Enjoying luxury means a noble experience in subtleties. We know that for luxury goods, after-sales service is a business card for the company. Hublot, the top Swiss watch brand, knows this. In order to provide better service to guests, Hublot revolutionized the luxury after-sales service-‘Atelier Watch Replacement Watch’, which is provided to any Hublot Hublot watch customers to check and repair Hublot watches. At present, this exclusive after-sales service is only available to customers at Hublot’s 49 stores worldwide-other multi-brand stores have not yet implemented it.

Hublot Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said: ‘Every Hublot customer is part of the Hublot family. When there is any problem with the Hublot Hublot he purchases, At that time, during the inspection and maintenance, we are all very honored to provide him with an ‘Atelier Watch replacement watch’ free of charge to ensure that he maintains an uninterrupted connection with Hublot until his personal watch is returned to Zhao. We are very honored Announced that this disruptive new concept will be officially launched in 49 Hublot Hub stores worldwide. ‘
This non-sale ‘Atelier Watch Replacement Watch’ is designed in full compliance with the brand’s ‘art of fusion’ philosophy: the case, bezel, and buckle are all made of black composite material, with finely polished steel screws and steel Crown and black natural rubber strap. Equipped with quartz movement, with date display and small seconds. Most of the watch’s components are developed and manufactured in Switzerland.
In a sense, the ‘Atelier Watch Replacement Watch’ is undoubtedly a luxury treat specially customized by Hublot for its distinguished guests. No matter what the circumstances, they will create an uninterrupted time guarantee for them to let everyone feel The brand is different and considerate. Brand loyalty is crucial, and this watch customer service is an amazing move for Hublot. This dedicated care will also become an important part of the refined management of Hublot’s global boutiques.
Source: CGB Communication for Hublot