For many years, RICHARD MILLE, a Swiss independent high-end watch brand, has dedicated itself to the development of professional watches, involving cutting-edge fields such as sailing, aviation, and racing. Professional timepieces with characteristics such as precision, precision, and so on, assist the progress of the professional field. This time, the brand once again teamed up with Alain Prost, the co-founder of Renault E. Dams team, who has crowned the Formula One world champion four times, to create an unprecedented new RM 70-01 tourbillon watch with odometer. The common interest of both sides in racing is the source of inspiration for this cooperation. With the advancement of technology, road bikes are promoted. (Watch model: RM 70-01)

Accumulator function introduced for the first time

Mr Alain Prost
   The measurement of accumulated kilometers is more important for a professional cycling athlete, because it is related to the planning of the entire race and the distribution of speed and physical strength. After extensive discussions with Alain and other professional cyclists, the founder of the brand, Mr. Richard Mille, found that many professional riders did not know the specific number of kilometers they had been riding since the start of the season. Therefore, the new RM 70-01 introduces the accumulator function unprecedentedly, which can intuitively display the total travel of the wearer, so that they can have no worries at all. Through debugging on both sides of the watch, the mileage can be accumulated, which is convenient and convenient. Fast.

Watch details

Richard Mille RM 70-01 ALAIN PROST Tourbillon

Table diameter is 37.10×29.73 mm, thickness is 10.7 mm
   The case of this watch is machined from TPT® carbon fiber. Compared with traditional materials, this composite material has a lighter and thinner basis and has a stronger character. And inherited the brand’s classic tonneau-shaped case design, which combines rectangular and asymmetric shapes, with compact and unique lines. Not only does it ensure maximum comfort when worn on the right wrist, but it also optimizes the convenience when reading while holding the handlebars.

   In addition to the crown adjustment device inherent to the watch, this watch also incorporates a mileage accumulating device, and its control buttons are set at the watch’s 2 and 10 hour positions respectively. Choose one of the five. Confirm the execution with the precise alignment of the two yellow arrows. The second button rotates the roller step by step, and can be automatically blocked by the bearing mechanism. To avoid accidental operation, the complex mechanism is installed in the middle position (N). With the help of a spring lock, the selection of the forks can be arranged in a straight line. At 2 o’clock, there is an arrow pointing to N to confirm that the display mechanism is locked.

   The display on the dial is simple and clear. The upper part is a precise mechanical mileage accumulating device. The center is set with two hands for hours and minutes, which reflect with the red triangular time scale. And they are all covered with a luminous coating, so that time can be observed even in darker environments. Below is an exquisite tourbillon, showing the brand’s outstanding watchmaking skills. An indicator driven by a planetary differential gear at 5 o’clock shows power reserve.
Mileage accumulation function introduction

   The button at 2 o’clock can select any 5 rollers of the odometer, and its reading will be displayed in a titanium alloy window. Once a roller is selected, press the button at 10 o’clock to advance one roller forward. The only thing the user needs to do is add the total distance before the current day.

   Equipped with RM70-01 manual winding tourbillon movement, equipped with 70-hour power reserve. The design of back-through and disc hollow, you can directly see the bottom plate and bridge plate made of five-level titanium alloy. The extreme hardness can easily withstand the severe path challenges. Intervention of the mileage accumulating device, co-located with the timing device in a small space above the wrist, this design is also a great challenge for watchmakers.

Richard Mille RM 70-01 ALAIN PROST Tourbillon

Summary: Richard Miller has once again created a classic timepiece that belongs to the professional field. This RM 70-01 ALAIN PROST tourbillon watch for the road racing bicycle field shows the brand’s extraordinary technology and strength. This watch is limited to 30 pieces worldwide and comes with a custom made road bike as a gift. Created by Alain Prost and RICHARD MILLE in collaboration with the famous Italian bicycle manufacturer Colnago, these individually numbered bicycles are made by hand and sprayed with the RICHARD MILLE brand colors.