When it comes to Audemars Piguet, everyone is most familiar with the Royal Oak series. The octagonal case has fascinated many people. In addition to this classic series, Audemars Piguet also has multiple product series. The watch introduced this time is a starry watch in the Millennium series. The oval case design is inspired by the Roman Colosseum and has a bold design style. The oval case makes the watch a stage for display, outlines a world where the imagination is free, and allows Audemars Piguet’s craftsmen to freely exert their endless creativity. Official model: 77315BC.ZZ.D007SU.01

   Since ancient times, sao people have always loved to look up at the heavens and feel it, whether it is the never-ending round dance of stars, dancing alternately in four seasons, or the mystery of the moon and the power of the sun. Painters and photographers have also used this material to create beautiful works. Countless fairy tales make thousands of children all over the world yearn for it. For watchmakers, celestial movement is also the main source of inspiration. From their careful observation of the laws of the sun and the moon, concepts such as time units and calendars have emerged, which led to the birth of the first clock. Today, Audemars Piguet created the Millennium Star Watch as a tribute to the beauty of the sky.

   The oval white gold case with diamonds gently supports the eccentric dial on the right, like a dark blue night sky, dotted with stars. Five star-studded diamond-marked stars reflect the beautiful blue large Arabic numerals. The white gold polished and polished three-dimensional faceted hour and minute hands span the two areas of starry night and crescent moon, and the second hand that ends in a ring is made of more subtle rose gold.

   A meteor illuminates the starry sky, and the gradual trajectory subtly hints at the power reserve display function: a rose gold shiny polished three-dimensional faceted small hand facing the meteor indicates the power reserve status of the watch’s winding.

   At 6 o’clock, there is a pointer date display. The Arabic numerals are marked as a brilliant gold ring around the city. The wavy hands in the center indicate the date with a golden star-shaped tip.

   The moon phase display function is set at 9 o’clock between the mother-of-pearl crescent moon and the blue night sky. The golden moon is hidden under the colorful clouds of white mother-of-pearl.

   A 39.5 mm diameter 18K white gold bezel and lugs are set with a total of 112 round diamonds, weighing about 1.05 carats, shining brightly, echoing the starry sky.

   The crown is centered on the side of the white gold case, and the top is set with sapphire. Audemars Piguet has always adhered to the principle of high-quality watchmaking. It is one of the few watch factories that provides independent diamond warranty. It guarantees that each Audemars Piguet diamond watch uses the top quality F (Top Wesselton) and the clarity IF grade (no internal Defective) Top Diamond or Natural Sapphire.

   The night-blue matte satin-folded strap, as if walking into a dense fog, has a V-shaped crack at the end. Exclusive 18K white gold AP lettering with two-piece folding clasp set with round diamonds.

   The watch is specially equipped with Audemars Piguet’s exclusive Cal.3120 self-winding movement, which gives it more complex functions, becoming a 3123/3908 movement with power reserve display and moon phase display. The movement is visible on the back of the transparent sapphire cover, and the high-end movement decorated with handwork also has a special decoration: the automatic plate is engraved with the family emblem of the Audemars and Piguet families.

Summary: This Audemars Piguet Starry Sky Watch is designed to be avant-garde and modern. Stars and shooting stars are embedded in the oval clock, so that the beautiful starry sky is condensed on your wrist, to accompany you through every day and night. Watches are gorgeous and colorful without losing connotation, and they will surely win the love of many people. This watch is currently on sale at Audemars Piguet Beijing Xinguangtiandi, with a reference price of 420,000 yuan. Friends who like it may wish to try it in the store in person to experience the charm of Audemars Piguet’s high-end boutique watches. Official watch model: 77315BC.ZZ.D007SU.01 (watch home figure / text source)
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