Month: January 2016

Breitling Navitimer Watch Sought After By Astronauts

Breitling (Breitling) combines the brand’s long-standing passion for chronograph watches and aviation development, and launches a limited edition Navitimer legendary watch equipped with the independently developed Caliber 01 movement, highlighting its high-profile aviation timekeeping. The outstanding achievements in the field of aircraft are loved by aviation enthusiasts. The watch will soar into the sky next spring, and its outstanding characteristics will definitely bring more surprises to fans of this watch. Breitling Limited Edition Navitimer Legendary Watch
Breitling combines the brand’s long-standing enthusiasm for chronograph watches and aerospace development, and launches a limited edition legendary Navitimer model equipped with the independently developed Caliber 01 movement, including 2,000 stainless steel watches and 200 red gold Watch.
The “Navitimer Caliber 01” watch has a slightly larger diameter than before, and the Breitling watch with the brand B spreading its wings soaring has countless enthusiasts who are eagerly looking forward to the birth of this watch.
Breitling Limited Edition Navitimer Legendary Watch
In 2009, Breitling had its own self-developed mechanical movement, and among the few watch manufacturers who could produce their own movements, this became a major milestone in the history of the brand. Caliber 01 is the first movement completely developed and produced by the Breitling workshop. Now, Breitling applies this movement to another brand masterpiece, Navitimer, highlighting its outstanding achievements in the field of aviation timepieces.
Navitimer: Pilot and aviation fanatic watch
Navitimer was selected as the AOPA (World Pilots Association)-the designated flight watch by the world’s largest community organization in this field. It became the most famous watch in Breitling and was loved by aviation enthusiasts. In 1952, the 24-hour Navitimer ‘Cosmonaute’ watch followed Scott Carpenter in the Aurora 7 spacecraft to explore its trajectory, becoming the first chronograph watch to travel in space.
Breitling Limited Edition Navitimer Legendary Watch
Navitimer Caliber 01 Special Collector’s Edition has two limited edition collections, including 2,000 stainless steel watches and 200 red gold watches. The center of the case of each watch is engraved with a unique number. The transparent sapphire caseback is a rare Breitling style, which gives a clear insight into the original structure of Caliber 01-the column wheel, pendulum and its superior performance. The watch will soar into the sky next spring, and its outstanding characteristics will definitely bring more surprises to fans of this watch.


Gao Yuanyuan’s Romantic Parisian Love Feiya Elegant And Touching

When the goddess of fashion meets the romantic capital, when the phoenix light feathers darkly shed pearly light, and when the time hand wakes up the first rays of dawn, in the late summer and early autumn, Fiyta invited Gao Yuanyuan to meet Paris, enjoy an exciting time together, interpret romantic and elegant Parisian fashion.

 In September 2013, Fiyta accompanied Gao Yuanyuan, the spokesperson for the fashion pet brand, and ‘Fashion Opinion Leader’, a well-known fashion female anchor Li Siyu, who was selected from many fashionistas, international supermodels, and acting stars at the ‘Heartstring Paris’ event. Visited Paris Fashion Week to appreciate the cutting-edge fashion trends and shoot Fiyta’s new season KV. This is a gorgeous feast of watch and fashion.

 Grace Goddess Paris

 Following Milan Fashion Week last year, Gao Yuanyuan joined hands with endorsement brand Fiyta to Paris to attend the annual fashion event in the fashion industry. The most special thing is that Yuanyuan wore the watch she participated in designing to make a gorgeous appearance, showing the moving charm of beauty and wisdom merger. In recent years, Gao Yuanyuan has frequently been invited to be a guest of the major fashion weeks with his unique taste and goddess temperament. During his trip to Paris, Gao Yuanyuan once again became a fashion darling favored by the brand with outstanding temperament and elegance. Speaking of his own fashion ideas, Yuanyuan has his own unique insights: abandoning complexity, natural simplicity is the only magic weapon to achieve classics; no fear of years, self-confidence is the only way to develop temperament. Gao Yuanyuan walked firmly and calmly, confident and charming at every step, whether it was a superstar dressed up on the show, or a little woman who was briskly walking on the streets of Paris. Along the way, it is precisely this ‘confidence’ and ‘firmness’ that accompanied her to reach the pinnacle of success again and again.

 Confident and calm

 In 2012, Gao Yuanyuan drew a picture on his notebook during a journey—the pattern of phoenix feathers flying on the dial. It is the feelings in the journey that have created the inspiration and injected new energy and vitality into Fiyta. The ‘heartstring series’ that represents self-confidence and rebirth has emerged as the times require. The phoenix on the dial is not only auspicious, but also an ancient totem. She is a noble incarnation and a symbol of rebirth. The seemingly casual graffiti is a portrait of Yuanyuan’s long-term career in the entertainment industry. Time hasn’t taken away her beauty, self-confidence has brought her calmness. In her opinion, the beauty of women stems from the accumulation of time, and a wise woman knows how to make time increase her beauty. Not repeating the same kind of success in a familiar environment, moving confidently and bravely over time is the real joy of life. It is also this calmness and wisdom that made Gao Yuanyuan dance freely on the stage of time, drawing out a bright halo after another.

 Gao Yuanyuan wore her own design of the heartstring watch series to show elegance at Paris Fashion Week

Carefully crafted and elegant

 Fiyta’s Heart String Series Women’s Watch LA8406.WWWD uses a shell disc surface, a naturally formed precious material with a unique texture like a human fingerprint. . The phoenix element emerged on the pan, and the dark feathers staggered and overlapped as if the charming elves leaped.

 Fiyta’s heart-string series female watch DLA0590.GWRS natural shell dial surface, with pearl-like luster and changing colors, shining in the sun; bezel and lug gold-plated, inlaid with zircon, noble and elegant, seamless The lugs are novel in design and more comfortable to the wrist. The four-leaf clover shape decorates the disk surface, achieving the overall beauty and design sense. The design of the hands is ingenious and expresses the graceful beauty of women.

 The rose gold texture of the dial LA8412.MWRD for the women’s watch of the Fiyta Heart Strings series is like golden years. The phoenix feather pattern studded with diamonds in the center is like a round moon, exuding a mysterious atmosphere. Inlaid with natural diamonds, beautiful and elegant.