Month: September 2018

Seiko Launches Ananta Mechanical Chronograph Diving Watch

Seiko Watch Corporation Glory has launched a new Ananta automatic mechanical chronograph diving watch. This model is limited to 700 pieces in the world. It will be listed globally this fall. It is the leading model of SEIKO’s 130th anniversary series this year. Two Japanese arts come together: Katana (Japanese sword) and hand-painted lacquer art Ananta Automatic mechanical chronograph
In addition to this Ananta limited edition diving watch, two new mechanical watches have been added to the collection. The watch mirrors have been super-clear coated, which will attract more watch connoisseurs’ attention.
Ananta Multi-Hand Automatic Mechanical Watch


Assemble You And Me, Unite The Power Of Time-fiyta’s ‘build Your Dreams With My Time’ Blue Mission Is Calling

Fiyta firmly believes that helping more people realize their dreams is the dream that is more worthwhile. In 2014, Fiyta launched the ‘Blue Mission’ charity project. The series of watches designed by the brand spokespersons Gu Tianle and Gao Yuanyuan were designated as ‘charity special models.’ To special post teachers in Ziyun Mountain School of Guizhou. This year, Fiyta continued to uphold the mission of ‘you are out of blue,’ and supported special and poor teachers in remote areas in Midu, Yunnan. And raise the strength of thousands of classmates, organized ‘watch true feelings, thank Shi En’ online watch crowdfunding event. The proceeds from the crowdfunding will be used for ‘Blue Mission’. While collecting time gifts for teachers, the students also helped the ‘Blue Mission’ charity project, helping teachers in the mountains and children continue to write the chapter of dreams and witness the power of time.

Express the truth, thank you
  Every teacher deserves admiration. Therefore, Fiyta specially created a charity project: ‘Blue Mission’ to pass dreams to teachers and students in poor areas in Yunnan and Guizhou, so that special post teachers and children feel real warmth. The sales proceeds of the ‘Charity Special Fund’ will be donated to special post teachers, which is also the expression of the brand spirit of great love and dreams in the most vivid way. This year, Fiyta extended big love to thousands of podiums on the approach of Teacher’s Day, launched an online crowdfunding campaign of ‘Tell the Truth, Thank You Shien’, so that everyone has the opportunity to do their part to express their affection for teachers. Respect and thanks. During the event from September 6th to September 20th, swipe the special QR code of Fiyta’s ‘Thank You, Xie Shien’, enter the event page, you can launch crowdfunding, participate in the event, click ‘Find classmates to help’, then Invite friends to help raise a watch for the teacher. If the crowdfunding is successful, Fiyta will send a watch after verifying the information; if the crowdfunding fails, the entire amount will be returned. Pulling up three or five classmates, no longer arranged a monotonous thank-you banquet, crowdfunding ‘report’ the true feelings, and presented it to the teacher as his own time commemoration.

Master Qinghui’s gift
  Time gives everyone an extraordinary opportunity-when you start helping others, you realize your worth. This year, Fiyta launched several ‘Charity Theme’ watches for ‘Blue Mission’. At the same time, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, I would like to extend my sincere blessings to teachers all over the world. During the period from 9.6 to 9.20, guests can enjoy teacher discounts (except special models) by purchasing their watches at any Fiyta counter in the country with their teacher ID or valid ID. During the event, part of the sales of the 2015 Blue Mission Charity theme watches will be used for the Blue Mission Charity Project to help teachers in mountainous areas. Not everyone can go to Dashan Shenzhi to teach, but we can all express our blessings and encouragement in our own way.
  The special charity watch of the Fiyta Heart String series was designed by the spokesperson Gao Yuanyuan and made its debut at the Baselworld 2014. This watch uses a delicate and elegant mother-of-pearl dial. Mother-of-pearl is a naturally formed material with a texture similar to a human fingerprint, belonging to everyone. Inspired by Chopin’s ‘Nocturne’ sheet music, a ribbon-like clef is silk-screened on the beautiful mother-of-pearl dial, showing the feminine femininity from far to near. On this dial that exudes imagination and imagination, the rose gold diamond holder is set with 11 natural zircons, pleasing to the eye.
  The Fiyta photographer series of charity watches appeared at the Baselworld 2014. The 42 mm atmospheric multi-layered three-dimensional dial is full of mechanical dynamics. Adopting a pin-type structure, it brings an innovative reading time experience: the nine-point fan-shaped grid displays the hours; the inner circle of the minute dial rotates as the minutes pass. Using rounded sand technology, full of mechanical metal texture. The central lens shutter pattern rotates with the dial to create a sense of speed differential with the rotation of the double-headed second hand. The scale font is derived from the retro camera lens, which is clear and clear, while ensuring the design sense, the essence of the timepiece on the wrist is restored.
Watch configuration:
Fiyta Heartstring Series 2014 Charity Special

Model: LA8612.MWMH
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Strap: stainless steel, rose gold plating, zircon inlay
Diameter: 32mm
Waterproof: 5ATM
Limited: 999 pieces
RMB: 5280
Fiyta Photographer Series 2014 Charity

Model: GA8490.BBB
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel, IP black plated
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire crystal
Bottom cover: perspective, engraving lens form
Strap: stainless steel, IP black plated
Diameter: 42mm
Waterproof: 5ATM
Limited edition: 2014
RMB: 9800