Month: July 2016

Classic And Timeless Pocket Watch Design By Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine Pocket Watch

 In the ever-changing world, it is the mission of Vacheron Constantin’s design masters, watchmakers, engineers and craftsmen to pass on the finest traditions of watches. Inspiring the emotional mission in their hearts through the works, once again ignited the ever-increasing fiery emotion that Jean-Marc Vacheron successfully created the first pocket watch in 1755. In its extraordinary historical torrent, Vacheron Constantin’s many historic series have confirmed the brand’s outstanding status-the pocket watches produced by the brand are excellent in terms of complexity, decoration and shape. Because of this, all of Vacheron Constantin’s contemporary works reflect the brand’s heritage and continue its excellent tradition, interpreting contemporary elegance in a classic style, and providing watchmakers with outstanding timepieces.

 Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine Pocket Watch

Past status and freedom symbol

 At first, pocket watches were invented to make people’s daily lives easier, so they didn’t have to rely on church bells or home and office clocks to know the time. For the first time, timepieces have become a symbol of status and freedom, following their masters around and becoming a source of inspiration for watch experts. These experts use their expertise to shape increasingly lighter movements to complement these timing tools. Even though a pocket watch is regarded as a short-term invention, it actually reflects the current industrial development process. With modern technology, current pocket watches are accurate, easy to operate and waterproof.

Imprint of contemporary gentleman fashion

 Vacheron Constantin combines simple, classic and timeless pocket watch design. These elements are put into the new Patrimony Contemporaine pocket watch, equipped with the distinguished Geneva mark, to re-enable the pocket watch scene of the golden age. This pocket watch has not given up in the current retro craze, redefining the contemporary gentleman style. Gentlemen took out a pocket watch with a simple, exquisite, elegant and magnificent hand-winding movement model 4440-a brown leather case with a belt or a pink gold bracelet. The elegant configuration makes the pocket watch have a more distinctive personality. The elegant temperament of the 21st century is no longer limited to the wrist, but can penetrate from the inside. Considered as a magnificent and classic new modern work, the newly created pocket watch can be worn on a bracelet or used as a table clock. This creates a variety of time presentation methods, and is no longer limited to the wrist.

Harmonious and pleasing to balance external and internal

 Decorated with a sensual, slender and elegant 18K pink gold case; wide and clear pure milk-white silver-plated dial; the hands are shaped in pink pink gold with a strict and delicate hour scale, making the overall feel harmonious and pleasing. Each pocket watch is developed and manufactured in accordance with the strict standards of Geneva’s fine watchmaking, with a manual winding mechanical movement model 4400 developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. The transparent sapphire crystal case back clearly enlarges the movement with a diameter of 28.60 mm and perfectly matches the case with a diameter of 43 mm. With its abundant power reserve, the movement is equipped with an energy reserve equivalent to 65 hours in three days, allowing the hour and minute hands to show their beauty.

 Patrimony Contemporary pocket watches are awarded the Supreme Seal of Quality certification in Geneva. The Geneva Seal was first co-founded by the Grand Legislative Assembly of Geneva and the Swiss Federal Government in 1886. It is a guarantee of origin, quality craftsmanship, durability and watch expertise. This independent imprint was comprehensively reviewed in 2011 and is no longer limited to the requirements of the movement. The newly revised provisions require that the overall quality of the watch must be studied. Set a new milestone in the historical process imprinted in Geneva. Vacheron Constantin has always adhered to this spirit of imprint, and fully catered to the expectations of increasingly stringent customers.


Chopard Exhibits Animal World Series At Harrods

In London’s most famous department store, Harrods, Chopard is holding a boutique exhibition here, which will run until February 18. In this exhibition, Chopard will show customers 150 luxurious jewellery, which are themed with animals. The prototypes of the jewellery are reptiles, birds, and rare animals. Chopard’s designers carefully designed and produced them by high-end jewelers.

   The exhibits in this exhibition include: Owl luxury jewellery watches, set with brilliant-cut diamonds and kite-cut diamonds. It is an outstanding jewellery watch treasure and a perfect example of brand expertise in the field of jewelry. Polar bear rings, hummingbird gem and diamond necklaces, tropical fish and leopard necklaces, and peacock earrings. For more brand news, stay tuned for Watch House. (House of watches / text Ruan Ruan)