Watches are one of the few men’s accessories. My glasses are not short-sighted, I do n’t wear glasses, I do n’t smoke, I do n’t need a lighter, I do n’t like strapping, so I always pay attention to my watches. Don’t forget to wear a watch at any time.
   I like swimming in the summer. Although it’s very good and I ca n’t swim well, I still like to have a diving watch that reflects my taste after I undressed. The diving watch has become my biggest thing in the past year. When summer is approaching, choosing a diving watch is even on the agenda.
   I started to look at it last summer, why I was so entangled, because the income is not high, I was optimistic about mako last year, and I bought it in China less than 800RMB, but I accidentally saw a photo of mako and dolphin. I immediately decided to buy dolphin, but This watch has been discontinued for a long time. When I saw it last year, it was blue and white, but I like black. I also watched it on Japanese shopping sites. It is available, but it will cost about 1800rmb. Only forbearance, wait and wait, one day a friend told me there was black, I immediately decided to buy
New with tag, all-inclusive film, removed
Looks OK
Convex ore glass, not sapphire a bit sorry
It feels that the strap is really good, foreign netizens have a very high opinion of the strap!
Strap buckle, very tight
It’s getting dark
Getting darker
My wrist circumference is only 15cm, I feel I can control dolphin