‘Glamour of Women Through Time’ The Omega Classic Women’s Watch Exhibition was held from October 25 to November 25, 2012 at Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou, where Omega’s flagship store is located. The exhibition selects more than 130 treasures in the Omega Museum, presenting women’s watches with different characteristics from the 19th century to the present period. It perfectly interprets the elegance and femininity of Omega women’s watches for more than a century. ‘Charming Women Through Time’ Omega Classic Women’s Watch Exhibition Held in Taikoohui, Guangzhou
世纪 Omega Women’s Watch Century Fashion
A rare set of Omega concealed dial models, including the first ‘Flowers’ model in lilac gold, which shined at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Show in 1956. A set of Omega Gold Cocktail Women’s Evening Watches, including a rare watch with a diamond ‘Tubogas’ (gas pipe), this model is an advertising model in 1946, the advertisement was drawn by the famous French illustrator René GRUAU.
The Omega Classic Women’s Watch Exhibition covers women’s watches from various periods of Omega. It is divided into multiple thematic zones according to the age and style, demonstrating the charm of women’s watches in different periods. The evolution of pendant watches to watches, the design is changeable, and the details are exquisite, and the craftsmanship such as carving, enamel painting, gem setting, etc., shows a variety of styles from simple to luxurious; the models in the ‘1945-1960’ exhibition area It presents a unique and extraordinary innovative design, with a luxurious and dazzling appearance, a colorful bracelet design, and a concealed dial model that is ingenious and gorgeous, which perfectly reproduces the fashion trend of the watch at the time-the appearance is more similar to the bracelet with the dial embedded , The watch also has the function of jewelry decoration; the ‘1960-1990’ exhibition area is mostly the collaboration between Omega and jewelry design masters and artists, leading the fashion design of women’s watches at the time, the famous jewelry designer Gilbert Albert Gilbert Albert and Andrew Grima’s masterpieces in collaboration with Omega are all immortal classics; ‘ Watches in the “Design, Solo Works and Fine Jewellery Watches” exhibition area were created in the 1960s and 1980s. Most of them are prototype designs or design award-winning works that have never been put into actual production. Most of them use delicate gem inlays and have a variety of design styles. The unique and charming shape perfectly reflects the contemporary aesthetics.
This exhibition presents classic women’s watches with time stamps for women’s pendants, cocktail party ladies’ evening watches, hidden dial models, and unusual jewelry watches, showing the unparalleled design style and brilliant tradition of Omega women’s watches. , Can be called the epitome of the development of women’s watches. Through the use of materials, appearance styles and design details, Omega Classic Ladies’ Watches show the fashion aesthetics, artistic taste, watchmaking craftsmanship and social and cultural atmosphere of different periods to the fullest.
A chic set of Omega jewellery watches, including an extremely rare stealth dial platinum watch set with more than 10 carats of diamonds. Ladymatic——a new interpretation of femininity
As the masterpiece of Omega elegant ladies’ watches, the new Omega Ladymatic women’s watch is extremely eye-catching. Adhering to the essence of the golden age of fashion, through the subtle fusion of original design style and innovative coaxial technology, Omega has perfectly created the new Ladymatic women’s watch series, injecting new meaning into this legendary watch name.
米 Omega Ladymatic women’s watch series not only highlight the unique fashion taste, but also perfectly equipped with the world’s most outstanding serial production mechanical movement. This model draws on the essence of the Omega Ladies watch and has been refurbished and upgraded to present it to highly appreciated new age women, which will definitely satisfy their eager desire for the perfect watch.