Month: November 2015

Hua Sheng, A Skater, Becomes The Spokesperson For Citizen’s Mainland China And Hong Kong And Macao.

One is a well-known watch brand in Xinjiang, which is constantly expanding the field of watches, and the other is a ‘miracle on ice’ that constantly breaks records. In August 2019, Citizen (China) Watch & Clock Co., Ltd. announced that the world-famous figure skater Hanyu Kuzumi (belonging to ANA) has officially become the spokesperson for the Citizen brand in Mainland China and Hong Kong and Macao. Mr. Sumikawa Ryufu, Chairman and General Manager of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd. came to the scene to sign a contract with Hanyu.

Signing scene, Sumikawa Ryufu and Hanyu tied

   Since 1982, Citizen has sponsored the International Skating Union (ISU) for 37 consecutive years. Figure skating is a sport that combines technology and beauty. As a professional integrated watch manufacturer, Citizen always adheres to the product development concept of ‘fusion of technology and beauty’ and is committed to bringing watch products that integrate innovative technology and exquisite design to people around the world. The signing of Yu Han’s knot is also another important step in Citizen’s deep skating. Mr. Sumikawa Ryufu, Chairman and General Manager of Citizen (China) Watch & Clock Co., Ltd. believes: ‘The superb skills and constant self-challenge demonstrated by Hanyu Knots in figure skating sports bring real beauty and emotion to everyone. This will be the best image of the Citizen brand concept. ‘

Sumikawa Ryufu and Hanyu show off Citizen Eco-Drive watch

   Hanyu Yuxiu also said: ‘Citizen is a respectable 100-year-old watch brand and I am honored to be the spokesperson for Citizen’s mainland China and Hong Kong and Macao.’ Hanyu Yuxiu is one of the world’s top men’s singles for figure skating. Men’s singles skating champion of figure skating for two consecutive Winter Olympic Games. It also has extensive influence and a huge fan base in China, and is known as ‘the noble son on ice’ and ‘miracle on ice’.

Hanyu knotted wearing Citizen Super Sky Eagle series watch CB0152-16A

   In recent years, the popularity of figure skating has gradually increased in China. With the approach of the 2022 Winter Olympics, figure skating has also shown a strong development momentum. Citizen has always attached importance to the common development with Chinese society, worked hard to carry out business activities that can contribute to the local society, and always adhered to its social responsibility as a corporate citizen. In Citizen’s view, sports competitions bring together many outstanding athletes. Whether it is sponsoring events or choosing athletes to become brand spokespersons, it is an important part of Citizen’s support for these breakthrough athletes.

   ‘Whoever it is, no matter what the achievements are, we always believe that the future is still possible to make the world a better place, and this is the beginning.’ This is the Citizen’s brand concept of BetterStartsNow and sports athletes. Perseverance. The cooperation of Citizen and Hanyu will jointly promote figure skating and let more Chinese ice sports enthusiasts feel the feast of ‘technology and beauty’.


Calculate The Thrill Of Traveling The Sky, Show The Ultimate Charm Of Flying

Hamilton has always been proud of adding another new member to its aviation watch series: Khaki Tachymiler. The Hamilton Khaki Tachymiler Extreme Air Chronograph, which has both practical functions and eye-catching design, is expected to set off a wave of speed this summer. Whether it is a professional pilot who loves flying excitement or a sports fan who is keen to pursue speed, this watch with both aesthetic design and practical functions can meet different needs.
    In contrast to the traditional chronograph, Khaki Tachymiler uses Tachymeter’s kilometers as the basis for timing, and instead uses the United States’ mile as the tachymeter. Adhere to Hamilton’s original American spirit.
    Khaki Tachymiler’s silver screw-in faucet crown is placed in the center of the left side of the case, and the top and bottom of the crown are marked with prominent red and black timings. The stunning hour, minute and chronograph small seconds hands on the faceplate are also highlighted with lively red, black, and silver three-color hollow-out arrow shapes and chronograph pushers. Khaki Tachymiler’s design inspiration is completely derived from aviation aircraft: a dial that simulates the control panel of an aircraft, a rubber strap with engraved tire patterns, an inner bezel measuring scale full of racing speed, and an eye-catching double timing ring It shows the careful design of the Hamilton design team in detail. Khaki Tachymiler’s easy-to-read date / week large window is set at 9 o’clock on the dial, coupled with a large diameter of 44 mm and a masculine stainless steel case, fully showing the magnificent magnificent momentum.
    Since its establishment and development in 1892, the Hamilton watch has been well received by the world for its precise and durable practical functions and its consistent American design style of integrity, integrity, innovation, and boldness. With more than 300 movies in Hollywood, Hamilton has become the richest American & lt; A onclick = ‘javascript: tagshow (event, ‘% CE% C4% BB% AF’);’ href = ‘javascript: ; ‘target = _self & gt; One of the most iconic brands in culture. In 1974, Hamilton watch joined the world’s largest watch group-The Swatch Group, Switzerland. With the Swiss-made quality assurance and The Swatch Group’s group advantages, Hamilton has become the preferred brand for mechanical watch entry with unique personality. .
◆ Sapphire crystal mirror
◆ Movement: 7750 automatic movement
◆ Table diameter: 44mm
◆ Date / Day large window
◆ Case: Stainless steel
◆ Strap: stainless steel bracelet, stainless steel black synthetic bracelet, tread rubber strap
◆ Dial color: white or black
◆ Daily waterproof: 10ATM