diamonds totaling 1.016 carats
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Dial: blue mother-of-pearl, radial pattern, 8 diamonds
Hands: rhodium-plated hands
Bracelet: stainless steel strap with 2 diamonds
Buckle: folding titanium buckle


On Yan Value, Who Is Fighting? Recommended Watches From Three Top Brands

Since ancient times, flowers have always been the object of praise and praise, whether it is the graceful and luxurious peony, Ling Han’s proud plum flower, or the lotus flower that is ‘out of the mud but not stained’, the pure and pure lily, Different flowers always have different attitudes and charms in people’s eyes. But the flowers are inevitably faded. When the beautiful bloom will disappear, the gorgeous flowering period will also end. When the delicate flowers are printed on the dial, the beautiful moments will freeze on the dial. . The lifelike shapes and delicate colors are as beautiful as the sea of ​​flowers in reality, and you can enjoy the boundless beauty from your wrist.

  Vacheron Constantin Florilege 82550 / 000G-9855 watch


Review of the watch: From the beginning of the flower, first of all I recommend a Métiersd’Art Master of the Flower Temple series Chinese crane top blue watch. The price of this watch is about 988,000 yuan. The high price makes it more than just It is a timing tool, and it is also an ingenious work of art. The 37mm 18k white gold case is inlaid with a circle of gorgeous diamonds. The dial on the dial (Limodorum), also known as the white lotus, symbolizes wealth and elegance in China. The flower faceplate combines the skills of a number of master craftsmen, and the vivid work results reproduce the details of the flowers one by one. The soft style spreads from the dial. The red flowers and green stems of the crane crown on the dial match the quiet background surprisingly. Some flowers have bloomed, and some are still budding. Extend to every detail. This is not only a test for the master of machine engraving, but also a test for the master of enamel. Finally, the watch is paired with a matte leather strap to present a perfect state of elegance.

  In terms of power, this watch is equipped with a Vacheron Constantin 4400 hand-wound mechanical movement. The large barrel provides a power reserve of up to 65 hours. The 12½-leg diameter (28.5 mm) is a major feature. Suitable for different case sizes today.

Basic Information
Number: 82550 / 000G-9855
Brand: Vacheron Constantin
Series: Master of Arts
Movement type: manual machinery
Limited number: 20
Price: ¥ 988,000
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Comment on the watch: In the eyes of people, Cartier’s cheetah image has always been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The domineering side leakage of the king’s temperament makes people feel mighty and domineering. However, the brand can also make the feminine temperament to the fullest. And sculpted mother-of-pearl orchid watches are new from the brand’s 2015 Geneva watch fair. The 42 mm case with a grooved crown is set with a convex round sapphire. The three orchids on the dial are very brilliant. They are made of metal beads and enamel. The golden flower is red enamel. , Become the finishing touch of orchids, vivid and vivid.

  The dial has breathtaking metal bead art, and the case is set with two brilliant-cut diamonds, making this watch gleaming and shining brightly. The final watch is paired with a white crocodile leather watch, which is comfortable and beautiful to wear, showing the feminine femininity. This watch highlights the nobility of precious metals and the feminine beauty of women’s watches. It is numbered globally and limited to 40 pieces. At least, it is also worthy of favorites.

Basic Information
Number: Metal Bead Craft and Carved Mother-of-Pearl Orchid Watch
Brand: Cartier
Series: Blue Balloon
Movement type: automatic machinery
Published: 2015 Geneva
Limited number: 40
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Comments on the watch: The vividness and beauty on the dial are always inseparable from the creative genius of Van Cleef & Arpels. The 25 mm case is inlaid with three gorgeous diamonds. The dial is dotted with flowers in the center. Be dazzling. White mother-of-pearl narcissus engraving, painted yellow with intricately painted technology, inlaid on the dial, with a three-dimensional texture; a phoenix flower bud surrounds the arranged yellow sapphire and manganese aluminum garnet, touching the nature Charming poetry in the depths. How can such gorgeous flowers and gorgeous gems not make women’s hearts fascinating? The golden hour and minute hands turn the track of time between the flowers. Whenever the wearer lifts his wrist to watch the time, he can better enjoy the beautiful scenery of spring. The saffron symbolizing happiness and joy is transformed into a Charms lucky charm, which sways in the hands and throws its feet, adding a magnificent brilliance to the watch.

  Finally, the watch is paired with a green crocodile leather strap, which is full of vitality and vitality, and has a comfortable wearing feeling. The yellow gold gold case is engraved with a flower pattern, echoing the dial’s flower language, so that the beautiful feelings exist in every detail of the watch. The price of this watch is still public, but it can be guessed that it is absolutely expensive.

Basic Information
Number: CharmsExtraordinaire Green Flower Band
Brand: Van Cleef & Arpels
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Published: 2015 Geneva
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Summary: The use of enamel to present the posture and color of flowers is the most common in watches. Enamel is an ancient watchmaking process that is worthy of understanding and collection by watch lovers. And these top brands not only master the enamel craftsmanship, but also incorporate precious gems such as jewellery and diamonds into the design of the watch. Every detail highlights the focal point that women like. The above three watches all interpret different flowers to the fullest. Each detail has been carefully carved and considered. The nobleness reveals the fashion beauty, the elegance has gorgeous decoration, which adds a magnificent bright light to the watch. How can a person advocating beauty refuse? (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)


Kunlun Watch Releases ‘admiralty 45’ Tourbillon Limited Commemorative Watch

In order to welcome and celebrate the 50th anniversary of Admiral’s Cup (Admiral), the legendary classic watch series, CORUM chose to combine the brand’s highly recognizable sports watch appearance with top-notch Movement; including the highly sophisticated movement structure in the horological process-tourbillon and minute repeater device, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to marine and marine sports fans over the past half century.

 Navigation watches equipped with a minute repeater system are not common, but the minute repeater device applied to the Admiralty watch series this time is specially designed for all sailing athletes or crew members. The time-keeping ringtones from ‘bustle’ to ‘evening ring’ and ‘colors attention’ can easily distinguish day and night. Through these ringtones, the crew can effectively adjust the cyclical climax life in sailing, and it also shows this. The uniqueness of the Admiral CORUM watch with the minute repeater system.

 In order to highlight the important milestone of the 50th anniversary of the Admiral series, CORUM is actively developing a new movement that can symbolize the top watchmaking craftsmanship: CO 010. From the stage of development and design to the final fine-tuning, the brand has spent more than two years to reach CORUM’s strict requirements for watches and the highest pursuit of watchmaking standards.

Kunlun releases ‘Admiral 45’ tourbillon limited edition commemorative watch

 Admiral’s Cup Minute Repeater Tourbillon 45 Minute Repeater Tourbillon 45, 5N 18K rose gold 12-sided case, diameter 45mm, hour, minute display, minute repeater and tourbillon performance, CORUM exclusive CO 010 manual winding Movement, power reserve 72 hours, sapphire crystal glass surface, black alligator leather strap, waterproof 30 meters, limited edition of 10.

 Every tiny component contained in the movement has been carefully designed and developed, and rigorously and accurately calculates the ‘force’ (decibel), ‘precision’ (correctness), and ‘echo’ in the minute repeater. (Each knocking sound) and ‘persistence’ (common effect of the sound). Among them, the component responsible for reporting the minute is specially set at the center of the minute repeater system. This design can transmit the kinetic energy more efficiently than the traditional repeater repeater system, so that each tap can be more accurate. At the same time, this The design also provides more space for the hammer to be lifted higher, making each knock longer. The part of the hammer is made of hardened steel with excellent resistance, and the timing spring that controls the hammer is also strictly fine-tuned to balance the hammer for the best strength and speed. Every time the clock rings, you can clearly see that the flywheel placed on the back of the movement regularly regulates the rhythm of each knock. The gong is made of a precision aluminum alloy. The tone is ‘La’ and the minute tone is ‘Do sharp’. These two tones are not arbitrarily set, but refer to the more harmonic and bright 3 major chords (major scales) in chorus, which will be clearer and more pleasant than the 3 minor chords (major scales). Chorus.

 The operation of the entire minute repeater system is driven by the tourbillon structure; and the ‘silicon’ which has recently set off a wave in the field of fine watchmaking is used as the best new material for the escapement mechanism and fork. In addition to the characteristics of resistance to friction loss and light weight, it is more anti-magnetic and avoids the reduction of travel time accuracy. It provides a revolutionary conceptual design that not only has excellent durability, but also a stronger mechanical structure and new materials.

Extraordinarily outstanding complex installation

 Admiral’s Cup Minute Repeater Tourbillon 45 Admiral 45 Tourbillon Minute Repeater built-in CORUM exclusive CO 010 manual winding movement, equipped with a tourbillon minute repeater performance, a silicon escapement on the tourbillon, and fixed by the escapement fork, The vibration frequency is 21,600 times per hour, the number of gems: 29 stones, the exclusive surface treatment of the CORUM watch, the bottom of the movement bridge plate is decorated with Geneva ripples, and the power reserve is 72 hours.

 Admiral’s Cup Minute Repeater Tourbillon 45 Admiral 45 Tourbillon Minute Repeater built-in CORUM exclusive CO 010 manual winding movement, equipped with a tourbillon minute repeater performance, a silicon escapement on the tourbillon, and fixed by the escapement fork, The vibration frequency is 21,600 times per hour, the number of gems: 29 stones, the exclusive surface treatment of the CORUM watch, the bottom of the movement bridge plate is decorated with Geneva ripples, and the power reserve is 72 hours.

 This miniature and complex mechanical structure brings together the advanced horology craftsmanship of the CORUM watch that has accumulated for many years. It is only 32mm in diameter, 14 1/4 decree bracelet movement, thickness is only 5.35mm, and has a power reserve of 72 hours. The most amazing thing is that the movements are carefully polished by hand, including hammers and tourbillon bridges, which show superb round scale polishing and bright polishing technology, and the bottom is decorated with Geneva ripples. Modification.

 Incorporating infinite ingenuity and intricate and precise crystal-CO 010 movement, it is mounted on the Admiral 45 Tourbillon Minute Repeater. In order to more concretely show this delicate and exquisite design sense, the CORUM watch is specially made of sapphire The crystal glass is replaced with a new installation of gray PVD coating on the surface, which can directly observe the precise operation of the movement, which also adds a bit of mystery to this top-of-the-line complicated three-question tourbillon movement device. The classic Pin 12 maritime flag is delineated in 18K rose gold on the inner edge of the case. The time and date on the faceplate are also decorated with 18K rose gold on the faceplate, and are also engraved with ‘CORUM’ and ‘Minute Repeater’. And ‘Tourbillon’; the case is 45mm in diameter, the classic 12-sided case, made of 18K rose gold and polished with satin finish.

 Admiral’s Cup Minute Repeater Tourbillon 45 is equipped with a sapphire crystal with a gray PVD coating. The tourbillon movement can be seen directly at five o’clock.

Unique rotatable bezel

 For sports models, the appearance of the case is designed to expose the switch of the minute repeater system directly. In actual use, there is a risk of damage to the movement due to collision; in view of the fact that Therefore, CORUM designed a unique and chic rotating bezel on this 50th anniversary of the Admiralty series. In addition to maintaining the original design of the case and the integrity of the timekeeping system, it replaced the The traditional timekeeping button of the network; as long as the bezel is rotated 27 degrees clockwise, the timekeeping performance can be easily started, and the risk of possible loss is also reduced. And this ingenious bezel system provides a waterproof depth of 3atm.

 This top-level complex movement hand-crafted by an experienced and highly skilled master has a total of 319 parts, and it takes 140 hours to assemble and 10 hours to fine-tune the sound and tone of the minute repeater system. The complicated procedures and time have created a masterpiece, which symbolizes the great progress and achievements of CORUM watches in the pursuit of excellent craftsmanship: it is estimated that by the end of 2010, there will be a limit of 10 watches worldwide.

Equipped with a unique rotating bezel system to start the timekeeping performance clockwise

 Admiral’s Cup Minute Repeater Tourbillon 45 is equipped with a unique rotating bezel system to start the timekeeping function clockwise.


Bring Your Glory Tasting Bulgari’s New Lvcea Watch

Bvlgari focuses on creating women’s watches with rich and luxurious features, perfectly showing the noble and gorgeous beauty of women. The new LVCEA series watch reinterprets the modern and perfect fashion with a new design. The brand’s iconic Tubogas design craftsmanship bracelet, elegantly decorated wrists, soft and colorful, showing modern classic style, today, let us taste a Bulgari women’s watch together. (Watch model: 103034)

Aura surrounds your wrist

  The rounded curve design, the case made of 18k rose gold, the diameter is 33 mm, the bezel is set with diamonds (about 1.2 carats); the lugs are set with 22 brilliant-cut diamonds (about 0.4 carats), shining light, bright and gorgeous, Wave your wrist, blooming wonderfully.

  The rose gold case with the white dial shows the feminine gentleness. The dial is made of mother-of-pearl and set with 11 brilliant-cut diamond hour markers. It combines luxury elements with watch design to show a unique woman. Traits. It is paired with two elegant sword-shaped hands, the gold Bvlgari brand mark is embedded at 12 o’clock, and the date is displayed at 3 o’clock, adding a practicality to the watch.

  The design of the side crown is very clever. It still uses the luxurious 18K gold material to create the crown. It is set with convex egg-face cut pink gemstones and decorated with brilliant-cut diamonds, showing the nobility and beauty of luxury ladies’ watches.

Tubogas bracelet

  The design of the bracelet is also the core of the LVCEA series watch. It is made by the Tubogas process. During the manufacturing process, a long metal sheet is wound around a wooden or metal fixing sheet and shaped. After the metal sheet is wound and shaped, the central fixed base is drawn out. The halo-shaped bracelet design of the LVCEA series watch is presented to enhance the wearing comfort. The material is also made of 18K rose gold, which echoes the overall gorgeous temperament. The buckle adopts a folding design, which perfectly closes the two ports of the bracelet, fits seamlessly between the wrists, and is engraved with the Bulgari logo on the inside. The fine design shows the rigorous watchmaking process.

  The bottom of the table uses a back-through design to clearly observe the movement of the movement. It is equipped with a Bulgari Calibre B77 automatic winding mechanical movement, 28800 oscillations per hour, a power reserve of 42 hours, and a waterproof depth of 50 meters. Meet daily wear needs.

Summary: The Bulgari LVCEA Tubogas halo watch is the epitome of Italian life attitude. The design of the watch has rich feminine characteristics, fashionable and modern, and is very suitable for daily wear. It pays tribute to Italian aesthetics with a unique and dynamic design. Friends who are interested might as well go to the counter to try it on and experience the shining charm of the halo watch!


Lange Watches That Can’t Work Without Attention

Sesame Chain is also called ‘Pagoda Wheel’. It first appeared in complicated function pocket watches and marine astronomical clocks. One end of the sesame chain is connected to the main barrel, and the other end is connected to the ‘Pagoda Wheel’ (named after the cone-shaped pagoda spiralling upward). When the mainspring is released, the sesame chain will gradually turn away from the pagoda wheel and surround the mainspring mainspring box. When the mainspring is fully wound, its power is maximum, and the sesame chain will move to the circle with a thinner (smaller torque) at the top of the pagoda wheel. When the mainspring’s power is almost released, its power will be minimal, and the sesame chain will circle The lower end of the pagoda wheel is thicker (larger torque) on the circumference. In this case, no matter what the power of the mainspring is, the torque transmitted to the escapement wheel remains the same, which can greatly improve the accuracy of the watch.
Estimate: 9000000-1200000 HKD
Price Including Commission: HK $ 1580000
General description: No. 107/150, 18K rose gold case, manual winding sesame chain tourbillon movement, power reserve display, production year 1996.

Lange is the first brand to move the traditional device of sesame chain to the watch, coupled with the tourbillon, it has a double guarantee to attract attention.