Month: March 2016

Year-end Summary Consumers’ Favorite Watch Models

With a history of 183 years, Geneva-based Swiss watchmaker Baume & Mercier adheres to the motto of ‘Aestheticism and only manufactures watches of the highest quality’ and insists on creating classic timeless wrists The watch series finally became a model of perfection. As a representative brand of entry-level luxury watches, Baume & Mercier sincerely shares the brand culture and watchmaking technology from the watchmaking workshops of Les Brenets. In recent years, it has steadfastly conveyed its unique concept. : ‘Gathering precious moments’, advocating family sharing, emotional cohesion, enriching truth and leisure and elegance, and recording every happy moment in life in the most natural way.
     During the traditional Chinese New Year, people who have worked hard for a year embarked on a journey home, with deep thoughts of their homeland and full joy of returning to their hometowns, reunited in a warm and comfortable home, or exchanged with their lovers , Or remember the past with your family, or share your experience with friends. As an intimate companion for special occasions, Baume & Mercier watches are willing to share precious moments of happiness with every wearer at affordable prices and elegant designs.
Classic minimalist men’s watch: Crichton series 10054
     Baume & Mercier launched the new Clayton series in China in September 2012. It was specially created for urban elites. It is especially popular with watch lovers for its classic designs and affordable prices that are in line with Chinese aesthetics. The special Asian model introduced is even more eye-catching. The dial uses sun-satin-polished silver with gold-plated Arabic numerals, engraving and hands. The elegant design and blue second hand scale perfectly echo the modern style. , Is a rare classic wild. Through the sapphire crystal glass back, the movement structure is clearly visible with 31 sapphires, and with the brown alligator leather strap, Crichton gives the wearer a subtle elegance. The high-quality materials and the fine craftsmanship contrast each other, perfectly embodying the timelessness of the watch, and also interpret the spiritual character of the pursuit of freedom and enjoyment of life. Whether it is to reward yourself for a year of hard work, or to give gratitude to relatives and friends, or to encourage new people to look forward to a bumper harvest, this watch will not live up to any kind of sincerity.
Noble and elegant women’s watch: Ling Ni series 10035
     The Lingni series was first introduced in the 1980s, and soon became the world’s best-selling watch. Its smooth and soft lines, bright luxury temperament, bezel and simple design with digital engraving all show the ultimate charm of women, and these features are now condensed in the Lingni series 10035. A mother-of-pearl dial with snail-shaped motifs and a sapphire crystal case back fully demonstrates the oscillating weight of the oscillating weight and the exclusive brand name Phi. What’s even more exciting is that this watch perfectly inherits the characteristics of the Lingui interchangeable strap. In addition to the stainless steel bracelet with polished / satin-finished treatment, it also comes with a black satin strap for matching. The design not only meets the modern women’s control of fashion, but also highlights the wearer’s unique taste and elegance and wisdom. As an automatic mechanical watch with high cost performance, Lingni leads the pursuit of luxury and elegance with its price advantage and exquisite design, encourages women to show their unique attitude and share special moments in life.
Exquisite Couple Watch: Humberton Series 10050 & 10047
Female Humberton 10050, RMB 23,000; male Humberton 10047, RMB 28,500
     Baume & Mercier has always insisted on the balanced launch of women’s and men’s watches, and has long brought countless classic and high-end watches to men and women who value their moments, of which the Humberton series is highly praised and favored. Its unique and classic rectangular dial combines the beauty of architectural lines and leisure life. Whether it is an elegant and intellectual women’s watch or a calm men’s watch, it shows a harmonious, laid-back and elegant style, showing the brand’s design and quality. Eternal promise. Because of this, the Humberton series has also become the perfect choice to witness love between partners.
     With a case size of 34.5 x 22 mm, the Humberton Women’s Watch is seductive and seductive. The charming and ergonomic lines are rich and graceful, using a feminine mother-of-pearl dial and set with 8 top-quality Wesselton VS diamonds, adding dazzling glory to the simple and stylish shape. The corresponding men’s Humberton series measures 45 X 32.3 mm and is equipped with an ETA 2895 self-winding movement and set with 27 gems, which is a model of urban leisure style. Both watches are also equipped with a shiny polished / satin-finished stainless steel bracelet. The charming design that complements each other tells love and tenderness at the wrist; the use of high-end materials is more attractive at an affordable price, which can be described as The perfect gift for lovers in celebration of important life moments such as weddings and wedding anniversary.
Leisure sports men’s watch: Kaplan blue series 10062
     The round case of the Cap blue series chronograph has a unique appearance, a symbol of classics and leisure. The watch not only interprets the distinctive design aesthetics, but also displays the ingenious watchmaking technology, perfectly conveys the motto of the leisure life brand, and also meets the watch enthusiast’s pursuit of functionality. The 42mm wide dial boldly uses snail-shaped charcoal black, with luminous hands and red scales, and the dynamic and dynamic design shows the resolute and bold spirit of the wearer. Its ergonomic curve makes the buckle safe and easier to open, and the bracelet is perfectly connected with the arc-shaped sapphire crystal, which reflects the comfortable touch and also reveals the sports and leisure style. This watch is equipped with a special automatic movement (Valjoux 7753), equipped with a chronograph function, rangefinder, speedometer and date display function. Such a charming Caplan series is the epitome of easy life and individual strength, and it is the best gift for adventurers. Whether it is a tireless life warrior or a traveler from all over the world, you can Find your own trait in the collection.
About Baume & Mercier
     Baume & Mercier, a Swiss haute horlogerie brand founded in 1830, has always been committed to creating watches of exceptional quality and restrained luxury. Today, the brand’s main collections include the classic glamour Linea, the dynamic and elegant Capeland, the classic and everlasting Hampton, and the perfectly matched brand’s new motto 2011, Clesme ( Classima). In September 2012, Baume & Mercier launched the world’s first new series of Clifton in China. Its classic elegant lines and simple and elegant design make it the perfect companion for men’s workplace elite. For a long time, Baume & Mercier has advocated the Humberton lifestyle and perfectly conveyed the pure brand values: joy, sharing and endurance. This magical land of Humberton also inspired a new motto of Baume & Mercier watch: Life is about moments. Baume & Mercier watches will become the most unique and intimate companions of precious moments in life, sharing warmth such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, first employment or family gatherings.


This Table, I Ca N’t Go To Lange, I Can Go To Jaeger-lecoultre

It is not too late to get to the topic. Not long ago, Lange released a new 1815 watch, the official name of this watch is ‘Homage To Walter Lange’ (in memory of the fourth generation of Lange’s descendant, Mr. Walter Lange), I think many brothers know Got this thing.

Lange 1815 ‘Homage To Walter Lange’
   This new 1815 is a limited edition. Among them, the platinum edition is limited to 145, the rose gold edition is limited to 90, and the gold edition is limited to 27. The reason why Lange uses three numbers 145, 90, and 27 has a special meaning. 145 is 145 years from Lange’s establishment to revival; 90 is Lange’s 1990 revival; 27 is 27 years from 1990 revival. Even better, the new 1815 ‘Homage To Walter Lange’ also has a steel shell version, only one made. This unique steel shell version is ready for charity auction in 2018 (I know many people think, when will Lange produce an unlimited steel watch?)

The only steel case version of the Lange 1815 ‘Homage To Walter Lange’.
   When I first saw this watch, many brothers would be surprised. How does this watch have two seconds, a large second and a small second? A closer look reveals that the large one, the small one, and the two are the second hand, except that the large second hand jumps the second, and the small second hand is the conventional second hand. To make it simple, the second hand in the middle jumps away every second, and the small second hand sweeps away. There is a button at the 2 o’clock position of the case. The button can control the stop / start of the large second hand. You don’t want the large second hand to go. You can stop him. This is a unique place of Lange 1815 ‘Homage To Walter Lange’.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S is also a seconds watch.
   I don’t know if the functions of perpetual calendar, tourbillon, three questions, and follow-up needles are ‘tired’. Over the past two years, many brands have begun to make watches with the function of jumping seconds. Everyone knows that Roger Dubuis’s strength is the tourbillon, but a while ago, the super cool Excalibur Aventador S launched by Roger Dubuis is also a jumping seconds watch (limited to 88).

   Some brothers said, ‘The public prices of the watches you said are very high, and they are limited. We can’t wear them, and we can’t play them.’ As a ‘grounded’ person, I can’t just ‘paint cakes’ for my brothers, but I can’t help the brothers.
I ca n’t go to Lange or Roger Dubuis, I can go to Jaeger-LeCoultre.

   This year Jaeger-LeCoultre has three watches that are more popular, one is the ultra-thin master moon phase, one is the new master calendar, and the other is the geophysical observatory. The ultra-thin master moon phase is Jaeger-LeCoultre’s most iconic watch, which is always very hot. It is normal; the new master calendar is a new watch, a bit sporty and the face value is not low, and it has refreshed the master’s ‘lowest’ price Records, the price is super good, it should be hot; I just do n’t understand the Geophysical Observatory alone. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory is a watch that skips seconds. This kind of watch with strong technical characteristics is generally a special niche. It is a watch for senior players. There should be no ‘mass foundation’ among the masses.

Master Jaeger-LeCoultre moon phase (top) and Master Jaeger-LeCoultre calendar (bottom)
   When the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory first came out two years ago, I was very impressed. I didn’t expect Jaeger-LeCoultre to produce such a watch with jumping seconds. Not only is it not limited, but also a steel case version, the price is not too high, at first glance, it is a watch with “volume”. At that time, I thought that it would be difficult for such a watch with seconds jumping and such a small function. As a result, the actual situation made me slap my face. This geophysical observatory that jumps to the second is really on fire, and the circulation is not small.

The three-pin version of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory, this is a watch that skips seconds.
For others, the price is hundreds of thousands of watches, Jaeger-LeCoultre as long as 70,000.

   Sometimes I ‘love love and hate’ for Jaeger-LeCoultre. What I love is that Jaeger-LeCoultre is often the ‘conscience of the industry’. The price of various complicated functions is much cheaper than that of the same brand. The price of a Jaeger-LeCoultre steel case perpetual calendar is only over 140,000. Whose watch of this grade has this price? But I’m more troubled that Jaeger-LeCoultre are all dress watches. For example, the same perpetual calendar module, a Jaeger-LeCoultre ultra-thin perpetual calendar, and an IWC perpetual calendar, I love the Feifei perpetual calendar, but the price of Jaeger-LeCoultre is simply attractive.
   The public price of Lange 1815 ‘Homage To Walter Lange’ is 47,000 euros abroad, which is about more than 360,000 yuan (which is certainly not cheap in China). The price of watches with jump seconds is not low. As a result, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory directly lowered the price threshold of the seconds-jumping watch to 70,000 yuan (the public price of the three-second hand of the steel-shell geophysical observatory is RMB 71500). To be honest, to play various movement functions and complex functions, it is particularly suitable to buy Jaeger-LeCoultre. On the one hand, Jaeger-LeCoultre brand is relatively high-grade, on the other hand, Jaeger-LeCoultre makes all kinds of small and complicated functions and complex functions cheaper, which is more cost-effective than other brands.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory includes two types: world time and junior needle. It’s a watch that skips seconds.
The Jaeger-LeCos Geophysical Observatory looks ‘very average’, but it is actually very technical.

   Jaeger-LeCoultre has a great ability to make complicated watches that are expensive for others, and it can be made very cheaply. After it is cheap, it also has a first-class technical level. Don’t look at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory is a watch with a public price of 70,000, and everyone knows that the actual price of Jaeger-LeCoultre watches under the factors of exchange rates, discounts, and secondary markets, everyone understands. But this is a watch, there are two very good places in the movement.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory, gold and steel.
   The first is to jump seconds. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Physics Observatory is a watch that skips seconds. To put it plainly, the second hand jumps every second, unlike ordinary mechanical watches. When it comes to jumping seconds, many people analyze the structure inside. Those things are too useless to say, we are not making watches. So I will simply say, everyone listens. To put it plainly, the jump seconds is just under the escapement of the movement, and a gear like ‘star’ is added, and then a spring tube is placed to let the ‘star’ move every second, and the watch second hand is one second. Jumped. It is such a function. Once other brands are attached to this system, the price will be ‘god to heaven’. At the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory, the price is 70,000 yuan. This brand grade does not have similar watches at all. One. No one else can do it so cheaply.

The wheel train of Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory. Below the escapement we can see a small ‘star’ and a white spiral spring on the far right.
   The second is the balance wheel. The balance wheel of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory is not an ordinary balance wheel. The brothers who have this cousin in their hands must have understood it more clearly. The balance wheel of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory is a ‘Battle-axe’ balance wheel, not an ordinary round balance wheel. The official Tomahawk balance of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory is called the ‘Gyrolab’ balance. This balance wheel is very powerful. Gyrolab was first used on the Jaeger-LeCoultre compression master Extreme Lab 1 watch in 2007. At that time, the compression master Extreme Lab 1 was basically a concept table. As a result, Jaeger-LeCoultre studied it for 8 years, and finally mass-produced the ‘Gyrolab’ balance on the concept table and put it on the geophysical observatory. This balance wheel is made in the shape of a ‘battle axe’ in order to reduce air resistance. According to Jaeger-LeCoultre figures, the ‘Gyrolab’ balance wheel is 15% more efficient than a normal balance wheel.

‘Gyrolab’ balance wheel used by Jaeger-LeCoultre Physics Observatory.
   The technical configuration of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s geophysical observatory is very unique. How to look at this watch should be a favorite gadget of niche players. At present, the market price of the junior needle of the geophysical observatory is actually similar to that of Jin Tuo’s master moon phase, and it is not expensive. I have two thoughts on the current market situation of Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory. One is that I am very convinced that Jaeger-LeCoultre has made a watch that should be “niche” into a “volume” table; the other is that many people at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory buy it. It seems that the level of our domestic cousin And taste is getting higher and higher.


“360 ° German Glashütte Original Full View” Glashütte Original Global Roadshow Settles In Front Of The House —- Glasutti Town

Since the successful premiere of Basel in early 2015, Glashütte’s original global roadshow event has settled at home, between October 1st and October 30th, Monday to Friday , 8:00 am to 17:00 pm. In the atrium of the watchmaking building of Saxony, the interactive activity of ‘360 ° German Original Perspective of Glashütte’ is exhibited.

   The exhibition opens a new 360 ° perspective for visitors to understand Glashütte’s originals. The site will be decorated with a circular welcome set, and will take the brand’s classic heritage, today’s style and imagine the future as three pillars. In addition to the original Glashütte watchmaking factory, the Alfred Hevig Watch School and the Glashütte German Clock Museum will also be the focus. This proves that while the brand is committed to future achievements, it also attaches great importance to the protection of watchmaking tradition.

   The Saxony Watchmaking Factory showcases a wide range of historical and contemporary watches, tools, pictures and visual multimedia installations for interactive experiences.