‘The sky is blue and so on, and I am waiting for you. The smoke is rising and the river is thousands of miles away.’ The classic Chinese style described in Jay Chou’s ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ has affected a generation of Chinese. From now on, he will bring a new identity, the global spokesman of Tudor, and blow the Chinese wind to every corner of the world.

 Today, TUDOR announced that Jay Chou is the global spokesperson for the brand. This is another influential spokesperson who joined Tudor after Beckham and Lady Gaga.

 ‘Born by nature’-not sticking to one identity. Jay Chou made his debut as a singer-songwriter, but he is also an actor who has appeared in excellent movie works such as ‘City Full of Golden Armor’, ‘Unspeakable Secrets’, ‘Initial D’, etc .; the film ‘ ‘The Secret That Cannot Be Told’ is a self-directed and self-directed work. Regardless of whether he is an actor, director or singer, Jay Chou dares to break through and challenge himself. In life, I took my mother Ye Huimei to the show, and exposed the daily life of her daughter and wife Kun Ling on the ins … and let us see the side of his family’s petting wife. The multifaceted and dare to break through is also one of the reasons why Tudor chose Jay Chou.

 ‘What is born to dare to do? Loyal to the classics but uneasy about the status quo, and constantly break through and strive for innovation. Born to do, is the life philosophy of brave men who dare to be enterprising, fearless, and constantly innovating.

 ‘Talent doesn’t mean anything, I just born to dare to do it’-from Jay Chou.

New Tudor Basel 2018-Tudor 1926 Collection
 On March 22nd local time, the much watched Baselworld 2018 will be held. In the picture, Jay Chou’s new 2018 Tudor Basel-Tudor 1926 series will also be released at this exhibition. Friends who like it may wish to go to the watch exhibition site with the watch home to see the true content.