Month: April 2017

Poppard Men’s Watch Devotion Father’s Day

Father’s love is like mountains, mother’s love is like water, father’s love is as steady and thick as the mighty mountains. Adhering to the traditional Swiss watchmaking tradition from 1735, Blancpain presents the mechanical dance of time in a complicated craftsmanship design in a timepiece that has been given life, making silent love as time-honored as time. . On this Father’s Day, Blancpain specially selected two low-key and complicated men’s watches to give back his father’s deep emotions.
Blancpain Tourbillon Watch

Black charm, low-key atmospheric beauty
18K rose gold matte case with black dial, showing the beauty of low-key atmosphere. The Blancpain weekly calendar tourbillon watch truly blends tradition and modern needs. In addition to the daily display functions, the power reserve and the wonderful floating tourbillon are located at 12 o’clock, showing superb watchmaking technology. The weekly calendar information is displayed by a central pointer pointing to a number located around the dial. It is not flamboyant but it really exists, and the design is unique. The unique and complex functions make the new automatic winding 3725G movement and the 356 components made by manual processes perfectly harmonious and perfect.
Blancpain Concealed Adjusted Perpetual Calendar

Simple platinum, time memory
297The world’s first self-winding patented invisible proofreading device moon phase perpetual calendar mechanical watch made up of 297 parts, debuted through the Villeret series, with subtle smooth lines, and the slim lugs give full play to the atmosphere of the case. The double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal mirror and anti-reflective sapphire crystal case are inlaid, and the adjuster is stored under the lugs is also Blancpain’s patented technology. The albumen dial, equipped with Blancpain 5653A automatic winding movement, has a power reserve of up to 100 hours, which can be said to be a true reflection of the mastery of time.


Cartier: Time For The Diamond Crocodile Guard

Equipped with 9458 MC floating tourbillon movement, diameter 44.5 mm, white gold case, rhodium-plated white gold crown, set with a diamond in the middle, black mother-of-pearl on the back and black silk strap , Rhodium-plated white gold pin buckle, waterproof depth of 30 meters, Cartier’s charm of the wild can always grasp the appropriate benefits, and the dynamic and colorful Cartier animal series will always carry the glory given by nature. The designer relied on his own pair of clever hands to join the dazzling jewellery into a moving picture, and also made the animal series a classic theme that has remained unchanged forever.
    This crocodile-patterned watch with the Geneva Seal and feminine elegance is also striving to reflect the designer’s outstanding interpretation of animal themes. In the center of the watch, a diamond-made crocodile is carefully guarding his duty to guard time. The bright white crocodile with emerald green eyes, the difference between the two colors shows a staggered beauty. There is also a blooming water lily beside the reptile. The material of the water lily is translucent red and white enamel. Even the most delicate patterns need to be set against jewellery. A total of 585 diamonds are embedded on the watch’s outer ring and pattern, which totals 8.2 carats. Setting these diamonds is also a daunting project, and watchmakers need more than 50 hours of hard work to complete the work of setting the diamond.
    Cartier’s designers have also given this watch an excellent craftsmanship for the floating tourbillon. They subvert the concept of making traditional movements in the past, making the movement structure and even the hollowed-out bridge a part of decorative watches. The tourbillon ‘flyes’ on the bridge as if it is not affected by gravity. Suspension above the dial will inevitably expose the tourbillon to vibrations that affect its balance. While making beautiful designs, it also requires The watchmaker pays special attention to the design of the tourbillon frame so that it can have the same shock resistance as the traditional tourbillon.
    It is Cartier’s ingenious combination of his excellent skills in the fields of jewelry technology and watchmaking that can make this watch produced by Cartier workshops have excellent quality. And the tourbillon dancing on the dial of the watch, the vivid white crocodile and the pulsating blue hands are bound to impress you who have seen this watch.


Dark Blue Sea Omega Seahorse 2531.80.00 Watch Recommended

Omega’s hippocampus series has always had a lot of admirers, coupled with the enthusiasm in the 007 series of movies, James Bond is wearing the Omega hippocampus series, combining powerful features and elegant temperament in one hippocampus The series is the perfect choice for 007. As a classic brand series in diving watches, Haima also enjoys a reputation in the world. Today we come to appreciate this Haima series 2531.80.00 watch together.
 Omega Seamaster 2531.80.00 watch, the most exciting in appearance, is the conspicuous blue dial and bezel. Although blue is not a rare thing, but for the hippocampus, blue just represents it and The deep roots of the ocean, I personally think that it is the most suitable color for the hippocampus series. In addition, blue gives people pure, clear and broad intuition. With its sports style appearance, it reflects the aesthetic and dynamic temperament in modernist style. In addition to the blue, the Haima 2531.80.00 watch also has many unique features of this series, a helium valve at 10 o’clock, a sharp angular bezel, a wave-shaped dial, hollow dots and triangular arrow hands All of them are labeled ‘professional diving watches’ for watches.

The case of the Omega 2531.80.00 watch is made of stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance. The bezel is made of ceramic and stainless steel, which can also have good corrosion resistance while reducing weight. Made of sapphire glass, the bottom cover is made of stainless steel and the bottom is designed. The crown is made of stainless steel. The bracelet is also made of stainless steel. The hands and dots are covered with fluorescent coating. All of these can guarantee In addition to the water depth of 300 meters, it can also adapt to the diving environment.
In appearance, the 2531.80.00 watch is based on the theme of blue ocean, which fully reflects the purpose of diving. In addition, it takes into consideration the needs of modern urban style, makes the case more stylish, and integrates professional diving and leisure sports. As a whole, to win the lottery.
Omega 2531.80.00 watch is a part of the hippocampus series, adhering to the tradition of excellent diving watchmaking of the hippocampus, integrated into the concept of modern life, functionally considering both leisure and diving, it is a wrist watch. The 2531.80.00 watch is a professional diving service, increasing the water-resistant depth of 100 meters to 300 meters in the early diving watches. Although most hippocampus are now 600 meters waterproof, 300 meters of water resistance was the mainstream for millennia. To achieve this depth, the watch adopts a screw-in crown and a dense bottom design, which is tightly waterproof. In addition, in order to cooperate with diving, it has a helium exhaust valve. When the diver floats up, the helium in the table is eliminated, the internal and external pressure difference is balanced, and the movement is protected. Of course, this is not enough. The most important thing is the one-way rotating bezel and the luminous function. The one-way rotating bezel uses the accurate scale mark on the scale of 0 to 15 minutes to reflect the importance of this stage. Sex, which is related to the safety of the diver’s life, so a more accurate time indication must be given when the countdown is 15 minutes. Luminous is the basis and top priority of diving watches. Who does n’t dare to wear it? Diving is not a child’s play.
In addition to the functions required for professional diving, Omega is also equipped with a calendar function. The calendar is a very practical function in daily life. For watch fans who are accustomed to watching time, each beat of the calendar is a The emotion of time passing and the joy of welcoming a new day.

 Speaking of the movement, Omega is proud of its coaxial escapement, which is the most intuitive performance. In addition to more accurate travel time, it can extend the maintenance cycle of the watch and increase the life of the movement. Of course, the coaxial movement was officially used by Omega in 1999, and this watch obviously did not catch the express train to Kangzhuang Avenue, but the Cal.1120 movement it uses is also a very good one. Movement, 1120 movement is improved from ETA2892-A2 movement, ETA 2892-A2 is a very good movement in the basic movement, according to relevant information, many self-produced movements can not match. Omega carefully polished the ETA 2892-A2 and replaced some parts to make it the 1120 movement, which has reached the official Swiss Observatory certification.
 The Omega Seamaster 2531.80.00 watch is stylish and sporty. The stainless steel case and bracelet have been polished to give a mirror-like effect. The blue surface and bright metallic luster together create a hippocampal uninhibited male personality. The wavy 38mm dial, sharp-edged metal bezel, and stylish and stylish hands all add to the Haima 2531.80.00 watch, and the cooperation with 007 makes this extraordinary watch even more powerful. . As the timepiece itself, it needs accurate travel time and stable performance. The 1120 movement provides excellent protection for this. This watch is a special one of the hippocampus made by many contemporary craftsmanship. There is no coaxial pride, but it has the charm of the era that coaxial cannot replace.
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