Month: November 2017

Brilliant Starry Sky’ Omega Constellation Watch Exhibition At Changsha Ifs

On September 24, 2018, the ‘Bright Starry Sky’ Omega Constellation series watch exhibition was launched in Changsha IFS. In the exhibition inspired by the starry sky, dark blue ‘planet’ showcases are staggered into the exhibition hall, making it feel like being in the vast and deep mysterious starry sky.

‘Brilliant Starry Sky’ Omega Constellation Series Watch Exhibition Landed in Changsha IFS

‘Brilliant Starry Sky’ Omega Constellation Series Watch Exhibition Landed in Changsha IFS

  In this exhibition, Omega carefully selected and presented 35 constellation series watches, including the world’s first chronometer watch-constellation series Zunba watch, the first chronometer watch specially created for women-constellation series The Chronometer Observatory small seconds watch, and the Constellation series ‘Blue Starry Sky’ limited edition ladies watch with dark blue aventurine dial. Exquisite watches and exhibition furnishings complement each other, allowing people to enjoy the extraordinary quality of Omega timepieces in a romantic atmosphere.

Omega Constellation ‘Blue Starry Sky’ Limited Edition Ladies Watch on Display

OMEGA Constellation chronometer small seconds watch on display

Omega Constellation Zumba watch on display

  The word ‘constellation’ refers specifically to a star community in astronomy. Constant movement and measurable trajectories make the constellation synonymous with precision. Since its birth in 1952, the Omega Constellation series has been a representative of the brand’s innovative craftsmanship and superior quality. The back of almost every Omega Constellation series watch is engraved with exquisite observatory emblems, which represents the brand’s control over accuracy. The eight shining stars that surround it symbolize the brand’s six wins in the Geneva Observatory Time Trial and the two accuracy records set in the 1930s test at the Kew-Tydington Observatory.

Omega Constellation ‘Blue Starry Sky’ Limited Edition Women’s Watch_Stainless Steel-Red 18K Gold with Diamond Bezel

Omega Constellation ‘Blue Starry Sky’ Limited Edition Ladies Watch_Stainless Steel-Red 18K Gold with Roman Numeral Bezel

  In 1982, Omega first introduced the ‘claw support’ design into the Constellation series watch, and this design was a great success, becoming one of the classic designs that this series of watches are well known. Today, Omega has always retained the classic elements of the Constellation series watches. In addition to the claw design, it also includes a half-moon cut surface of the lug position, an integrated hinged bracelet and the Roman numeral hour scale on the bezel.

Omega Constellation ‘Blue Starry Sky’ Limited Edition Ladies Watch _Stainless Steel Model with Diamond Bezel

Omega Constellation ‘Blue Starry Sky’ Limited Edition Ladies Watch _Stainless Steel Model with Roman Numeral Bezel
  In 2015, the Omega Constellation series Zunba watch became the world’s first chronometer watch, which passed eight rigorous tests set by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) to meet the high standards of the watchmaking industry. The Omega Constellation series Zunba watch not only witnessed another historic moment in the development of the brand, but also opened a new chapter in Omega’s continuous pursuit of pioneering spirit and innovative watchmaking technology.

Omega Constellation Small Chronometer Watch _ Red 18K Gold

Omega Constellation Series Chronometer Observatory Small Steel Watch_Stainless Steel-Red 18K Gold

  The ‘Brilliant Starry Sky’ Omega Constellation series watch exhibition will be continuously open to the public at Changsha IFS from September 24 to October 8. During the exhibition, the Omega Changsha IFS flagship store will also warmly welcome every watch enthusiast to come and dedicate to presenting Omega’s outstanding watch products and professional customer service to customers.

Omega Constellation Zunba Watch

Omega Constellation Zunba Calendar
  ‘Bright Starry Sky’ Omega Constellation Watch Exhibition Information:
  Exhibition time: September 24, 2018 to October 8, 2018, Monday to Sunday 10:00-22:00
  Address: Atrium, IFS, Changsha, 270 Jiefang West Road, Furong District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
  For more information: 0731-89906968


Fax Minutes Li Chen And Citizen Jointly Released The Light Kinetic Energy Ultra-thin Pair Watch

Li Chen, a well-known film and television actress, appeared in Datong, Shanxi, attending the ‘True Love, Never Fading’ hosted by the world-renowned watch brand Citizen-2013 Parents’ Day New Product Launch Conference, launching new products with Citizen The ultra-thin pairing of light kinetic energy presents a grateful gift to parents all over the world, so that their affection will flow with time.

 At the event, Li Chen confessed his true feelings to his parents: ‘Thanks to parents for their unconditional support and companionship!’ At the same time, he also exposed the warm family story through several treasured photos. Li Chen admits that in fact, the best way to thank parents is to accompany them, but because of their busy work, there are only two Chinese New Years spent with their parents at home during these years, so I especially value my time with my parents. ‘I think it’s a very good choice to send the right watch to my parents on Parents’ Day.’ Speaking of the two light kinetic energy ultra-thin pairing watches presented by Citizen, this time, Li Chen said, ‘I hope this pair of watches can The long companion is on the wrists of our parents, recording the warmth of our reunion and the care of our separate moments. ‘

 Citizen Eco-Drive Ultrathin Pairs AR0074-51A and EG3224-57A

 Citizen’s ultra-thin pairing watch AR0074-51A and EG3224-57A, praised by Li Chen, use Citizen’s unique kinetic energy technology. As long as there is light, it has energy. One force, as a holiday gift, can be said to serve two purposes. In design, the two watches also deeply interpreted the concept of affection. The ultra-thin case design is light and agile (men’s watch 5.6mm / 95g, women’s watch 5mm / 50g), like a lingering affection that is neither heavy nor floating. The elegant dial layout is decorated with exquisite rose gold hour markers, simple and pure without losing the highlights, adding charm to parents’ wrists. The stainless steel rose gold case and strap are integrated, just like the constant love between parents and children. Battery low energy indication and overcharge prevention function bring a more intimate and comfortable time experience.

 Mr. Ryufu Sukawa, General Manager of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd., also visited the event and expressed his wishes to his parents on behalf of Citizen. My hometown is a place that I am grateful for and remember. As a member of Citizen, I hope that the launch of the ultra-thin light kinetic energy watch will bring the care and blessings of my children and accompany my parents through every moment happy time.’

 Citizen’s new Datong conference also attracted the attention of many Li Chen fans and consumers. An on-site audience said that many young people in the society are busy with their careers and neglect to express their affection. When Father’s Day is approaching, Citizen uses the influence of stars to convey the positive energy of family relationships. Not only is it a sincere appeal, but also the watch as a gift also allows more people to appreciate the precious time with their parents.