Double 11 is a grand and crazy online shopping carnival. In 2013, the double 11 festival not only won Tmall’s unprecedented sales of more than 30 billion, but also made Tianwang Watch’s flagship store achieve the same day Alipay transaction value exceeded 13 million. Yuan’s sales success, topped Tmall Double 11 watch category TOP1.

As a well-known leading brand of watches in the country, Tengwang is one of the watch brands that opened its flagship store on Tmall earlier. With high-quality products and good service, it is loved by online consumers and praised by Tmall’s cooperation team. . For Tmall, Double 11 in 2013 is an unprecedented and eye-catching shopping carnival, and in this Tmall Double 11 section, Tmall deploys sufficient human resources and supply products in advance to maximize the satisfaction of online consumers. Demand, with a wealth of watch products, value-for-money concessions and caring services to provide netizens with a double 11 watch feast. On the day of Double 11 Day, Tianwang watch also became the first watch brand with sales exceeding 10 million yuan, and became the first TOP1 and best seller of watch sales on that day.

On November 13th, Tmall Jewelry Accessories Group sent a congratulatory letter to Tianwang Watch: Congratulations to the flagship store of Tianwang Watch in the ‘2013.11.11 Shopping Carnival’ with Alipay’s transaction value of more than 13 million on the same day, and won the TOP1 watch category. Became the champion of Tmall watch sales and praised Tianwang watches as ‘pioneers of watch e-commerce’.

The leader of Tianwang Watch said that this sales performance is highly recognized by Tianwang Watch. We will launch more high-quality products and services in the future, make better use of e-commerce platforms, and give back to online consumers.