Month: October 2015

Smart And Elegant Tag Heuer Watch

In the 152-year history of TAG Heuer, there are no shortage of pioneers with pioneering spirit and pioneering spirit. From Juan Fangio to Steve McQueen, they always stand at the forefront of the times, witnessing every A peak moment is coming; they have achieved excellence, but they never stop exploring. U.S. President Obama wears TAG Heuer watch
    This brand spirit has become more exciting after many generations of interpretation. In the 2012 U.S. general election, the two candidates, Obama and Romney, stood out and became hot topics. Interestingly, they continued to attack each other’s political opinions in the general election, but they always agreed to wear watch TAG Heuer was selected. When they wore TAG Heuer to talk about their insights in their speeches, the innate leadership charm and unique self-confidence and wisdom will undoubtedly become a new generation of model.
TAG Heuer watch
    The ambitious reforms of the current President Barack Obama have left a deep impression on people, and his unconventional personality has also made him the embodiment of chasing dreams and dare to challenge. As the first black president in American history and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama’s pioneering spirit coincides with TAG Heuer. As early as four years ago, Obama wore the TAG Heuer diving watch to participate in the election. Nowadays, when Obama rolls up his sleeves, we can still see the figure of snorkeling. It can be said that TAG Heuer has witnessed this classic all the way The American Dream came true step by step. According to the calculations, the submersible watch has been with Obama for more than a decade. The reason why he still chooses it is precisely the stable and stable performance, and the high performance can be familiar with the fast-paced high-pressure life. grasp.
Romney wears TAG Heuer watch
    Unlike Obama, Romney, who abandoned business and politics, successfully shaped a calm, elegant, and savvy gentleman image, but the hardworking spirit of ‘who is who he is’ has made him stand out at every critical juncture and achieved extraordinary results. Many years of experience in the business world have given Romney deeper insights in the fields of education and employment. His innovation and bravery are reflected in medical care, social welfare, etc., and he has the courage to seek more benefits for the American middle class. Compared to Obama’s brick and brick American dream, Romney just represents the typical American middle class. They have received a good education, behaved elegantly and confidently; they traveled through the jungles of modern cities, harnessed their dreams and enjoyed life. The TAG Heuer Lincoln series is their best choice. The classic S bracelet is like a liquid metal design, which is very urban. The smart, lightweight appearance is equipped with a high-performance movement, which adds confidence to this calm and elegant crowd.
TAG Heuer watch
    It is indisputable that both Obama and Romney are leaders of wise men and brave men, who are demonstrating the innovative spirit, pioneering spirit and endless exploration and advancement of TAG Heuer. Regardless of the success or failure of the hero, every hero is worthy of our applause!


Alternative Flip Watch Jaeger-lecoultre Q3738420 Watch

Jacques watch attaches great importance to the perfect fusion of technology and design, interpreting the charm of the watch from many aspects. After becoming accustomed to conventional watch styles, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch perfectly integrates ‘less is more’ into the design, turning the circle into a square, combining art and technology, multiple lines overlapping, showing the industrial appearance of product design. With rational and abstract design concepts. Today, Xiao Bian brings you this alternative watch.
 Jaeger-LeCoultre Q3738420

 The Reverso watch model with a reversible case, a simple geometric shape and a unique style is a well-known representative of fine watchmaking art. The large-size version of this timeless classic watch clearly expresses masculinity. The silver or black dial of the watch is exquisite and exquisite, which incorporates a wide variety of meticulous watchmaking techniques, highlighting its noble and elegant style. The transparent bottom cover reveals the movement.
 The elegant dial is double-finished, the edges are brushed and polished, and the interior is decorated with Parisian studs. These two areas are demarcated by the famous ‘train track’ minute scale ring. In addition, the small seconds at 6 o’clock adds elegance to the overall dial, while also emphasizing the accuracy of the movement. The back of the watch is equipped with a transparent caseback, which reveals the manual-winding mechanical movement. It is the latest model of the Jaeger-LeCoultre 970 movement series, which includes a variable inertia balance, which further guarantees time stability and high-frequency performance. The hour hand can be adjusted individually using the crown.

 Summary: Less is more is the best annotation of the watchmaking style of that era. For a long time, the Bauhaus style was regarded as a classic of modernism. This Jaeger-LeCoultre watch is also heavily influenced by it, using alternative technologies to display multiple styles, and the small dial is infinitely changeable.
 Watch details reference: lecoultre / 10193 /