Month: August 2013

The Longines International Horse Federation Venue Obstacle China’s First Stop In The Chinese League Ends

On the 27th, the first leg of the 2014 Longines International Horse Federation Obstacles World Cup China League ended, and French player Roger-Yves Bost won the championship.

 The 2014 Longines International Horse Federation (FEI) venue obstacle World Cup China League First World Cup (150CM) came to an end at the Chaoyang Park Equestrian Stadium. In the end, French rider Roger-Yves Bost relied on exquisite riding and rich racing experience to ride the wavanta. In the playoffs (JUMP OFF) with a minimum time of 43 seconds and 48 seconds to complete the zero penalty, and finally won the championship, winning the 2014 Longines International Horse Federation (FEI) venue obstacle World Cup China League First World Cup (150CM) championship. New Zealand rider Luke Dee came in second, and Chinese rider Liu Tongyan came in third. Xiao Tian, ​​Vice Chairman of the Chinese Olympic Committee and Chairman of the Chinese Equestrian Association, presented the award to the winning rider, accompanied by Sven Holmberg, the representative of the International Equestrian Federation and the referee of this event. Ye Qingfeng, Longines China Marketing Director, also attended the award ceremony and presented the champion rider with a designated watch for this race. This watch is a Compaq stainless steel rose gold chronograph watch. This watch is perfect. Presents the traditional and exquisite watchmaking technology of the Longines brand.

Horses have a very close relationship with humans throughout history. Today, horse riding is not just an art. As the only sport where two lives work together for one goal, equestrian has become a science combined with elegance. This long-established and elegant sport is The 1900 Summer Olympics were officially included in the competition. Since the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, with the development of China’s economy, Chinese equestrian has entered a period of rapid development. The holding of the Longines International Horse Federation venue obstacle World Cup China League means that we will appreciate an internationally standardized equestrian event, so that everyone can see many wonderful horseback performances. This means that not only are more and more Chinese equestrian events, but also more and more international, and the more frequent exchanges with the international community, it has also led to the improvement of the overall level of Chinese equestrian events.

In the morning, it took the lead in the two levels of youth and horse races (60-90CM) and (110-120CM) and the first round of young Marseille (100-120CM). The riders showed us the promising future of Chinese equestrian with wonderful performance. As Ms. Shen Lihong, deputy director of the Bicycle Fencing Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sport and vice chairman of the Chinese Equestrian Association, spoke at the scene: ‘The Chinese Equestrian Association hopes that through the Equestrian World Cup, everyone will truly understand the spirit and connotation of equestrian sports. The contribution equestrian brings to human beings, including the social and spiritual, including the positive effects on young people. We have been committed to actively guiding everyone to correctly understand equestrianism. It is not just a sport, it is more for our people and society. To social economy. I think we should increase profits in the promotion and rely on the event as a platform to let everyone including the sponsor know more about the sport. ‘

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, with the appearance of Chinese rider Huang Zuping on the LILI02 appearance, the 2014 Longines International Horse Federation (FEI) venue obstacles World Cup China League First World Cup (150CM) officially began. As a rider of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Huang Zuping only hit a crossbar on the 11th obstacle and was eventually fined 4 points to complete the game in 80 seconds 26. The second Chinese rider, Zhu Meimei, also completed the game with a time of 78 seconds and 01 on a crossbar. Huang Zuping’s eleventh obstacle also became the ‘nightmare’ of the next few riders. Several riders made mistakes on this obstacle and affected the next course. The 12th Chinese rider Zhao Zhiwen completed the first zero penalty for today’s game. He rode BOLERO in 74 seconds and 93 to complete the game, and entered the playoffs (JUMP OFF) with this excellent result. Although the 16th French rider Roger-Yves Bost played well in the first day of the World Cup qualifiers, he showed the style of a mature Olympic champion rider in today’s game. He took 75 seconds 61, Riding wavanta qualified for the play-off with zero penalty points. After him Italian rider Jerry Smit drove washingtou and Chinese rider Liu Tongyan, New Zealand rider Luke Dee and Chinese rider Zhang Rui all entered the final round.

After fifteen minutes of leveling the ground, the 2014 Longines International Horse Federation (FEI) venue barrier World Cup China League First World Cup (150CM) playoff game officially started. The play-off is to leave seven obstacles on the basis of the main race. If everyone does not hit the crossbar, the rider with the shortest time will win the final victory. Zhao Zhiwen, the first player to play, was penalized for 4 points because of too much pursuit of speed. He finally finished the game in 45 seconds 74. Roger-Yves Bost made his second appearance. He completed the playoffs with a perfect performance of 43 seconds 48 without hitting an obstacle, and won the championship of the Equestrian World Cup (150CM) with this result. Luke Dee’s penultimate appearance, despite being a zero penalty, took 46 seconds and 13 slightly longer than Roger-Yves Bost, ranking second, and Liu Tongyan (49 seconds 33 with zero penalty) ranked third. The fourth to eighth are: Italian rider Jerry Smit, Chinese rider Zhao Zhiwen, Zhang Rui, Qin Lin and Zhu Meimei.

The winner of the 2014 Longines International Horse Federation (FEI) venue obstacle World Cup China League World Cup (150CM) is wearing a victory horse.

At the press conference after the race, Roger-Yves Bost was very happy with today’s results. He only got in touch with his horse wavanta last Friday and was able to complete the JUMP OFF race as quickly as possible. He is very grateful to himself. Horses. The young Luke Dee was unwilling to fail with a 3 second difference, but he also expected to better cooperate with the horse through the following training and win more victories. As the winner of the first two races, Chinese rider Liu Tongyan felt that the pressure of today’s race was relatively high. ‘I have done my best, because there are too many excellent international riders in this competition. I will absorb today’s mistakes in grasping the race time. Continue to work hard for the next race. The conditions on the field are very good. From today’s race, we can see that the riders have performed to their level. I believe the next race will be more exciting. ‘

As the referee of this event, Mr. Sven Holmberg, the representative of FIFA, was very satisfied with the 2014 Longines FEI venue obstacle World Cup China League. ‘This year’s tournament facilities are very international. Chaoyang Park has convenient transportation and pleasant surroundings. The facilities including the stables, training grounds, and playing fields are very professional. As for the organization of the event, I have been the referee of the Equestrian World Cup China League since the first year. I can see this This event grows every year in terms of organization. No one in the world is perfect, so there are many details that need to be improved. This also needs everyone’s support and encouragement. This race is also fortunate to invite French rider Roger, who It is the champion of this year’s European Championships; I also invited young and promising riders like Luke Dee of New Zealand to give China’s equestrian career hope, gaps and room for improvement. ‘

Tomorrow, the 2014 Longines International Horse Federation Field Obstacle World Cup China League will play on the last day of the first leg. There will be the second round of the Youth and Masters (110-120CM) and the second of the young Marseille (100-120CM). Round game.


Wrist Art Flowing, Excellence Shines On The Shore Of Lake Xizi Glashütte Original 360-degree Full-view Watchmaking Art Tour

After Nanjing Station, Glashütte Original, a German high-end watchmaking brand, came to Hangzhou with antiques and classics, presenting a city full of surprises and elegance. ‘A 360-degree view of the art of watchmaking’.
A feast for watch fans

Have you ever been impressed by the clever combination of machinery; have you been addicted to the non-stop operation of the hands; have you ever wanted to see the style of antique timepieces? Now, a rare opportunity is coming to you, allowing you to explore the mysteries of time with Glashütte Original up close and experience an unparalleled time journey.
Up close with timepieces 邂逅

Julias Assmann, one of the four pioneers of the watchmaking industry in Glashütte, is renowned in the German watchmaking industry. Glashütte Original has repeatedly launched commemorative models to show respect for legendary masters. But this time, unlike the past, who could only remember the masters through commemorative watches, guests will be fortunate to watch the antique pocket watches of the founding father Julias Asman up close and feel the legend of precision that has passed through centuries.

Glashütte’s original and well-prepared multiple surprises include antique chronographs and nautical observation watches with impressive craftsmanship. Let these treasures come across the sea to create an antique timepiece exhibition that no watch enthusiast can resist! Follow Glashütte’s original century-long history and experience three centuries of authentic German craftsmanship.
German original watchmaker reveals superb craftsmanship

In this exhibition, the MP Calendar and Moon Phase Watch will be displayed as selected representative works. Guests will be fortunate to admire these two outstanding works from a close range, and explore the perfect presentation of craftsmanship and aesthetics on the watch from all angles. Appreciation is not superficial, Glashütte Original set up a booth to specially invite German original watchmakers to disassemble the precision chronograph movement in person, and unveil the mystery of Glashütte’s original and exquisite craftsmanship that has been passed on for over 170 years .
Talk about historical legends and demystify classic works of the world. Enjoy an original 360-degree full-view watchmaking art tour in Glashütte!