Zhou Bichang, a popular singer in the Chinese music scene, both in her personal work and in the show recording. The insistence on good music is very strict. It is this persistence and her sincere disposition that have won the favor of a large number of fans, and also resonated with the audience. Program ratings skyrocketed, not only often breaking the charts in the Mainland, but also to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Let more fans in Asia can jointly appreciate the truth and charm of Zhou Bichang. It is this characteristic that coincides with the excellence of Bucherer’s watchmaking career. Adhering to the century-old royal watchmaking technology, it has brought accurate timepieces to generations of watch lovers, grow together and accompany glory. Zhou Bichang wore a Carl F. Bucherer watch brand, the PATRAVI Calendar weekly watch, with an extraordinary momentum and a superstar.

Plavi Calendar

 The Bucherer Plavi Calendar Calendar watch has a concise design and a straightforward personality. In addition to the practical functions of large date display, day of the week display, and small second dial display, the classic round dial is set to display the year and week number, and the pointer indicating the current calendar week is creative! Different from the normal 52-week weekday display, the Bucherer-made CFB A1004 caliber has a 53-week display for this watch, which brings strong winding kinetic energy. The dial layout is neat and generous, and the layout of each function is fully displayed.

About CFB A1004 Homemade Movement

┬áThe CFB A1004 movement loaded in the Plavi Calendar is evolved from the watchmaker’s revolutionary new movement, the CFB A1000. For many years, Bucherer has been researching and developing the CFB A1000 self-made movement to witness a new milestone in watchmaking. The precise internal structure of the movement is visible at a glance under the revolutionary unique peripheral winding rotor (Peripheral rotor). And the new suspension system (DSA) and double-adjustment system (CDAS) are perfect, both of which have won world patents, and are proud of their peers.