Jimmy said in his work ‘A flower blooms every day in my heart’: ‘Falling in the deep well, I shouted aloud and waited for rescue. It was dark and I bowed my head, only to find that the water surface was full of flashes Starlight. I encountered the most beautiful surprise in the deepest despair. ‘

  When in the dazzling watch market, the random flowers are gradually fascinating and I don’t know how to choose, Igor can always give the most beautiful surprise-Bosch Moon Phase series Starry Night and Xinghe two new men’s watches, proudly listed. Continuing the design of the 30mm panoramic see-through bottom cover and 80 hours of long-term kinetic energy reserve of the Bosch series, while drawing inspiration from the stars and the moon in the vast universe, it hits a bright spark.

(AGELOCER) Aigle Bosch / Bosch Moon Phase Series Automatic Mechanical Watch

Movement type: automatic machinery
Power reserve: 80H
Dial material: metal copper embryo, fine matte, silver-plated frost particles, oil painting
Case diameter: 40MM
Case thickness: 11MM
Waterproof depth: 50M
Watch Features: Panoramic Moon Phase (showing the entire process of moon phase profit and loss)

  Inspired by Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, it naturally reveals the beauty of the elegant and mysterious universe. Van Gogh’s crazy flowing brushstrokes in Starry Night turned into a unique three-dimensional painting proudly displayed on the dial. Another panoramic moon phase design is used to enlarge the traditional moon phase watch to the entire dial, showing the mysterious beauty of the vast universe. The silver sculpted lunar surface adjacent to it has unevenness, which brings out the true scene of the moon.

  The ancients had ‘Chang’e running to the moon’ and ‘watching the homesickness of the moon.’ It can be seen that the moon’s position in the people’s hearts. Compared with the sun, the moon does not seem so strong and enthusiastic, but a kind of softness. It adds to its mysterious color. With the rotation of the hands, the moon is gradually full from the initial new moon, until the middle of the month shows a full moon state, and then gradually turns into a meniscus, showing the full profit and loss of the moon phase. Coupled with platinum-plated steel nails & scale nails, simple and pure, sharp lines. With the current popular black alligator Italian leather strap, black and white, elegant.

  Unlike the crazy imagination of the Starry Night Watch, this Galaxy Watch is more calm and stable. The large 40mm dial bears the deep blue galaxy night sky and bright little stars, showing a more vast universe. Rose gold hands make the reading more clear. The entire watch shines in the charm of rose gold, and with a brown crocodile Italian leather strap, it is low-key and elegant.

When the sun is refracted on the crystal-clear Mo-style sapphire crystal, it makes the whole watch shine. With a 316L stainless steel case and a unique drawing process, the watch is more durable. The exquisite four-leaf clover LOGO crown brings blessing and luck together, combining spiritualism and materialism. Refined and quality.

  Through the panoramic large back caseback engraved with delicate Geneva pattern, you can clearly see the brand-made Swiss CAL.A4610 automatic mechanical movement, equipped with 27 ruby ​​bearings, fine polishing of the Geneva pattern and fish scale pattern supplemented with cornflower grilling The blue steel screws are embellished, and the details are vivid and elegant. The 80-hour kinetic energy reserve guarantees a long battery life. An efficient two-way winding system guarantees sufficient power sources. The ingenuity is exquisite.

  The mysterious beauty of the vast universe and the mystery of time are all condensed in this side of the world, the moon and stars are within reach. Go with the ‘Xinghe Full Moon’ all the way and give you the most beautiful surprise in the dull.