Month: December 2017

Empty Valley Orchid Parmigiani Atelier Kalparisma Ombellia Watch Review

Kalparisma Ombellia series watches are set with Parmigioni’s iconic design. The series models use delicate lugs, elegant barrel shapes and arched contours to interpret women’s beauty and elegance. one side. Through the unique flower-set diamond design, the watch exudes a fragrant and fresh breath, and irregularly-shaped bright-cut diamonds. The watch’s central axis starts to reflect numerous dazzling rays of light, shining brightly . The floral pattern of diamonds is like a bouquet of flowers, which makes the entire dial and case shine brightly, the light extends to the bracelet, exuding a soft light and shadow between the wrists. Today, the Watch House brings you one of the Kalparisma Ombellia series watches, reference model: PFA126-1250600.

   Since its inception in 1996, Parmigiani has regarded the development of high-quality traditional Swiss watchmaking as its responsibility, turning its passion into a unique piece of high-end timepieces, and becoming one of the few fully vertically integrated and independent Swiss watchmaking plant.

Case dimensions approximately 37.5 x 31.2 mm

   The case size of this watch is approximately 37.5 x 31.2 mm. The barrel-shaped case fully interprets the feminine elegance and elegance, while penetrating a hint of classic charm. The indigo blue dial with floral-inlaid diamonds is like a cluster of orchids blooming in a quiet valley, quietly exuding its fragrance.

With a sapphire crystal

   The watch uses a sapphire crystal glass, and the sturdy arched mirror is anti-glare treated. While protecting the dial, the beautifully designed dial is presented without reservation.

Crown winding feels comfortable

   The design of the crown is simple and the winding feels comfortable. The crown is engraved with the ‘PF’ logo of Parmigiani, which shows the distinguished brand identity.

With a white leather strap

   This watch is equipped with a white leather strap with fine workmanship, exquisite leather, comfortable wearing, clean and beautiful white with delicate leather, exuding a gentle feminine charm.

Case in 18K white gold

   The case of this watch is crafted in 18K white gold, with exquisite brilliant-cut diamonds extending from the dial to the bracelet. The entire watch is set with a total of 256 round-cut diamonds weighing 1.27 carats, which exudes soft light and shadow on the wrist.

Unique petal-shaped lugs

   The lugs are made of 18K white gold, with a unique petal-shaped design, showing a touch of feminine style, and its subtle curves allow it to fit the wrist, ensuring the comfort of the watch.

With an 18K white gold pin buckle

   This watch is equipped with a pin buckle, which is simple and convenient to wear. The buckle is made of 18K white gold and has a gentle and polished shape. .

Triangular pointer is legible
   The large triangular hands are clear and easy to read. They also add a bit of toughness to the watch, highlighting the independent temperament of modern women. The center of the hands is filled with fluorescent materials to facilitate reading in dark environments.

Flower-set brilliant-cut diamonds

   The dial uses irregularly arranged bright-cut diamonds with floral inlays. The floral pattern of the diamond is like a full-bodied bouquet. . At 3 o’clock on the dial, Parmigiani’s brand logo is printed.

Equipped with a PF331 self-winding mechanical movement

   A sapphire crystal is embedded in the case back of this watch, giving a glimpse into the secrets of the operation of complex mechanical movements. The watch is equipped with a PF331 self-winding mechanical movement. The movement is beautifully carved, consisting of 220 parts, including 32 jewel bearings. The movement frequency is 28,800 times / hour, which can provide up to 55 hours of power reserve. .

Summary: For nearly two decades, the Sandoz Family Foundation (FFS) and Parmigiani have continuously created, accumulated, and integrated various productivity for protecting the finest traditional artisan craftsmanship to infer watchmaking Industry’s strategic requirements, Parmigiani has a unique level of credit in just a few years. Six series and nineteen movements independently developed have laid the foundation for the brand’s success. QF quality certification is a clear definition of quality for Parmigiani.


Harold Boutique Vacheron Constantin Opens Again

Recently, Vacheron Constantin unveiled a new boutique in Harrods, which has been reopened as part of the first phase of the major renovation project of the Fine Watch Room at Knightsbridge London . In addition to Vacheron Constantin, Cartier and Hublot boutiques are also reopening in the first phase.

   After the renovation, the high-end watch room will be expanded from one floor to two floors, connected by a spiral ladder under the vaulted ceiling, and the floor area will also be doubled. The new Vacheron Constantin boutique is located at the entrance of the high-end watch room on the first floor, directly connected to the shopping street, and has three external display walls.

   The new boutique covers an area of ​​40 square meters, tells the story of the Vacheron Constantin brand, and displays and sells the most complete rare masterpieces of Vacheron Constantin in the UK market, including Historiques historical masterpiece series exclusive boutique watches with full calendar function. The interior design of the showroom combines modernity and tradition, displaying boutique exclusive watches for the global market. In addition, there is a VIP lounge for watch lovers and collectors to discover the history, traditions and culture of Vacheron Constantin.