Month: November 2016

Full-time Rescue The New Oris Rega Gmt Limited Edition Watch, Clocking 24-hour Air Rescue Across Time Zones

Rega GMT limited edition watch is the second limited edition watch jointly launched by Swiss independent watch brand Oris and Swiss air rescue team Rega. The new watch features a 24-hour second time zone with a central display, designed for Rega’s international rescue operation across time zones.

Oris and Swiss air rescue team Rega jointly launch a limited edition watch for the second time
   Last year, Rega’s 24-hour cross-border rescue service provided assistance to 869 people. Three advanced challenger CL-604 jet medical aircraft, equipped with professional medical team and necessary equipment, have the ability to deal with injuries and transport critically ill patients.
   The Oris Rega GMT Limited Edition is based on the classic large crown pilot GMT watch, which reflects the common values ​​of Oris and Rega-quality, trust, precision, tradition and innovation. The watch is driven by the Oris748 automatic mechanical movement, with GMT dual time function, and a black second time zone hand at the center of the dial, indicating the 24-hour second time zone hour marker on the edge of the dial.

Gunmetal PVD stainless steel caseback engraved with Rega logo and limited number
   The 45mm stainless steel case, with a gun-steel PVD coat, reflects the atmosphere and toughness unique to aviation watches. The prominent large crown is easy to handle and is one of the hallmark elements of the Oris Aviation series, with adjustable time, calendar and second time zone. The black dial with luminous hands and scales is clear and easy to read day and night. Rega’s Red Cross LOGO is located on the right side of the dial, representing both the public welfare of air rescue and a strong Swiss atmosphere. The grey fabric strap with dark red leather lining is characteristically hidden underneath.
   Swiss Air Rescue Team Rega is a non-profit organization whose operations and maintenance are entirely dependent on donations. To date, Rega has received donations from 3.3 million companies or individuals. Founded in 1952, Rega is one of the top air rescue agencies in the world today. Its English abbreviation comes from the three languages, RE-German REttungsflugwacht, GA-French and Italian Garde Aérienne and Guardia Aerea, all mean air rescue or air guard.

Oris Rega GMT Limited Edition comes with a special case printed with the Rega logo
   In 2016, the Rega rescue fleet, consisting of dozens of helicopters and jets, performed more than 15,000 rescue missions. Ability to provide 24/7 emergency rescue services throughout Switzerland and around the world.
   Oris launched the first Rega joint watch last year-Altitude Measurement Rega Limited Edition watch, a creative work combining a mechanical movement and a mechanical barometric altimeter. Like the original, the new Rega GMT is limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide.

The simple, legible design is the characteristic of aviation watches. The Rega logo is printed on the right side of the dial.
   Oris has more than 100 years of history in the manufacture of aviation watches. Since the beginning of the aviation industry in the 1910s, Oris has begun its relationship with the blue sky. In 1917, the first aviation watch from Oris was born. In 1938, Oris introduced the large crown watch, an iconic design that still serves as a model for aviation watches.
   ‘Working with Rega, the world’s best air rescue agency, is an honour for Oris.’ Oris Global President Ulrich W. Herzog said: ‘The second Oris project for Rega The watch has a 24-hour second time zone indication function and pays tribute to Rega’s 24-hour emergency rescue service. At the same time, this watch is also an embodiment of the values ​​shared by both parties, quality, tradition and innovation, these qualities are what we insist And praise. ‘
product features
Oris REGA GMT Limited Edition
Product Code: 748 7710 4284, Table Diameter: 45.0 mm
Limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide
• Oris748 self-winding mechanical movement, central 24-hour GMT hands, dial 3 o’clock calendar display, 9 o’clock small dial
• Stainless steel case and screw-down crown, gun steel PVD coating, 100m water resistance
• Double-sided arched sapphire mirror with anti-glare coating on the inside
• Screw-in stainless steel case back, gun steel PVD coating, engraved with Rega logo and limited number
• Black dial with Rega logo at 3 o’clock, hour and minute hands, small seconds and Arabic numerals coated with Super-LumiNova®
• Grey fabric dial, dark red leather lining, patented gun steel PVD stainless steel folding buckle, with the function of adjusting the length of the strap without the card, the design is inspired by the aircraft seat belt
• Special watch box
• Suggested retail price: about RMB 17,800 yuan


Panelai And James Purdey & Sons Launch Luminor 1950 Sealand Collaboration Limited Watch

Panerai joins James Purdey & Sons, a well-known London-based gun making company, to launch the Luminor 1950 Sealand limited edition watch. The Luminor 1950 Sealand watch combines traditional expertise and advanced technology. Each case is hand-carved by skilled craftsmen, just like the guns produced by Purdey. AISI 316L steel has corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic and hypoallergenic. The case made of this is very strong. It takes more than a week to complete the carving of a case.

PAM 00853
   This unique collection is produced in a limited edition of 80 pieces, sculpting five animal patterns of lion, cheetah, buffalo, elephant and rhino. The engraved pattern on the cover is first outlined by chalk or magnesium powder, and then the craftsmen sculpt it by hand with a carving knife. The sculpted surface is composed of slender parallel lines, giving the design a deeper sense of layering, highlighting the contrast between light and dark. The periphery of the cover is inspired by African art motifs and inlaid with gold decorations.

PAM 00854

PAM 00855
   Panerai Luminor 1950 Sealand 3 Days Automatic Acciaio is equipped with a P.9000 movement and a smooth and flexible calf leather waterproof strap. It has a high aesthetic value and technical quality. Each watch is housed in a pear wood case with spare rubber straps and related tools.

PAM 00856

PAM 00857
   From November 17, 2016, the new Panerai Luminor 1950 Sealand collaboration limited edition watch will be listed on the Purdey Mayfair boutique and the official website of for sale.


French Muller’s Most Complex Watch Aeternitas 8888 T Cc R Qps

What is ‘dazzling’? Look at the Franck Muller 8888 Aeternitas Mega 4 (GSW T CC R QPS) watch and you know it. This watch is the most complicated watch in the world, with 36 functions, 25 of which are visible. Composed of 1483 parts, the millennium calendar … Next, let’s enjoy this watch together.

Others can only dream, Franck Muller has created reality! Maison de Hate horlogerie has never been so veritable as a ‘Master of Complexity’ (Master
fo Complications), constantly refreshing the functional complexity record of a single watch. The challenge for this master watchmaker at Genthod was once huge. How can all the functional habits known to date be integrated into a watch?
Aeternitas movement provides the foundation, the size of Westminster’s self-sounding function, and the only dial visible tourbillon design on the market. Mega 4 represents a model of watchmaking art. In addition, a number of other functions are even more icing on the cake, self-questioning, chronograph, permanent calendar, and a time equation of only 6.8 seconds per month, equivalent to a day difference every millennium.

Mechanical tourbillon movement, Westminster bell three questions installed four ring bell four gong, automatic winding movement and Westminster bell three questions. The case is made of 18-carat white gold, cintree curvex 8888, 42×61 mm, and the transparent white lacquered dial with sunburst pattern is hand-stitched with a black alligator leather strap.

36 functions: hour, minute, second day and night display, retrograde action timing, moon phase, chrono rattrapante, self-sounding, mute, date correction, minute repeater, days, time equation, 24-hour display, double Time, retrograde action date, self-sounding size, timer switch activated, flying back to the hour hand, leap year display, year display.
相信 This watch believes that many people already know its price, the market price is 2.7 million US dollars, 25.8 million Swiss francs. As an ordinary watch lover, we only understand such watches with an attitude of appreciation and admiration, but from the details, we cannot deny that the watchmaking technology and creativity of Frank Muller watches are reflected in its Every link in the watchmaking industry, I believe this is the reason why more and more people have become obsessed with Franck Muller watches in recent years.

Franck Muller launches VINTAGE seven-day power reserve watch
 Tourbillon: the world’s largest tourbillon watch
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Citizen 8205 Mechanical Movement Features, Introduction, Cleaning And Maintenance

Today, the editor will introduce the relevant information and features of Citizen 8205 movement, and introduce how to clean and maintain this movement.
Citizen 8205 movement features:
 1. The automatic device is an automatic hammer that rotates in two directions, and moves upwards. The counterclockwise rotation of the automatic hammer drives the winding of the large steel wheel, and the clockwise rotation of the reversing wheel idles.
 2. Dual calendar device (calendar, weekly calendar) display, in which the weekly calendar is displayed in two languages.
 3. Pull the crown out to the second gear, reverse the fast-adjusting calendar, and dial the fast-adjusting weekly calendar.
 4. With manual winding device, the movement has no vertical wheel. The small steel wheel is directly driven by the clutch wheel, and the large steel wheel is driven by the transmission wheel.
 5. There is no winding mechanism in the movement. There is an additional transmission wheel between the large and small steel wheels. The shaft is oval, and the crown is rotated clockwise in the normal position. The clutch wheel directly drives the small steel wheel. Winding steel drum. Rotate the crown counterclockwise, rotate the overwheel to engage with the large steel wheel, and come out of contact with the hand mechanism.
 6. The second axis spring on the center second axis is pre-clamped under the upper splint, which is not easy to deform and is easy to disassemble.

Citizen 8205 movement cleaning:
 The purpose of cleaning the Citizen 8205 movement is to remove the stains, rust spots and dust and silk on the movement parts. It is an important link for improving the quality of the watch. Cleaning methods include manual cleaning and washing machine cleaning. The washing of the washing machine mainly depends on the relative movement between the washing liquid and the parts of the mobile phone movement to be cleaned, so that the greasy dirt and dirt on the surface of the movement parts come off, and the washing and drying are completed. The effect of machine washing is good, but the cost of the washing machine is high. At present, most assembly and maintenance personnel still use traditional manual cleaning, and the washing uses 120 solvent gasoline.

Procedure for manual cleaning of Citizen 8205 movement:
 1. Soak. Soak the disassembled movement parts in gasoline;
 2. Scrub. Hold the parts with tweezers in the left hand, and scrub with a small watch in the right hand;
 3. Use water willow sticks to pick out drill holes, gears and other places that are not easy to brush;
 4. The washed parts are placed in the pan, and rinsed in another refreshing gasoline;
 5. Then put the Amoy with parts on a dry cloth to suck out gasoline;
 6. Finally, place the pan with the parts on the oven to dry.
Note for cleaning Citizen 8205 movement:
 1. When cleaning the parts of the movement, the clamp should be light and stable, and the parts will be lost or damaged by exerting a little force;
 2. The hairspring cannot be washed with a brush. Generally, it is sufficient to rinse the hairspring in washing gasoline;
 3. The clockwork does not need to be cleaned, and it can be cleaned by copying and dipping with surface oil;
 4. The escapement fork and balance spring should not be baked on the oven, so as to avoid the elastic change of the hairspring and the melting of the shell crumb and the shell, so that the disk tiling fork loosens and shifts;
 5. If there is no oven, you can dry the parts one by one with a clean flannel.
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