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Fooling For The Sea – Swatch Swatch 2013 New Diving Series Watches Available

On June 18, 2013, SWATCH, a well-known Swiss fashion watch and jewelry brand, held a grand new product for Swatch 2013’s new diving series watches at Yang Art Gallery, Beijing 798 Art Center Press conference.

Welcome speech by Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of SWAT Group China

Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, launched the rudder device, and Swatch’s 2013 new diving series watch dazzled.

Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, visited the event site and witnessed the crazy moment of Swatch 2013’s new diving series breaking the sea with many media and Swatch fans. Swatch’s new SWATCH diving watch series provides water and water sports enthusiasts with what they need. Huge eye-catching and high-contrast hands, so that the wearer can enjoy the exploration of the underwater rare world while also being clear See the time. This series of watches is not only a treasure for diving enthusiasts, but also for those who love the deep sea and the freedom of life in the city, so that the wearer is always immersed in the sea blue, making everything possible.

Model crazy show Swatch Swatch 2013 new diving series ‘Beach Spree’ watch

Model crazy show Swatch Swatch 2013 new diving series ‘Storm Rain’ watch

 On this night lit by the passion and vitality of the ocean, Yang Art Gallery of Beijing 798 Art Center welcomes the wonderful performance of a diving party with a dreamy blue curtain. Three interesting and extraordinary diving stories kicked off the event. Three people with different ages, experiences and work backgrounds told their obsession with the ocean, walking through colorful corals and chasing dancing fish, three The urban master instantly became an undersea elf, embracing the freedom and truth that is exclusive to the ocean.

Model crazy show Swatch Swatch 2013 new dive series ‘Voice of the Sunset’ watch

Model crazy show Swatch Swatch 2013 new diving series ‘clown fish’ watch

 While the audience was still lingering on the underwater world made of crystal clear ocean bubbles floating around, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, came to the stage to share with you the sparks of diving and fashion. “As one of the pioneers of today’s global fashion brands, Swatch has used a novel and wonderful way to express different personalities and fashions. This year, Swatch is dedicated to creating the 2013 new diving series, continuing the original Based on the design concept, more inspiration and elements from the sea are added. I hope that we can bring more experiences and surprises from the sea and practice the trend. I also hope that the infinite passion advocated by Swatch And the imagination is passed on to all people who love the sea and the freedom of life. ‘At the same time, the screen behind Ms. Chen Suzhen staged a fantasy transition from city to ocean, from bustling to authentic, which is exactly what Swatch sends out New fashion statement.

Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China

 Subsequently, the dazzling debut of Swatch’s 2013 new diving series pushed the launch event to a climax. Swatch 2013’s new diving series takes a transparent dial, clearly visible gear needles, and natural colors from marine life to lead diving enthusiasts on a pilgrimage to the ocean. The protagonists of the three diving stories came to the scene to tell you the experience of diving and life. Sexy and valuable as a diving watch, they are their warm praise of Swatch’s new diving series 2013. With infinite passion, endless imagination and unparalleled confidence, Swatch invites all obsessed with the deep sea, loves freedom for the sea, and fashions the bottom of the sea with fashion!

Swatch 2013 new dive watch

 This season Swatch launched a new diving series watch, with a new image surfaced. Swatch’s new SWATCH diving watch series provides water and water sports enthusiasts with what they need. The huge eye-catching and high-contrast color hands allow you to clearly explore the underwater underwater world while enjoying a clear look Just look at the time and enjoy the deep sea. This series of watches is not only a treasure for diving enthusiasts, but also for those who love the deep sea and the freedom of life in the city, so that the wearer is always immersed in the sea blue, making everything possible.


What Are The Most Collectible Watches? What Watch Is Most Collectible? Featured Tourbillon Watches

In addition to the timekeeping function, for many watch lovers, it also has a collection function. So in the world of watches, which watch is most worthy of collection? Of course, the king of complex mechanical watches-tourbillon watches. Tourbillon watches demonstrate the strength of top watch brands. Choosing a tourbillon worthy of collection is the first choice for anyone who loves to watch. Below, the editor introduces several tourbillon watches worthy of collection!

Domestic tourbillon less than 100,000 yuan
 The particularity of the tourbillon watch just makes it a hot item in the collection, which provides a sufficient guarantee for the soaring price of the tourbillon. However, as far as the tourbillon in the international market is concerned, the price is characterized by a large difference between the high-end and low-end regions. Tourbillon watches from top watch manufacturers in Switzerland generally sell for hundreds of thousands to millions. With more fine craftsmanship, strict technical standards and the connotation of the watch factory’s own brands, these watches occupy the high-end market . Correspondingly, the price of domestic tourbillons is much lower than the Swiss brand. Although there is not much difference in function, the price is generally within 100,000. In any case, the price of tourbillon watches is always higher than ordinary watches, which has been proven by the market.
 1. Tourbillon watches, almost all Swiss brands require return to the original factory for repair.
 2. The maintenance cycle is long, about 3 to 6 months, which is expensive, and the maintenance, freight and maintenance costs add up to a considerable amount.
 3. If you really need to repair, you should not only pay attention to it, but also pay attention to the board and tourbillon components. Keep the original shape and do not scratch it.
Tourbillon watches are worth 3 million yuan
 The tourbillon watch represents the highest level of mechanical watch manufacturing technology. The entire escapement speed control system operates in a unique way, bringing the dynamic artistic beauty of the watch to the highest level, and has been known as the king of watches. The same watch, with tourbillon, is ten times more expensive at once. It usually ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions. Tourbillons such as Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin are generally above 3 million. Of course, there are also prices close to the people. Some tourbillons in China sell for less than 8,000 yuan, making this micro-engineering miracle easier than ever.

 Jaeger-LeCoultre’s only platinum high-jewellery spherical tourbillon watch tailored specifically for the Jaeger-LeCoultre flagship store in Beijing’s Financial Street is priced at 12,735,000 yuan, the only one in the world. This watch uses Jaeger-LeCoultre’s spherical tourbillon, which completely breaks through the traditional tourbillon structure. Two tourbillon frames rotate around two different axes, allowing the watch to be at any angle and position. Can effectively offset the effect of gravity on its travel time. In terms of design, this watch is also a classic, using noble all platinum material, large diamonds are set on the case and bracelet, the number is 459, and the total weight is nearly 59 carats. The watchmaker also uses special materials to create a spherical tourbillon device, and uses advanced transparent glass to show the superb time error fixed gears above the dial, as well as the unique arc-shaped perpetual calendar date display. Avant-garde style. Below the dial, the design is simple, showing the beauty of the tourbillon, the perpetual calendar and the eight-day long power reserve display are not overwhelming. Itabashi is sculpted with metal filaments, letting people see the dial at a glance, admiring the balance wheel and escapement structure in the spherical tourbillon. The back is equipped with a transparent sapphire crystal, which presents a wonderful retrograde leap year display, making the entire watch impeccable.

 Patek Philippe’s 5016 is a landmark masterpiece in watchmaking. With 506 tiny parts, it contains the most super complicated functions in the gold or platinum case: tourbillon, three questions, automatic flyback date pointer perpetual calendar and moon phase display. Actual prices vary, but they are unified between 470,000 euros and 600,000 euros. A rose gold 5016 in 2007 was auctioned in Hong Kong at 5,013,500 Hong Kong dollars, and it was not possible to buy it with money, depending on the VIP rating. For most watch fans, they are just legendary fantasy watches. Patek Philippe’s advanced complication series 5207 platinum watch, advanced complication watch with a perpetual calendar, minute repeater and tourbillon. The perpetual perpetual calendar display window can display the week, date, month and leap year cycle, which is the most complicated wrist of Patek Philippe. One of the tables, only a few pieces are produced each year, and the market conservative valuation is 6 million yuan.

 Hermes clothing or bags are expensive, and in recent years the brand has begun to explore in the professional field. Cape Cod Tourbillon watch, the movement is a Hermès H8930VMF manual winding tourbillon mechanical movement. Equipped with a dual barrel device, the power reserve can be up to 7 days. There are 237 components in the movement, including 30 gems and hand-finished splints and parts, which are decorated with Hermes’ special H logo. This tourbillon features two revolutions per minute in the case, a silver or charcoal grey dial, and an elegant barrel-shaped case in 18K rose or white gold. The watch uses anti-reflective sapphire crystal mirror and case back, and matte light brown or black alligator leather strap, showing the artist’s aesthetic style. The price of this watch is 1,378,000 yuan.
Entry-level tourbillon more than 300,000

 Of course, the high price of these tourbillon watches is just a special case. Not every tourbillon can reach the same scary price. But in general, watches with tourbillon performance cost hundreds of thousands to millions. A. Lange Shne Cabaret tourbillon reference price 2 million yuan, Earl Tourbillon Relatif enamel painted relative tourbillon price 4.68 million, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak carbon concept tourbillon chronograph price is relatively low, but also reached It was 370,000 yuan. The price of wristwatches has been on the rise in recent years. In China, world-renowned watches from first- and second-tier brands will increase their prices at least once a year, and most will choose March or April. The increase is generally controlled within 10%. The biggest reason is It is the appreciation and preservation of name watches.

 The tourbillon, which represents the highest level of craftsmanship in the manufacture of mechanical watches, has brought the best of watch art. Real watchmakers use the ‘tourbillon’ to show the brand’s strength, and the owner of the watch is willing to show off his identity and taste with this delicate and expensive mechanism.


Analysis Of Ultra-thin Mechanical Watches

Speaking of ultra-thin mechanical watches, although I have not personally practiced the development and design of such watch movements, I also understand that the design is more difficult than the classic and complicated ones we often say. technology. In fact, the Swiss watch industry’s long-term pursuit of the highest realm is ‘ultra-thin’. Because for people who wear watches, ultra-thin means elegance, elegance means nobility. Brands specializing in ultra-thin watches happen to be clocks and jewellery brands in Geneva for a long time serving royal families. The diameter of ultra-thin wristwatch movements is generally within 30 mm, while the thickness of ultra-thin automatic winding movements is within 5 mm. The movement is composed of hundreds of tiny parts. It is undoubtedly harder to process these parts as thin as cicadas. However, in the past century, major brands have continuously challenged not the thinnest, only the thinnest peak. .

History background

   1. The climax of the ultra-thin competition appeared in the middle of the last century, when Jacques-David Lecourt took over the production of watches, launched a series of ultra-thin movements. One of the movements is less than 1.38 mm thick, which makes Jaeger-LeCoultre famous.

   2. Later, Audemars Piguet was not to be outdone, in 1946 launched an ultra-thin manual winding movement with a thickness of only 1.64 mm. On the basis of this movement, Audemars Piguet launched the Cal.2003 skeleton ultra-thin movement in 1953. More than ten years later, Audemars Piguet introduced the improved Cal.2120 self-winding ultra-thin movement, which uses a central rotor design with a thickness of only 2.45mm.

   In 3.1960, Piaget introduced a self-winding ultra-thin watch with a movement thickness of only 2.3 mm, which earned it the Guinness World Record. During this period, top watch brands such as Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin also launched their own ultra-thin watches.

Piaget Classic Slim Watch

   Piaget has always adhered to the tradition of slim movements. Of the 35 movements independently developed by the brand, 23 are ultra-thin movements, of which 12 have rewritten the thickness record of ultra-thin movements and become the brand. An important part of the existing watch collection.

EmperadorCoussin ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch

   Piaget’s Emperador Coussin ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch sets a new record for the world’s thinnest self-winding tourbillon watch. Its thickness is 5.55mm. What sets this ultra-thin watch apart is the classic, complicated mechanism tourbillon integrated into the ultra-thin movement design.

Piaget Emperador Coussin ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch

Altiplano1200S skeleton ultra-thin watch

   Piaget’s Altiplano 1200S (S stands for skeleton) skeleton ultra-thin watch, which was released in 2012, has two world records-the world’s thinnest self-winding skeleton watch (5.34 mm) and the world’s thinnest self-winding skeleton movement 2.40 mm). Then performing the engraving art on such a slim automatic winding movement requires several necessary prerequisites to achieve the best results:

   First of all, the best craftsmanship is a must, and the top carving craftsmen are a must.

   Secondly, the accuracy and smoothness of the movement must be guaranteed. Before performing the engraving, it is necessary to study the composition of the decorative patterns in detail, calculate the range of the engraving hollow, and appropriately adjust the layout design of the movement.

   Finally, the high-quality design structure of the movement itself is the best foundation. In particular, the speed control system is designed with a bridge-type splint, which enhances the required solidity and tolerance, so that the movement can ensure accurate operation without too much interference from the outside world.

Piaget Altiplano1200S skeleton ultra-thin watch


   To celebrate the 140th anniversary of Piaget, the brand specially launched the new PiagetAltiplano 38mm900P ultra-thin watch, which rewrites the record of ultra-thin high-end watches. This watch has been in development for three years, and its design showcases advanced and innovative technology. It is named 900P-a manual winding movement and case components are integrated with a thickness of only 3.65 mm. To commemorate the first ultra-thin manual winding movement 9P launched by Piaget in 1957. The 9P movement has a thickness of 2 mm, which successfully established Piaget’s position in ultra-thin watchmaking.

Piaget Altiplano 900P ultra-thin watch

Technical characteristics

   1. The technical core of this watch is to break through the traditional design idea-a design scheme that separates the movement from the appearance, and the main splint of the movement is together with the watch bottom case. Then the movement is integrated with the case, and the parts inside the movement will be directly installed on the bottom case. The basic movement of the mechanical watch includes the main drive train-the drive train, the drive train, the speed control system and the auxiliary drive train-the display system, the winding system, and the dial system. If the main splint is integrated with the case as described above, new adjustments are needed in the design of the basic movement. In particular, the winding system usually set on the back of the movement must be set on the front of the movement. And a plywood is needed as the supporting substrate for the upper gear train and the prime mover train.

   2. Due to the fusion of the main splint and the case, it is necessary to design a floating barrel structure. The method is to transform the traditional structure of fixedly supporting the box wheel at both ends into one end. Such a suspension structure is generally implemented by a unilateral bearing.

   3. As the drivetrain and winding system occupy the right side, at the same time, in order to achieve the design purpose of the ultra-thin movement, the position of the display system will leave the center and move to an eccentric position. Based on the overall layout considerations, the time display of this watch is set at the top left. In addition, the drive train and speed governor are placed in the lower right, and they are carried by separate splints.

Piaget Altiplano 900P ultra-thin structure exploded view

   4. When the watch is under great pressure, such as in water, the glass or crystal mirror will deform slightly. For ordinary watches, this physical phenomenon has little effect. However, if the situation occurs on an ultra-thin watch, because the watch’s internal space is extremely small, the glass may be pressed against the pointer when it is deformed under pressure, causing the movement to stop. To prevent this problem from appearing on ultra-thin watches, Piaget deliberately designed the upper plane of the time hand (minute hand and hour hand) to be lower than the highest plane of the movement splint. Then there will be enough space between the top of the highest minute wheel and the crystal mirror. Even if the crystal mirror is deformed under pressure, it will not directly press on the hands, it will only press on the splint and the controlled wheel train, so it will not affect the normal operation of the movement.

Earl Altiplano 900P ultra-thin body exploded view

Author Reviews

   When I saw the technical parameters and technical characteristics of Piaget’s ultra-thin bracelet wristwatch, I really couldn’t believe that the brand had reached the point where it became superb in terms of ultra-thin technology. Although I have not directly developed a thin mechanical watch movement, I have always been interested in such movements. How to make the watch thinner is a subject. For the designers we research and develop, the plywood of the movement is designed to be as thin as possible, but every 0.01mm is thinner, which will increase the difficulty for processing. In addition, the transmission wheel must be made as thin as possible, 0.12mm is equivalent to the thickness of a human hair, and it is very easy to deform, which is challenging for processing. Thin watches themselves belong to a unique category, and many well-known brands will launch such watches to meet the needs of more consumers. Then Earl, as a brand that claims to be thin or ultra-thin, has embarked on a path that belongs only to him.

Bulgari OctoFinissimo ultra-thin tourbillon watch

   At the Baselworld 2014, Bulgari launched a landmark watch in the field of ultra-thin tourbillons. Its thickness is only 5mm, and the thickness of the tourbillon movement is only 1.95mm. Such ultra-thin tourbillon is the thinnest, unique and unprecedented in the existing market.

Bvlgari Ultra-Thin OctoFinissimo Tourbillon Watch

Technical characteristics

   Friends who have some common sense of machinery should have some understanding of ball bearings. Well, I’m afraid there are fewer friends who know about ball bearings used in mechanical watches. Of course, we can still be familiar with watches with automatic winding function, the bearing of the automatic Tuo is a ball bearing. However, I did not know about the ball bearings used in the mechanical watch transmission gear train after seeing some information later. The manufacturing level of a bearing can represent the manufacturing capability of the mechanized industry. Switzerland’s advantages in precision manufacturing are unparalleled. Relying on the benefits of high technology, the Swiss watchmaking industry is even more powerful.

   Bulgari’s ultra-thin tourbillon benefits from the use of miniature high-precision bearings. The overall layout characteristics of its movement are:

   1. The movement uses only one splint, also known as the main splint. In order to ensure the ultra-thin thickness of the movement, the traditional wheel shaft is not supported by upper and lower jewel bearings, and seven miniature ball bearings are used as the support of the drive train to be fixed on the main plate;

   2. In order to serve as a support for the tourbillon frame, a miniature ball bearing is specially designed to be fixed on the main plate in combination with the tourbillon mechanism. In addition, the escape wheel is controlled by a ball bearing.

   3. In order to achieve the purpose of ultra-thin tourbillon, and it is a coaxial tourbillon structure, a weight pendulum balance spring system is adopted. The conventional fast and slow needles and the outer pile ring structure of the traditional mechanical watch are cancelled, and the accuracy is adjusted directly by adjusting the weight.

   4. Because the main idea of ​​this movement is to eliminate the gemstone bearing support method, the same is true for the prime mover system. The barrel is controlled and fixed on the main splint by three miniature ball bearings. This design can ensure the size of the mainspring as much as possible, making the power reserve nearly 55 hours.

Bvlgari Ultra-thin OctoFinissimo Tourbillon Exploded View

Author Reviews

   I have been working on a tourbillon mechanical watch movement for ten years. When I heard about such a movement, I was really surprised. After reading the official materials and pictures, I realized how Bulgari did it. High-precision miniature ball bearings can already be achieved with a small outer diameter and a thin thickness, especially its accuracy is calculated in micrometers. It is an unattainable technology that I have been struggling with in recent years. I have seen Swiss and even Japanese watchmakers apply this technology to create various delicate and complicated tourbillon mechanisms. I feel that there is still a lot to be done. (Picture / text watch author Cao Weifeng click to enter Cao Weifeng area)