This time the World Cup made Hublot stand out. The march on the football field is a young man in the luxury watch industry. In the Hublot LVMH group, it is the youngest of several high-end watch brands: TAG Heuer was founded in 1860, Zenith is 5 years younger than Hublot, and Hublot has been in more than a century It was only born in 1980.

You must have noticed Hublot this time.
As long as you watch the World Cup match, your sight will not miss the six letters ‘HUBLOT’. In injury time and substitutions, it will appear in the stoppage time held high by the fourth referee. Card. In the 64 games of the South Africa World Cup, each game has at least 2 and at most 8 card counts, and even the audience who is not interested in luxury watches will inevitably be ‘remembered’ by the brand.
This is the first time FIFA has appointed a watch brand as the official designated timer, and it is also the first time it has designated an official watch manufacturer.

HUBLOT jungle field, desert storm camouflage watch
Yeah, don’t be surprised, no watch brand has ever cooperated with FIFA before, although this is a field that is almost as hot as the Summer Olympics.
先 The march on the football field is a young man in the luxury watch industry. In the Hublot LVMH group, it is the youngest of several high-end watch brands: TAG Heuer was founded in 1860, Zenith is 5 years younger than Hublot, and Hublot has been in more than a century It was only born in 1980.
Its founder, Carlo Crocco, spent three years developing a high-quality natural black rubber strap with precious metal materials, which made the entire Swiss watchmaking industry see new things-never before Men’s rubber watches bring luxury watches with precious metals.
But after the first blow that brought surprise, ‘it has been sleeping on the original idea.’ This unceremonious criticism comes from Hublot’s CEO Jean-Claude Biver.
中期 In the mid-1990s, watchmaking brands were almost obsessed with rubber. Natural rubber straps were no longer the exclusive selling point of Hublot watches. For more than 20 years after its creation, this family-run brand has been stagnating.

Hublot Big Bang white ceramic watch
The arrival of Beaver changed all that.
In 2004, Beaver took office as the CEO of Hublot, and at the same time entered the board of directors and held a minority share. He is a legend in the Swiss watch industry. In 1981, Beaver and his friends in their 30s bought more than 20,000 Swiss francs for the discontinued Blancpain, a traditional Swiss brand that was defeated in the face of the quartz watch offensive. Beaver insisted ‘Since 1735, there has never been a quartz platinum watch, and it will not be possible in the future.’ By emphasizing the traditional production process, the platinum watch is brought back to life. Eleven years later, he sold the platinum watch to Swatch Group for 60 million Swiss francs. It took Beaver another 10 years to double Omega’s turnover.
But Hublot does not have a long history like the platinum watch or the Omega. For a young brand that wants to be quickly ranked, accurate market positioning is very important.
Alexander Wang, for example, this 26-year-old designer launched the same-name designer brand at the age of 20 in 2004, and is now a fashion darling in the red. This youthful and invincible performance is inseparable from the positioning of the post-80s high-end market-they are enthusiastic about fashion and their consumption power cannot be ignored, but on the other hand, they are too luxurious and mature or weird and weird designs provided by big names The style may not agree.
And Alexander Wang’s clothes are stylish, design-resistant and durable, and can be used with a wide range, which is discovering this blue ocean in the fashion industry.
As a veteran of marketing who saved both platinum and Omega watches, Beaver certainly understands the truth. He does not plan to allow Hublot to compete directly with old luxury watches with a history of one or two hundred years, but instead targets young entrepreneurs between the ages of 25 and 45.

HUBLOT big bang matt platinum watch
Compared with the luxury watch consumers of the past, they are younger, more energetic, more innovative and more futuristic. They may inherit old-fashioned watches from their parents, but prefer to buy their own watches. ‘Hublot is usually not the first luxury watch owned by these young successful people, but it is the ‘next watch’ they are willing to pay for.’ Beaver told First Business Weekly.
But Beaver’s strategy for this market was to redesign. In 2005, Hublot launched the Big Bang chronograph series. Big Bang means the Big Bang, which represents the combination of precious metals and rubber on the Hublot watch. ‘The two things are like a fusion in the Big Bang.’ Big Bang retains the original porthole design of the Hublot watch. And ‘precious metal plus rubber’, which further strengthened the latter’s ‘fusion’ feature, using Kevlar synthetic fibers on both sides of the case.
The innovation and integration of design and materials make Big Bang a hit like an explosion. In addition to winning a series of awards such as the ‘Best Design of 2005’ in Geneva watchmaking competition, the most important thing is of course income. Compared with the previous year, the number of orders for Hublot has tripled. By the end of 2006, Hublot’s sales exceeded 100 million Swiss francs, five times that of 2004.
When the sales of Hublot began to increase rapidly, Beaver’s movement slowed down instead. Scarce things are valuable, and scarcity can be artificially created. He was extremely cautious about restricting supply. If a watch was expected to sell 200 pieces, Hublot would only produce 120. ‘People long for things they don’t get, so it’s necessary to keep them hungry.’
The fast-growing Hublot was captured by the LVMH Group in 2008, and Beaver continues to be its CEO. The benefit of the huge increase in revenue and the acquisition by LVMH Group is that Hublot started to have money for large-scale promotional activities.
In the Omega era, Beaver and his team made Omega watches appear in the ‘007’ series of movies, and most of the spokespersons were fashion celebrities like Cindy Crawford, in order to emphasize Omega’s elegance and fashion.
At Hublot, Beaver pinpointed the direction of sports marketing. Sports are full of passion, excellence, expressiveness, precision, and ultimate success … and these characteristics are easily recognized by young entrepreneurs.
Now Hublot participates in about 60 events every year, covering yachts, golf, polo, football, basketball, skiing, track and field, etc. In 2010, it became the exclusive official watch of F1 cars.
But what attracted the most attention was the performance of Hublot on the football field. In this cooperation with FIFA, Hublot won the contracts of this year and the 2014 World Cup. In addition to appearing on the field as an official timer, it also cooperated with FIFA to launch the ‘Classic Fusion Golden 2010 World Cup. ‘Limited Edition Watch’, limited to 100 pieces.
This is not the first time Hublot has appeared on a football field. For the first time in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Hublot provided a limited edition watch as a partner of the Swiss team. In 2008, Hublot appeared at the European Cup. In August of the same year, it became Manchester United’s official timer and built a 10-meter-high time tower at Old Trafford. In 2010, in addition to becoming an official partner of the World Cup, Hublot also designed and produced watches for the Mexico National Team. Two years later, it will make its European appearance again.
‘No other sport can cover such a large audience as perfectly as football.’ Beaver said. Among the hundreds of millions of viewers, there are not only luxury consumers at the top of the pyramid, but also many potential consumers currently located in the middle of the pyramid. More importantly, children who love football may also be luxury watches in the future. consumer.
或许 This may provide an explanation for Hublot and Manchester United’s ‘Million Dollar Shot’ charity event in Hangzhou last year. Manchester United’s four stars Paul Scholes, Patrice Evra, Leo Ferdinand and Park Ji-sung took turns to take shots. Hublot donated $ 250,000 to the Charity Education Fund for each shot. The final donation goes to the ‘Ignite Hope’ charity education fund, which is all used for the education of poor students-maybe these students will become Hublot customers someday.
这 Before that, in February 2009, Hublot opened its first store in the Asia Pacific region at Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza. Two months after its opening, a young Chinese customer placed an order in the store for a 1-million-dollar ‘Million Dollar’ watch, which is limited to one piece in the world. Beaver told First Business Weekly that they had not set any indicators for the Chinese market, but had achieved sales five times higher than expected in more than a year.
But Beaver still regrets: ‘In fact, the best time to enter China should be 20 years ago. The earliest companies that focused on China must have been the first to reap the fruits. I entered China on behalf of Omega in 1993, and later I did it for myself. Watch brands have made a lot of efforts in the Chinese market. But Hublot only came to China in 2009, so there are still too few people who know Hublot in China. ‘
Fortunately, there is the World Cup. This time the World Cup Hublot has taken the limelight. By the way, if you do n’t know what it looks like, you can look at the magnificent Maradona, who has two Hublot watches in his hand-in March the old ball king also became their signing ambassador .