In the first two issues, we have summarized the most sophisticated and most innovative watches in this year’s new SIHH products. Honestly, these watches are not only expensive, but also scarce, and many of them are limited. We They may not be able to see each other, so let’s just take a look. They are all for the rich and wealthy ladies. For most people, those watches that are not so expensive but have new elements are more worthy of our attention. We do n’t buy watches for investment collection or to inherit them. Under the premise that we like them It’s nice to show it. So, this time, we have found those models that are not so high and the prices are not so exaggerated. You can pay attention to them.
Baume & Mercier’s first self-produced movement

Baume & Mercier Collection

   In the entire SIHH, Baume & Mercier is the most entry-level brand, with prices starting at more than 10,000 yuan, and it is the most acceptable brand. All along, Baume & Mercier watches use externally supplied movements, mainly from ETA, SW, high-quality movements from Vaucher and DD, and some externally cooperated highly complex watches. This year, Baume & Mercier brought for the first time a self-produced movement, the BM12-1975A, which was more fancy in polishing, and at a glance it was quite different from the previous movement. As a new movement, of course, there must be some highlights. The new movement of Baume & Mercier uses a silicon hairspring and has a power reserve of 120 hours. The most critical are these two characteristics. It is used to match the Swatch Group 80 movement, which is 50% more power than the 80 movement. Of course, in terms of price, the brand-new Cristoton watch with the Observatory certification is priced at 20,800 yuan. The 80 movement has not yet reached the level of Longines, and the observatory certification is thousands of yuan.

   The new movement is important to Baume & Mercier, it is no longer considered a brand with only design and assembly capabilities, and it has greatly improved the brand image. This is also this year’s SIHH, which is a watch that is easy to get started. As for the performance of the new movement and whether the quality is stable, it takes time to judge, but as the brand’s first self-produced movement watch, when you wear it, it is still more respectable, not to mention its 5-year warranty.
IWC Ever Upgrades Portuguese Chronograph

   Another watch worthy of attention this year is the Portuguese meter of IWC. Because Portuguese meter has become famous for a long time, everyone has already recognized it very much. Using the revised 7750 movement, the old Portuguese meter has a public price of more than 50,000. Make it very popular, after all, its brand is famous, the design is very balanced and beautiful, and the price is relatively reasonable among similar watches of the same level. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the IWC brand. I originally thought that some special models would be released and the new movement would be almost the same. I never thought IWC would upgrade Portugal.

   The layout of the new Portuguese meter dial is the same as the old model. The difference is that the old model is a three-dimensional metal scale with Arabic numerals and the new model is lacquered. So I think that the dial is not as good as the old model. At the same time, the brand is equipped with the brand-made 69535 automatic winding movement, which is an entry-level chronograph movement produced by IWC to replace the old chronograph movement. It uses a column-wheel clutch structure. The overall feeling is very similar to the 7750. Like, but it’s actually different. We have introduced this article before. Then the IWC meter equipped with the new movement forms a very direct difference from the old model. In addition to the dial, the greater difference is the new transparent bottom, the old model is dense, you can’t see the movement, you can now Appreciating the movement, just this change is enough to make many people go after the new style. In terms of price, the new model is expected to cost more than 60,000, which will be slightly more expensive than the old model.
Benefits for girls Panerai Luminor Due 755
   From the Panerai launch of the Luminor Due series in 2016, we can clearly feel that Panerai’s watches are getting smaller. The previous minimum size was 42 mm, plus the crown bridge and pillow structure. Thickness makes Panerai not friendly enough for the small wrist crowd. After the launch of the Luminor Due series, the size is much thinner. It is also interesting to choose Huo Jianhua’s endorsement. Huo Jianhua is not a muscular man himself. He can wear Panerai, so many domestic men can control it.

   This year Panerai again made the size smaller, the case diameter came to 38 mm, although Panerai has always emphasized that the brand does not make women’s watches, but the rich strap color, it is also clearly prepared for the female market. This watch is very popular in this 38mm Panerai this year, because it has a green strap and a sunray gray dial, which is very cool. Although many girls like to wear Panerai before, it is indeed the size of the watch Not so friendly to them, then 38mm will definitely allow Panerai to play a key role in the women’s market. Dear Ladies and girls, your ‘fat sea’ is here, and the price should be between 40,000 and 50,000. between.
Montblanc Timewalker Chronograph

Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph

   Speaking of chronographs, although everyone’s favorite this year may be the single-button chronograph of the 1858 series, after all, that watch is limited to only 100 pieces and it is a Minerva movement, which won’t be so easy to come by. So we chose this more grounded Montblanc Timewalker chronograph. For a long time, there are mainly four types of Montblanc chronographs, one is the high-end Minerva chronograph, the other is the high-end Nicholas Kaiser chronograph, and the other two are conventional chronographs using externally supplied movements A regular chronograph with a homemade movement. Then this year Montblanc added a new watch, a timewalker chronograph with its own movement. This watch has two characteristics. The first is the design. It uses a panda plate, a smoke-colored transparent caseback, a knurled PVD crown, and a black ceramic outer ring. These elements reflect its strong racing style. It is its purpose, to trace back to the golden age of motorsport. The second feature is the use of a self-made chronograph movement and a transparent bottom design, which has a good performance in terms of visual, technological value and complexity.
The price is closer to Vacheron Constantin’s 4600E watch

Vacheron Constantin FIFTYSIX® Calendar

   This year, Vacheron Constantin is very exciting. In addition to launching highly sophisticated and artistic loft artisan watches, there are also art master hot-air balloon watches with a humanistic aesthetic. At the same time, it also launched a new series that is more intimate. -Wu Lu’s type. We all know that Vacheron Constantin is one of the three classic watchmaking brands and has been passed down for more than 250 years. This is not only in watches, but also in all fields, it can be regarded as a company with a long history. The new Wulu model will adjust the public price of Vacheron Constantin watches to 90,000, which will allow more table friends to access Vacheron Constantin.

   This Wulu-type 4600E watch uses a stainless steel case and crocodile leather strap. It only has a calendar and a normal time display in function. It is the most basic model in the series. It is equipped with a Vacheron Constantin 1326 automatic winding machine. The core, hollow K gold automatic oscillating weight, and fine workmanship ensure its value and craftsmanship as a top brand watch. At the same time, in order to make the price easy to accept, it has not applied for the Geneva Seal certification. The power is also a regular 48 hours, the number of parts is 142, and the number of gems is 25. The data is more conventional, which is why it is more affordable. The advantage is that everyone can more easily own Vacheron Constantin, the only way to understand a brand, and the initial dream of liking a brand.
Romantic entry for the midnight starry of the Lange-Saxony collection
   Lange, this year also has a very beautiful entry-level watch. In recent years, Lange often produces Saxony ultra-thin watches. This is Lange’s most entry-level watch, manual movement, ultra-thin case, two Needle function, Barton time scale, not too much complicated decoration, but retains Lange’s most representative brand elements, and its public price, more than 110,000, is Lange’s cheapest watch. This year, Lange added a new Saxony ultra-thin watch, but it has changed a little bit, that is, the dial.


   The most fascinating part of the new watch is the midnight starry sky dial. The dial is made of solid silver, and the thin aventurine glass is faintly flashing. This refining process can be traced back to Venice in the 17th century. The fine copper oxide crystals reveal a deep blue tone and a well-designed refraction effect, reminiscent of the stars in the midnight blue sky. A dark blue hand-stitched alligator leather strap completes the watch. White 18K gold case material, built-in Lange homemade L093.1 manual winding movement, thickness is only 2.9 mm, but the flat barrel can provide 72 hours of power, meticulous workmanship and performance, this watch is indeed worth looking forward to.
Tough Guy Online Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph

   This year marks the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore. European countries like to use Quarter, so the 25th, 50th, 75th, and 100th anniversary are their big days, and of course they will also be celebrated every tenth. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore type has become more and more popular in recent years. Although everyone still likes the Royal Oak, we can still be sure of the success of the offshore type. It is more dazzling and has a stronger sense of design than the Royal Oak. The sense of movement is more prominent, the body size is larger, and the sense of technology and concept are also more impactful. These have made it very different from the Royal Oak. Compared with it, the Royal Oak looks a lot more gentleman.

   This watch is a new offshore chronograph this year, with a 44 mm case size. It is characterized by color matching, a stainless steel case with black ceramic rings, a very sexy, pink gold dial is very bright, very prominent, At the same time, its strap is a camouflage strap, which is very Man. Many men have been in the military plot since childhood. The camouflage strap of this watch suddenly releases the wildness and strength of the man’s bones. So this watch is better than design success, not new technology. But the Royal Oak offshore type, relying on these new design elements, is enough to make it very attractive. Combined with Audemars Piguet’s outstanding watchmaking technology, this watch should be very popular this year, the public price is 31,000 US dollars, RMB 20 Come here.
Summary: In addition to the new Montblanc limited edition of 100 pieces which is difficult to buy (but it is special and worthy of recommendation), although the country’s Portuguese meter (blue plate, white plate each) is limited to 2000 pieces, but this quantity It’s not that small, it’s not too difficult to pay more attention to the market. The rest are not limited edition watches, and the prices are more basic in their respective brands. Friends who like it can pay more attention.