Month: April 2015

Innovation On Traditional Elements Lange Handwerkskunst Watch

Three years ago, Lange released the first mechanical wrist Lange Zeitwerk with a constant-power escapement to support accurate word display. Since then, this award-winning watch has become one of the brand’s most successful products. The special edition watch with the title of Handwerkskunst has set a new peak for this series.

Lange adds traditional elements to its most advanced watches. Lange Zeitwerk’s limited edition of 30 watches showcases the finest Saxony craftsmanship. This special edition watch is only available exclusively in Lange boutiques. The meticulous case, dial and movement decoration, as well as its Glashütte lever escapement show the craftsmanship and watchmaking skills of this Saxony watch factory. These traditional elements have made many technological innovations in this exquisite masterpiece.
精致 The dial in white gold and black rhodium is decorated with delicate Tremblage carvings. The engraver sculpted a special lined engraving knife with a unique and multi-angle movement across the dial surface by hand, creating a delicate and vivid grainy texture. This is a huge challenge for the sculptor: the curved Lange logo and the letters of the power reserve display must be balanced on this uneven surface. The rhodium-plated German silver time bridge polished in a straight line also contrasts with the black dial. German silver, which has always been used to make bridges and plywood, is one of Lange’s materials for manufacturing movements. As part of the dial, the time bridge surrounds all time displays: a large white jump-type hour and minute display, and a small seconds dial made of solid silver. The combination of these precious metals is most dazzling with its platinum case. The Lange signature, case number and limited number on the case back are also engraved by hand
. Through the sapphire crystal case back of Lange Zeitwerk Handwerk-s-kunst, you can admire the extremely precise built-in movement L043.4. In addition to Lange’s classic 3/4 plywood and screw-fixed gold sleeve, It also has a number of artistic decorations: the 3/4 splint made of untreated German silver is decorated with a granular surface and hand-engraved lettering; the Lange signature on the barrel is embossed: this craft requires an engraver The main body is cut out of the material to make it look like a relief; the balance wheel and escapement plywood are also decorated with special hand carving. The top of the bridge of the constant power escapement is also treated with the most delicate and time-consuming black polishing technique. The Glashütte lever escapement in the watch is a tribute to the Lange tradition of the 19th century. Its levers and escapement wheels are made of enhanced 18K gold. The advantage of this material is its magnetic resistance, and the widely used diamagnetic alloy was not invented at that time. The lever is designed to maintain balance in any position. Its pawls are hidden and slightly curved to reduce friction with the escape wheel. All these subtle and perfectly used designs make this precise watch. This generation of Lange watchmakers used one of Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s most important inventions to make this watch; for them, it was an extremely attractive challenge.一款 This exclusive and limited edition collection of 30 pieces is only available at seven Lange brand stores worldwide. Lange Zeitwerk Handwerk-s-kunst was officially opened in Lange on September 26, 2012. The brand store in Dubai Mall, one of the world’s largest shopping malls, was officially announced.


Swatch Launches 2018 Autumn And Winter Series

Leading the trend, colorful, shining: SWATCH launches new autumn and winter 2018 series

 Reinventing a long history and vision of a distant future is the best way to innovate, activate the imagination, and enhance the sense of resonance. This is the essence of Swatch’s new autumn and winter series. We explain the three connections in this series with three different themes: urban trends blending with local craftsmanship, bright colors and simple designs, and low-key styles contrasting with vivid interpretations, highlighting the eternal style of Swatch, full of fun and colorful life .

 In this interconnected world, the distance between people has been shortened to a click. The whole world lives next to each other. Worldhood at your fingertips has many different ways of presentation: inspiration from around the world is presented in this series wonderfully, turning fantasy into reality, combining consensus with new ideas, art Blend with craftsmanship. World-renowned museums open their doors to Swatch, paving the way for creative reproduction of classic art. Knitted imitation watches send a playful tribute to modern classics; the black-and-white watch focuses on the original practical design, using meticulous polishing technology to tell the brand story.

 More colors, more fun, more fantasy. Think Fun, with its authentic Swatch DNA, explodes with colors, shapes and stripes with a vibrant design. Bold style fits perfectly with simple geometric shapes; exquisite Swarovski gemstones add dazzling brilliance to solid-color watches; stitch and patch elements blend beautifully with denim style.

 The red carpet has been rolled out, waiting for Deep Wonder to shine in the eye-catching colors that illuminate the night. Rich colors with extremely high quality European fabrics and sparkling crystals, let it shine!

SKIN Ultra Thin Series

Mother’s Day Special

BRIT-IN British style




IRONY metal series

Swatch Time


2018 Swatch Club Special


Ulysse Nardin’s Philosophy Of Crafts In Athens, Switzerland

Ulysse Nardin has entered its 170th anniversary in Athens, Switzerland. It has six unique collections and a number of mechanical watch patents. It has forward-looking design and cutting-edge technology materials, and masters innovative watchmaking techniques. And craftsmanship, unique. This year, the brand has continued to be in the highest hall of horological competitions-the 15th Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, known as the “ Oscars in the Watch Industry ”, and the 9th Mexico International High-level Watch Salon (International Salon of Haute Horology) and Italian professional watch magazine L’Orologio and other three major watch industry competitions, the Ulysse Anchor Tourbillon Athens anchor tourbillon watch won the best tourbillon watch, 2015 Grand Prix of the Year and Orologio dell’Anno 2015 Tourbillon Category Grand Prix. The brand Stranger Vivildi Music Watch won the award of the best technical innovation watch in the Middle East Annual Watch Contest, completely revealing the strength of the Swiss Athens watch as a pioneer of innovative timepieces.

The CEO of Athens Watch He Bokai received the best tourbillon watch at the GPHG Geneva Watch Awards.
Anchor escapement-Athens anchor tourbillon
   The Ulysse Anchor Tourbillon watch is undoubtedly a model of mechanical watchmaking technology. It not only combines gold and enamel, but also breaks the traditional design with the Ulysse Anchor Escapement. Table method. This silicon-developed ‘Athens anchor constant swing type’ escapement, which was exclusively developed in 8 years, uses the function of the escapement to make the balance wheel oscillate constantly without being affected by external forces; such a complicated and compact structure assembly In a tourbillon that rotates once in 60 seconds, its device frame includes 35 parts, but the weight does not exceed 0.4 grams. Regardless of the reserve power of the two connected barrels, the swing of this extraordinary oscillatory swing mechanism can be maintained constant. Through the large viewing window at 6 o’clock, you can enjoy the beautiful attitude of the tourbillon.

   Ulysse Anchor Toubillon 18K rose gold case, 44mm diameter, carbon fiber dial, homemade UN-178 movement, silicon anchor constant swing escapement, double barrel, 7th power reserve, hours, minutes, power reserve display, tourbillon device, sapphire crystal glass and back cover, waterproof 30 meters, crocodile leather strap, 18K platinum, each limited to 18 pieces.

   Ulysse Anchor Toubillon 18K platinum case, 44mm diameter, blue enamel dial, homemade UN-178 manual winding movement, silicon anchor constant swing escapement, double barrel , 7th power reserve, hours, minutes, power reserve display, tourbillon device, sapphire crystal glass and back cover, waterproof 30 meters, crocodile leather strap, and 18K rose gold models, each limited to 18.
   Athens watch’s advanced watchmaking technology is amazing, and in 2015, it won the recognition of the ‘Best Tourbillon Watch of the Year’ in many international awards. The silicon power constant escapement escapement has been completely changed from energy transmission to the adjustment system, improving the accuracy of the watch, and the case, dial, and hands are all set with traditional elegant design. It is a fusion of tradition and innovation. Best testimony. The white large open flame enamel surface has been sold out worldwide. The black carbon fiber and blue enamel surface with rose gold or white gold case are limited to 18 pieces each.

Athens anchored constant swing escapement made of silicon.
Listening time-Vivaldi Music Watch
   The Stranger Vivaldi music watch is equipped with the UN-690 silicon technology movement developed by the brand. In addition to its unique winding method and simple adjustment method, it can also press the music button at the hour and at the same time. At the same time, play the melody of ‘Spring’ in the famous classic ‘Four Seasons’ by the famous baroque composer Vivaldi! The original commemorative emblem engraved on the case back proves again that this watch is a masterpiece of the Athenian Music Watch. Its production is inspired by the traditional music box. The watchmaker’s concept of turning the mechanical movement of the music box through the clockwork to make sound, and the rotation of the watch’s movement during operation drives the circular dial on the surface to rotate. And then, the concept of playing music by turning the blade-shaped metal reed is combined with each other, and a moving piece of music will be composed at all times, so that the wearer also appreciates the time.

   Stranger Vivaldi Musical Watch 18K rose gold case, 45 mm diameter, self-winding movement UN-690, silicon escapement, anchor escapement and balance spring, 48-hour power reserve, hour , Minutes, small seconds, date display, hourly / instant music sounding function, sapphire crystal glass surface, waterproof 30 meters, leather strap, limited to 99.

   Stranger in the Night Midnight Stranger Music Watch 18K White Gold Case, 45mm Diameter, Homemade UN-690 Automatic Movement, Silicon Escapement, Anchor Escapement and Hairspring, 48-Hour Power Reserve, Hours, Minutes, small seconds, date display, hourly / instant music sounding function, sapphire crystal glass surface, waterproof 30 meters, leather strap, limited to 99 pieces.