On June 21, 2013, Fiyta held the ‘2013 Aerospace Series Watch Appreciation Meeting’ at the Beijing Premier Club, inviting more than 50 media in Beijing to participate. The aerospace series Shenzhou 10 commemorative watch and the ’21st Anniversary of China’s Manned Space Engineering’ collection watch are exposed together to review the watches released by Fiyta Aerospace over the years. In this way, pay tribute to China’s manned spaceflight cause. In addition, the innovative three-dimensional reading timepiece also appeared that night.

 In June of this year, when another rocket took off at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at a very high speed, and when Shenzhou 10 and the Tiangong-1 target vehicle in orbit conducted a manned rendezvous, mankind took another solid step towards outer space Has created a legend and created a history. The Fiyta space watch is always accompanied by Chinese astronauts to perform ground training and space flight missions.

 The temperature difference of -8080 ℃ in space, high-intensity radiation, instantaneous vacuum pressure change, huge impulses when the aircraft takes off and lands … this is the harsh environment that Fiyta Aerospace series watches have ever faced. This time, the ‘Shenzhou Ten Memorial’ watch is still equipped with the tried and tested Fiyta complex chronograph mechanical movement. As an auxiliary timing device on the wrist, its excellent performance can accurately and conveniently accompany the astronauts to complete difficult operations such as combined flight and orbiting, which is truly powerful on the surface. In addition, to increase the waterproof depth to 100 meters, this is Fiyta’s meticulous study of technology, and it is deeper and deeper.

 Beyond the previous aerospace watch, only a part of the titanium alloy is used. The watch, bezel and bottom cover are made of titanium alloy. In addition to the usual lightness and comfort, it is extremely stable, and it is more close to human skin and less likely to cause allergies. This is of great significance to the safety of astronauts in actual wearing.
 On the dial, 45 minutes as the unit, supplemented by blue and green arcs as a reminder of the progress of the task. This is called ‘characteristic timing’, which is derived from the need for time control of special space missions when walking for the first time out of the cabin. Fiyta’s unique AM / PM display frame enables astronauts to clearly identify Earth time in a space confused by day and night.
 In terms of design style, the watch continues the pure lineage of the Fiyta space watch. Due to its simple and powerful appearance and powerful functions, the design of the Fiyta aerospace series watch has won the ‘German Red Dot Design Award 2010’. This red dot award, known as the ‘Oscar Award in the design world’, has given high praise to the watch design concept.

 At the same time, with its outstanding watchmaking skills and innovative spirit, Fiyta cast a new series of aerospace series tourbillon watches to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the success of China’s first manned space flight, with a limit of 100 pieces worldwide. Debuted at the show. As a top watchmaking technology, the tourbillon takes the mechanical wisdom of the clock to the extreme. The tourbillon commemorative watch launched by Fiyda this time uses a tourbillon movement and a part of the tourbillon device is hollowed out. Its sophisticated workmanship also reflects the extraordinary aesthetic value.
The design inspiration of the watch’s dial is taken from the vast sky; using sterling silver and rigorous coinage technology, it is meticulously crafted to vividly reproduce the surface of the planet. In order not to damage the overall aesthetics of the dial, there are no pins on the dial and no extra decoration. Mystery and uniqueness are not enough to describe this dial full of visual tension. It not only expresses the human desire to master the unknown world, but also gives the unique aesthetic power to those who wear the watch-only those who dare to seek Those who dare to break through, stick to themselves, and dare to say ‘no’ to the vulgar can control it.

 In 2013, the Shenzhou 10 successfully launched and returned. This year is the 21st anniversary of China’s manned spaceflight project. Once again, we have made a feat in the history of Feitian culture. At the same time, Fiyta, which has been providing professional watches for Chinese astronauts, has carved a collection of ’21st anniversary of China’s manned space project’ with a magnificent perspective and beautiful workmanship. In the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft, the same model is limited to 21 pieces.
 The most eye-catching watch is the graceful flying goddess. The image of the goddess originated from Cave 302 in the Tang Dynasty at the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, and was artistically processed to achieve an overall harmonious beauty. Masters of arts and crafts carefully crafted the ancient technique of ‘micro-carving’, hand-carved on 18K rose gold, using a three-dimensional silhouette to create a flamboyant moment, using silk enamel and hand-crafted 18K rose gold micro-engraving, to outline the symbol of purity and faith ‘Lotus’, lightly press the two-point button device of the watch, the lotus will expand, the exposed part can display the time, the top is the minute, and the bottom is the hour. When you release the button, the lotus flower is closed, the sky is hidden, and a perfect picture is on your wrist, beautiful. The ‘ten’ position on the disk is specially reeled into the word ‘pick up’ to commemorate the ten years of China’s manned space flight. The bottom cover of the watch is also made of 18K rose gold. It is engraved with the old treasure Mr. Li Lao’s ink treasure ‘Longteng Space’. The wrist is made of 18K rose gold in a large dimension, which is elegant and classic in color and delicate in touch.

 From 2003 to 2013, ten years, the distance between Shenzhou V and Shenzhou 10, is a legend written on the top of the cloud. ‘Ten’ can represent perfection and perfection, or it can be a reopening of the journey after arrival, which is the next starting point of the heart farther away. Watches are not only used to record time, but also to measure the journey to achieve your dreams. The road of aerospace transcends imagination; the journey of dreams begins. We can only remember this decade and explore the next moment, our hearts are farther away.
Exhibiting watches:

Shenzhou Ten Memorial Watch

Model: GA8602.WBW
Movement: automatic multifunctional mechanical movement
Case: titanium alloy
Bezel: titanium alloy, unidirectional scale moving coil
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Bottom cover: titanium alloy screw bottom, spaceship and star relief pattern
Strap: titanium alloy
Waterproof: 10ATM
Limited: 999 pieces

10th Anniversary of China’s First Manned Space Flight

Model: GA8600.WHW
Movement: Tourbillon movement
Case: titanium alloy
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire
Dial: Silver, Space Planet Surface Concept
Bottom cover: titanium alloy,
Spaceship and starry relief pattern
Strap: titanium alloy
Waterproof: 10ATM
Limited: 100 pieces

21st Anniversary of China’s Manned Space Project

Model: E1021.PSR
Movement: Swiss manual mechanical movement
Case: 18k rose gold
Bezel: 18k rose gold
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Caseback: 18K rose gold, calligraphy ‘Dragon Space’
Strap: brown ostrich leather, matte
Waterproof: 5ATM
Limited: 21 pieces