Gucci released skate watch-inspired watch creative project #GucciGrip, focusing on the newly launched Grip series of watches.

   Creative Director Alessandro Michele has always been interested in an inclusive, diverse, and unique skateboarding community culture, as long as he has sufficient knowledge of skateboarding skills such as S-curve sliding, tipping, and tail sliding , Anyone can get a place on the skateboarding circle. The Grip series of watches for men and women are in response to this attitude. It is named after the Grip Tape on the skateboard surface-sandpaper that increases the friction between the surface and the shoes on the skateboard. It can assist skaters to display skills more smoothly, and sandpaper can also play a role in decorating skateboards. Watches can also allow the wearer to better express himself and show his unique style.

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   To this end, Michelin invited a number of skaters and artists from all over the world to participate in the #GucciGrip creative project. Through visual works, explore the global skateboarding culture and community with these people of different genders and ages, and share their stories . In the image of #GucciGrip, the skaters wear Grip watches that combine classic style and contemporary aesthetics, and have fun with family and friends. They are fun and present sub-cultural social scenes that are dynamic, creative and inclusive. Filming locations include: London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, New York, Seoul and Shanghai.

#GucciGrip image taken in New York

#GucciGrip image taken in New York

#GucciGrip image taken in London

#GucciGrip image taken in London
   Among them, the skateboarding party in Paris was taken by California-based skateboarding unity Unity. The group was founded by artists Jeffrey Cheung and Gabriel Ramirez in 2017 and hosts skateboarding parties around the world every month. French photographer Clémentine Schneidermann, who lives in Wales In London, a group of skaters’ party time was recorded; New York skater Tyler Blue Golden became the protagonist under the lens of Los Angeles photographer Noah Dillon; and under the lens of Chinese photographer Ma Helen and Billiary, young skateboarding couple Wang Xi and Wen Wen, Pan Jiajie and Liu Jia, and their skater friends’extreme youthful Shanghai skateboarding love story; also a group of Seoul skateboarding girls and their families who also appeared in this project; Japanese skater Shinpei Ueno and his friends of artists and musicians They met in Tokyo; in the end, photographer Niccolò Berretta aimed the camera at Rome’s skaters, including Orlando Miani, who starred in the Gucci 2020 early spring advertising image.

#GucciGrip image taken in Seoul

#GucciGrip image taken in Rome

#GucciGrip image taken in Rome

   Filmed in Paris, a skate party organized by Unity, and an illustration created by Jeffrey Cheung

Shot by Shinpei Ueno, a skateboarder in Tokyo, and his own paintings
   To celebrate this project, Gucci launched a new art wall work on London’s famous Brick Lane. This work, drawn by British artist Kieron Livingstone, features the Grip watch as the main character, combining bright patterns and Gucci classic symbols, highlighting its artistic style. Kieron Livingstone is the chief designer of Zoltar, a multi-platform collective creative project. For more than a decade, Zoltar has been focusing on the interpretation of British punk street culture.

Gucci Art Wall in London
Director and Photographer: Clémentine Schneidermann
Director of Photography: Joe Hofmann
Performers: Dan Fisher-Eustance, Ashura Parchment, Tristan Rudman, Sam Bottenberg, Kasper Kapica
new York
Photographer: Noah Dillon
Video camera and editor: Wyatt Winfrey, Nathaniel Leshem
Performers: Tyler Blue Golden, Leaveil Sylvester, Jimmy Webb, Linsday Vrckovnik, Amanda Pham, John Barrett
Photographer: Dora Diamant, Marilou Chabert
Artworks by: Jeffrey Cheung
Performers: Ana, Noemie, Emanuele, Gaulminou, Claude-Emmanuelle Gajan-Maull, Clara, Hache, Melek Zertal
Photographer: Niccolò Berretta
Performers: Orlando Miani, Akira, Erik
Photographer: Dasom Han
Performers: Yuri Lee, Seungin Kim, Heejin Kim, Yunjung Cho, Hyunju Cho
Photographer: Helen & Billial
Performers: Wang Yi & Wenwen, Pan Jiajie & Liu Jia, Xun Ming, Koi, Arsin, Ketchup
Photographer: Chikashi Suzuki
Performers: Shinpei Ueno, Koichiro Uehara, Yudai Hoshino, Yuzo Kudo, Tsuyoshi Uchida, Aron Kubo, Txbone